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About Me

Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

My little place on the web

This blog is just that, my little place on the web.You will find my daily (or not so daily, hehe)life, my love for my new vegetable garden, baking, photography and my scrapbooking!

My Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.It has been for over 4 years. I love journaling, taking photos of my family and love colour and texture, these are all part of my everyday life and scrapbooking.

Still feeling poorly

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/31/2006 02:11:00 PM 11 lovely comments
I still feel rough rough rough, Lilly is being an absolute star and treating me to Lilly kisses, hugs and her blanket, what more could a mummy ask for!
I really do not like having flu, just doesn't do it for me, I have completely lost my mojo and will to scrap, this is not good. I am 3 days behind on the 21 day challenge, so must get my butt into gear.
Kirsty is currently in a roadside toilet on the A3 on her way to ScrapManic where she is teaching on Sunday. Silly moo forgot to print instructions and rang me on the M6 , and I have been her virtual route map, LOL. So I am waiting for her to call me back so I can direct her to the retreat!
How is everyone getting on with the 21 day challenge?
I will hopefully upload my entries over the weekend, so keep checking by

Big thank you too you all for your kind words on Creative Scrapbooking, I am still in shock and cant believe this has upset me as much as it has! Guess being there from the start has made me quite attached

big hugs to you all
Anna xx

Creative Scrapbooking RIP

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/29/2006 08:37:00 PM 24 lovely comments

I don't really know where to start my post today, I have just received the awful news that Creative Scrapbooking and Quarto Magazines have folded as of today. I am absolutley shell shocked, I had some really fun projects lined up. It is a terrible shame as I truly believe it was a good magazine, and I was proud to have been there from the start,and I had my first front cover with them. My thoughts go out of both Jennie and JO who have worked so hard on the magazine, and Have been absolute gems to have worked for. I had the pleasure of meeting them on several occasions and am going to miss are shoot that we had planned for a couple of weeks away.
Kirsty rang me with the news as I have been quite unwell today and she knew I hadn't picked dup my emails. Kirsty hun I cannot thank you enough, as you are right reading the posts and comments on forums would have upset me even more!

The 21 day challenge by Rhonna Farrer is on Day 3, I have completed day 1 and 2, although I will admit
to have struggled with this. I am going to continue as I chose to do this challenge, and today's post has got me a bit more inspired.
If anyone else that reads my blog is doing the challenge I would love to see your work so do feel free to pop a link in the comments for me to ogle over!
It doesn't help that I feel very flu, my computer is still with the doctors, I still haven't found my phone, my car has to go in for a service next week and I am waiting on blood test results!!. It seems my bad luck has come along in 6's this time round, so some positive vibes will be gratefully received!

A BIG thank you to Sue (baru) for Lilly's surprise package this morning. I haven't been able to drag her away from the TV. A DVD full collection of Kipper stories, and I too am pretty smitten with him.

I hope you have all had a fab day, and any of Creative Scrapbook contributors out there, my thoughts are with you, it truly is a big shame to see another good magazine go under

Anna xxx

I don't like Mondays

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/27/2006 08:14:00 PM 9 lovely comments
Well not this Monday inparticular. My car's exhaust went BOOM yesterday so that cost me $167 today, my computer is well and truly dead and is at the doctors, I am on peters laptop and it is strange as my pound sign is a hash, so we have dollars instead, my personal account has been hacked into and is now block until a new card has been issued, and I still have not found my mobile phone after 1 week!!!! So I am well and truly miffed!
On a brighter note, I have had a fab weekend, with Kirsty, Ellie and Sue. Unfortunately podcast is on the poorly computer so you will have to tune in again for that, and I assure you it is well worth it! We got all inspired by Cathy Z and Donna D, a bit of Nu Flow, which in turn, made us don our hoodies and look like a bunch of prats!!!! But hey all in the name of research!
On Saturday we went to the duck pond, the park and the funfair, at least 400 photos later!, we must have looked like tourists, Kirsty with her paparazzi number and me and my camera. The kids were getting a tad annoyed so we pointed our cameras at the flashy lights of the funfair instead.
Sunday was crop day and was great fun as always, I took no scrapping with me and instead did some stock taking, shock horror, so as soon as I can access my computer I can update the site.
Although I did do my 6 ATC's for the swap at The Lounge.

Today is the first day round 2 of Rhonna Farrers 21 Day Journal Challenge. I have signed up for this and will hopefully be able to find the site tonight so that I can see day 1's quote.
Not that I have the time for this, but it is something for me, LOL.
Ok blogettes that's me for tonight as my brain is overtired and frazzled, I have the Monday blues because for all the bad luck thrown my way, so I need to continue sulking and I should be in brighter spirits tomorrow

By the way , here is my LO that I did for the crop kit, (based on a sketch by Kirsty) and as soon as I am on my own computer I will upload some more photo's

Anna x

Classes and BOB

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/23/2006 10:03:00 PM 14 lovely comments
Well today has been preparing kits for classes. I have a class for the crop on Sunday, and I am using Chloes Closet, and I am designing a 2 classes for a UK forum cyber crop. Really looking forward to that. It will be based on Cathy Zielske's clean and simple approach to design. I am finishing off my layout and coaster tonight to email across and then I can upload the class kit.

Today annoucements were made for The Best of British 2006 contest and I am absolutley over the moon to be among 11 other girls who were winners!!!!. Some very talented scrappers and good friends amongst the winners are, Correna, Scrapdolly, Anam, Jaq and Kimmy who was one of the winners of the New Scrapbooker catergory. Congratulations girls, its an honour to be amongst such great talent!

Tomorrow afternoon Kirsty and Ellie arrive, and we are having party Tea!! Lots of scrummy nibbly bits to whet all appetites,a and the I am sure Kirsty and I will squeeze a bit of creativity in!
Todays POTD means nothing much, except this is one of my favourite books and I recently went and saw the film which I equally enjoyed, although I love the book first! I adore Asian culture, interior, design, food, everything. Having lived in Hong Kong for 4 years I have a real love for the asian culture. Unfortunalty I never made Japan, but one day I will.

I am now on my fast until 8am tomorrow morning when I am off to the Dr's for a blood test, to see if I have type 2 diabetes. I hate having my blood taken I am so squeamish!

Short and sweet today, but not signing off until I mention Kirsty's new Cafe Press site with a well cool T Shirt design and lots of other bits and pieces to spend you money on!. All proceeds will be going to Muscular Dystrophy.

Nite blogettes
Anna x

Spring is in the Air!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/22/2006 12:18:00 PM 13 lovely comments
Or is it, I should say. Yesterday was the first day of spring and it was snowing this morning!!!!We have been promised more spring like temperatures for the weekend, crazy isnt it?
Blogger wasn't playing last night, bad blogger! And I had so much to say. Can't remember any of it now, typical isn't it!
Here is my first page of my A-Z Book of Me (BOM), inspired by Kirsty's challenge and Kimmy's A-Z BOM. Really enjoyed working on this new size 81/2" x 11", even though it probaly took me twice as long! I did want to do some journaling, but my white sharpie pen is not working on black bazzill card stock, not much good is that? So hence no writing on my LO. I still like it though had a lot of fun making the flower (inspired by ScrapDolly) and handstitching the stem and leaf.
Received my Amazon delivery yesterday, along with a new book for me, "Pockets, Pullouts and Hiding Places".WOW this book is stunning, and I cannot wait to start reading it properly and having ago at some of the gorgeous techniques. Jenni Bowlin and Tin Holtz are just 2 of the contributors so it's got to be good!
I have buckets of work to do and deadlines. A masterclass to do for Papercraft Essentials, some amazing stuff for Creative Scrapbooking (received some of the goodies today), I have a crop on Sunday and need to prepare my class, Kirsty and Ellie arrive Friday and Sue hopefully will be arriving on Saturday. So a busy funpacked week!.
I am also awaiting a very exciting and important package form China. As well, The Best of British annoucements are being made at Olympia on Sunday, so cant wait to hear the results!
I am now going to plod on packing orders and starting my projects for the magazines. I have Peter still working form home during the day and working nights, so I have to look like I do actually work!! Mind I did 1 1/2 hours of housework this morning, yikes!

And Finally my thoughts and prayers are with a very dear friend and colleague today, lots of love girls

Anna x

Happy Birthday Peter!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/21/2006 12:57:00 AM 4 lovely comments
It was my beloved's birthday , he was 37 today!!, and we have been together just over 10 years. He still has the first ever birthday present I bought him, and it still has pride of place in our house, mmm that should have really been my POTD shouldn't!? Instead here is a layout I did a while ago, thats is pending publication I believe!
Unfortunately, the girls presents have still not arrived and Peter got my present last week, an XBox 360!, well boys will be boys. So I feel like he has been cheated as he actually had nothing to open. Hopefully tomorrow Amazon will deliver after me waiting for over 3 weeks!!!!
I am finishing a LO for my BOM, thanks to Kirsty's slap around the cheeks she gave me for not scrapping myself! I will upload tomorrow. I actually can't believe I have been faffing with this 81/2" x 11" Lo for over a day now, and there was me thinking , "this will be quick?" who was I kidding.

That's me done for tonight, just a quick drop by, and I will blog again tomorrow morning with my creation, mwahahahah
Anna x

Whatcha all been up to?

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/19/2006 11:19:00 PM 6 lovely comments

I am not a good blogger at the weekend, this is because I am being mum, wife, and Anna (that's when I sneak some scrapping in !)
So this weekend was ballet, then we were supposed to go to chicken Little, BUT we missed both shows, oops, but all was not lost as we borrowed a DVD from Nana and had the cinema at home!Sunday was feed the ducks, park , visit Grandad, and a surprise drop off at the FunFair!!! Phew did this little treat make up for no cinema this weekend.
The Fair will be on next weekend as well, so I am going to take the Wiseman's there for some southern fun!
Also finished this layout of my Lilly. A really important layout as I had all these feelings inside that I had to put down on paper, well scrap really so this was the result. Ok so not the most amazing LO but the journaling is what this is all about:

As you approach your 3rd birthday,
I look at you, and my baby is no longer.
You are now a little girl,
with independence, full of life, love and laughter.
Wherever you go your smile lights up a thousand faces
There is something about you Lilly,
and I can't put my finger on it,
but it's beautiful. I love our little chats.
The way you hold my hand,
the stories you tell me when I am feeling low.
Lilly my star, keep on shining
Love Mummy xxxxx

I have a layout planned for Izzy as well as some important journaling I need to get down.
Have also started my BOM!!! Thanks to Kirsty (go see her challenge). I am doing an 81/2" x 11!, a first for me, but I love it!!!, sneaky peek of the planning stage.

What have you all been up to? Cropping, family time, Kirsty'challenge, spill the beans and let me know, I need to know cos I am nosey, hehehehe

nighty night

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Izzy's first LO

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/16/2006 11:16:00 PM 6 lovely comments

I am so proud of my little girl., she is only 5 and this is her first LO. Used freebie papers from a magazine, I cut she stuck!!!! Creative Scrapbooking are doing a kids special for their September issue so I am going to send to Jennie and see if they will publish it in their kids gallery.
I have nothing much more to add, mainly due to some bad news I have just received, a fellow scrapbooker/cardmaker , who I have just had the pleasure of getting to know ; her husband has passed away today. I am devastated for her. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family darling.

Big hugs to all of you
Anna xx

We have sound!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/15/2006 11:26:00 PM 5 lovely comments

OMG I have done it, have farted about trying to work out how to record, load and allow you girls to listen, and I have only gone and done it!!!!!
Really chuffed and all set for next weekend.
In the meantime my classes have gone up at Bonanza and I am so excited. I am doing 3 classes on Friday and 3 classes on Saturday, so go check out the site and get yourselves booked. Can't wait to meet you all.
Today Lilly and I went for a walk around the fields that back onto our house, went and saw the ducks at the pond, but they were not playing and didn't want our bread, poor Lilly was gutted and called them grumpy ducks!!!!
I was a good domestic goddess today and cooked a scrummy beef bourginion with a bottle of red wine, oops, but the girls are sleeping well!!!
So listen to my first ever podcast, excuse the cheesiness of it, some reason I decided to say ciao, I never say ciao!

Let me know what you think about the podcast and get those questions in girls, Oh, and have you done your challenge that Kirsty has set for all us girls, globally!!!

The Z and the D oh and the R have done it, so you must do it too, there must be about 100 girls that have now scrapped, doodled and primaed themselves all for , for what, i am not quite sure, but you will feel liberated and good for doing it.

night night, and a big hello to all the girls overseas, its so cool having bloggers from OZ, USA and now Singapore, its fab!!

Anna xx

my first podcast

Sew Good....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/14/2006 09:40:00 PM 7 lovely comments
What a frantic day it has been, I was in a phone meeting with Jo (Creative Scrapbooking) for the best part of 1hour 1/2, and so worth it. We have some fab articles and projects in the pipeline, I am so excited about them. Studio day to confirm in April, where the girls will be part of it!! Saying no more you will just have to wait for the issue to come out! But boy is it going to be worth it.
Waiting on a couple of more emails with regards to projects as well with another magazine, so a very busy day today.
I actually finished a layout and a matching coaster which I am really pleased with "Sweet Smile". Using lots of fabric, machine and hand stitching, Junkitz girl papers and Basic Grey Oh Baby Girl monograms. I love this range of papers, cant wait to scrap a LO with them.

Today , has actually been a tough one for our family, in fact a very emotional week or so.
Peters father passed away a year ago today, and all our emotions have been frayed and strained. Peter is definitely showing the signs of hurt and anger, and this has been the case with us all. It has been a hard week for me to keep in close contact with very close friends as we have all needed some space. As well as the sadness that has been with us, the jubilations of lots of things happening in my career, has meant a real roller coaster of emotions, as my dear neighbor found out this morning as I landed on her doorstep with a tear stained face, and 1 dressed Izzy. But you know, when she saw me later that day, she summed it all up. The operation, today and then the news I received last week, has been a tough emotional ride, and she is so right!!!
I will be glad to see this week out the way, so we can try and piece our family together, and I can stop smiling with joy one minute and crying the next, LOL
So back to life, back to reality........... And tomorrow is another day, another day in the life of a scrapping mum!

hugs to all
Anna xxx

PS: excuse the quality of LO, just cant photograph white!


blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/13/2006 10:49:00 PM 8 lovely comments
I know, I really shouldn't, but Kirsty and I treated ourselves to webcams from eBay, £9.98 delivered!!!!.
Today we have spent an hour playing , what a laugh, I have also been messing with webcam snaps!Insteadd of scrapping,scary really.
So I have treated you to a snap of me on the phone to Kirsty and 1 of me now!!!, yes that's me warts and all, in my PJ's and shawl, cos its bloomin cold in here!!!
Dead chuffed with these little beauties I have had made up. 31/2" square coasters in wood. This is one I did earlier and I love them, another addiction. They can be purchased on the site as well.
I am going to scrap tomorrow. I have a gorgeous LO waiting to be designed. I am using lots of scrummy fabrics and my machine.
Had a great chat on the phone to Karen tonight, although she complained about my blog becoming to scrap orientated!!!, sorryHunn:(, but scrapping is part of my life.
Had another phonecall today, and I am really excited, can't say much now, until everything is confirmed but I am over the moon!!!
I am in meetings tomorrow with Creative Scrapbooking about some great projects I want to do, so can't wait for that. So much is happening at the moment, I barely have time to scoff a ripple these days!!

anna x

Weekend Antics!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/12/2006 10:11:00 PM 9 lovely comments
Another weekend over, another week nearer to my back corset coming off, hurray!!We got through the weekend, visiting completed, shopping done, and a little bit of scrapping also.
Using some BumbleBee Crafts stock at last!. I pulled out my beloved white bazzill cardstock and used some Chloes Closet papers, prima flowers (oodles of),wholy cow rubon and brads. And thanks to Kirsty I did some more hand doodling, and I am loving it!!!
How are you all getting on with the Jaffa Queens challenge? Do have a go. Kirsty has listened to me whining on long enough about not scrapping myself so she challenged me late Thursday night, and now she is challenging you, yes you, so get yourself over to Kirsty's blog, and do it!!!! You know you want to, mwahahahha
Posted a very important package yesterday, of which I will announce the news the weekend of the 26th March as it will be official by then, along with a lot of talented ladies I am sure!
I am waiting on 5 deliveries still, I am gutted.

- Bazzill cardstock
- Amazon (with a sneaky book for me)
- Lakeland
- Junkitz

Knowing my luck they will all turn up tomorrow. Oh well Lillly has no Margaret for 3 weeks so I will get her unpacking boxes with me.
Blimey nearly forgot to mention some good buys today! Kirsty are you listening to this?? I saw a sign, yes a handpainted wooden sign with gingham ribbon tied on the wire to hang up, and it read "POTTING SHED" I had to buy it, LOL, and it only cost me £5.00. So it is going on the door of my packing room tomorrow. Also I have some gorgeous blank 4"square coaster blanks for you girls. Ok so they will not be Keisha originals but they will still be gorgeous. So check out my blog tomorrow as I will pop some piccies on. I am so excited about these babies.

I think that's about it, so tell me, what have you all been up to and have youhadd any impulse buys!!
Anna xxxx

Doodle Bug...

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/11/2006 12:37:00 AM 10 lovely comments
Kirsty challenged me, and I raised to the challenge, so thanks Kirsty.
Now girls get yourself over to the jaffa queens blog as she is making this an international challenge to scrap a BOM page, stash is up for grabs!!!

What a day it has been for me. Started the morning at the doctors and it looks highly possible that I have diabetes 2, so in a couple of weeks I am having a fasting test done, no food or drink the night before form 10pm and then a bright and early appt at 8am for my test!!!. Lets hope we get to the bottom of this. Get home and am greeted to a large box from the states. It was an enormous box filled to the brim of stash from the girls on the scrappad, I am overwhelmed by their generosity!! And yes I will get a piccie done.
received an email today that dreams are made off, but am not sure how public I am allowed to make it so I will wait for a few more weeks when I know the official announcement is made, all I do know is of 9 very talented ladies that received the same email as me , so we are truly made up today!! (5 of those were scrap pad girls!!!!!)
I have a busy weekend ahead of me, with a bday party for Izzy to go to, visiting my dad, ballet, memorial lunch on Sunday, and the usual weekend stuff. Need to desperately clear my desk as well, last nights challenge left it in a right mess!!!
Have a fabby weekend, will see you all tomorrow
Anna xxxx

If Kirsty can do it, so can I!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/10/2006 01:32:00 AM 2 lovely comments
Yep the little minx set me a challenge at gone 11 this evening. So here is a sneaky peek, the rest will go up tomorrow as the lighting is pants, infact it is 01.33am!!! As I scrap on 12"x12" Kirsty tells me hers was done on 6" x6", so I was a fool!!!

Anyways lo completed in record time, aka Elsie Flannigan and the ever talented Ms Wiseman. I have doodled and I have gone flower punch mad, and you know what? I love it!
I , or should I say we, being Kirsty and moi, have just purchased web cams and microphones delivered for £9.98 - ebay - bargains. This is in wait for the podcast on 26th March everyone - note that in your diaries.

BTW Kirsty is having to do my blog entry as I cannot access it (Kirsty - that fabulously, marvellous human soul who cares so deeply for her freinds and has the most amazing haircut, style and grace ... tee hee, I wrote that - "I" as in Kirsty ... snigger)

Ok Blogettes, Nighty night
Anna xx
ps: I have had over 10,000 hits, so thanks for popping by (Yeah, but i got it first - so ner ner na ner ner, love Kirsty x)
and pps: thank you kirsty for doing my blog entry mwahahhahhaha (You are welcome - but you will be sorry cos I have been twicky)

Back to Life, Back to reality.......

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/08/2006 03:19:00 PM 5 lovely comments

Yes this week has been a reality check, I have packed orders, placed orders, got no scrapping done, and picked izzy up from the bus stop, so it sure is , back to reality.
We had parents evening this evening, and we are the proudest parents standing at the moment. Our girl is doing good!!!!!
So being a blogger and a scrapper, I tried to have a photo session prior to this evening to add to my blog, no can do, she sulked, she blurred and she sulked some more!!!!, bless! Lilly on the other hand did her rendition of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White rolled in one!
But, Angel Kisses are on their way, here's a sneaky peek, and Fairy Cakes are cut, so here's another sneaky peak. Now, to see if I want to package in gorgeous, little cute metal tins or not!!So tell me crafters, do you want cute metal tin packaging or boring plastic bags? Do you want packaging or do you want delicate , beautiful embellishments!? I need to know, because I cannot make decisions.
Well only a week to go before Kirsty will surely be announced as one of the many talented girls out there, that she is one of our Best of British. I have my money on Lushie, Kirsty, Jennie and our very own Rude Issues/ Jo. I would so love to see these girls get in, of course I would love me too, but somehow cannot see that happening!
And finally:
DO NOT FORGET to post your questions for Kirsty or/and me for our podcast in a couple of weeks!
hugs blogettes
Anna x

The Big Picture

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/07/2006 01:08:00 PM 4 lovely comments

I have finally completed my mini tin book class on The Big Picture by Stacey Julian.
I actually didn't enjoy it after all, not that the idea wasn't good, it's me, I don't like scrapping about me, it doesn't feel right, silly I know, but I struggle. But it's done, and I will probaly keep embellishing over time.
I am going to get some scrapping done today. Have a LO planned in my head, and I want to get cracking. Still have more "Fairy Cakes" to cut out and then I will do some "me " stuff!
I have just been out in the car, naughty I know and its pissing down with rain!, but peter didn't get my post done has promised and someone had to get scrappers their stash out, or they would have had to wait until Friday!! Cant see that happening can you?

That's it so far today blogettes, but don't forget to get posting you questions for me or Kirsty or even both of us if you want. See yesterday posts for more details!
Anna x

Check this out!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/06/2006 12:46:00 PM 3 lovely comments

Quick post before tonight. Go get yourself over to Cathy's blog and download the podcast. Find yourself 24 minutes and listen to Cathy Z and Donna D have a ball!!.
Now the reason I ask you to listen as the very talented Ms Wiseman aka wanna_scrap? Is coming over to mine at the end of March, probaly the weekend of mother's day, and we will be doing a Q and A pod cast, just like our goddesses of Scrap, Z and D!!
So girls get your questions in for me and Kirsty. Leave your questions here or by email, ask us anything and we endeavor to answer them all, well tbh, I don't expect us to get more than 2!!!, no honest girls get those questions to us and we promise to give you a podcast that you will not forget!!!!!

We went to the Zoo

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/05/2006 12:00:00 AM 6 lovely comments

And had a ball!!!!The kids loved it, we were with wonderful friends old and new. It was bloomin freezing but no snow.Lilly took her binocular's!!! and I let Izzy have my old Nikon digital to play with and she took some mean shots!
Had bacon butties for lunch at Dr.Ben's and met Mrs Ben and the cute Bronwen, Nana's for coffee and biccies. Tomorrow is lunch at Nana's, so a great family weekend is being had, and I am loving it!!!!

Hope you are all having a fabby weekend blogettes
Anna xxxx
pppssssssssssssttttttt.... Angel Kisses and Fairy Cakes are on there way!!!! Watch this space for sneaky peaks!

Being Mum

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/03/2006 11:13:00 PM 0 lovely comments

I have spent the last couple of days being Mum. This has included playing snap with a bunch of advertising postcards of which there is not 1 identical card, of course I lost every hand!!!
then came out the "dollies" Now you are talking, but this kinda got risque as Ken was always naked and the 6 or 7 barbie looking dollies rode bareback on a horse clad in bikini's!!!!The innocence of kids eh!! What fun we had. Infact I had loads of fun, no deadlines as I had completed them all, orders packed so Peter can post on Monday, and my About Me tin in the "processing" stage. So all in all a fab couple of days.
Now tomorrow it gets better as I have decided to get out of the village and head 45 mins out of town!!! We are heading to Linton Zoo and boy am I excited. Batteries are charged for those all important photo's and I am ready to hit my bed for a goods night rest.
So I leave you with a sneak peak into my mini tin book, my all time favorite flowers, white Lily's, and "dollies" sunbathing!!
Have a fab weekend, hope you have loads of family time, and I will get my mini tin book finished and up on my blog over the weekend, I promise, with loads of animal shots I am sure!
Anna xx

I'm Lovin It!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/01/2006 11:09:00 PM 4 lovely comments
And that's not the McDonald's type. I am loving having creative time, playing ,creating and experimenting.

I am loving White,
I am loving my sewing machine,
I am loving altered photoframes
I am loving Lilly
I am loving Izzy
I am loving life!!!

I discovered my curves today, and not the body type, lost those a long time ago, nope the photoshop type, don't even ask where I have been but I sorta knew where they were but a tad apprehensive as to what would happened if I clicked, well now I know thanks to Ms Tara Whitney and this post!!! She is an angel of photography, I want to be her, and live near those beautiful beaches, boy I miss Long Sands!
Now another thing, why do my white layouts turn out looking like they have been in a room of tobacco? Or washed with the darks!! They all need a scoop of Daz on them!! Tara if you are reading this, please help me (as if ey!)
Ok the funniest thing happened today. As I was busily being creative with a picture frame ( 3 for 99p at wilko's)and mumbling to myself " I am going to put you in this" and Lilly merrily playing on the computer, she replies " Mummy, I wont fit in that, I am too big!!" Boy do I love the things kids say, she made me laugh so much, until I explained to her, I wasn't going to put "her" in the picture frame, but a photo!!, Bless. So today's blog has been bombarded with my new photoshop frames and Lilly, oh and Lillys lunch, I was playing with blurred background and stuff (cant think of the technical word at the moment)

Bumble Bee Crafts went live today, along with next months scrumptious Just Junkitz Kit "Shabby". Girls you have to get one of these they surely are to die for, I love this line of papers by Theresa Collins, and I have already reserved mine!!
Also popped a few lines in the sale section, KI Memories, Junkitz and embellishments of all sorts.

Decided that I am going to have to give Scrap a Ganza the elbow, cannot really afford it, so am going to just have to get all the gossip from the girls when they return, but saying that I may change my mind by tomorrow night, I am so bloomin indecisive, aaarrgggg.

Now I wanted to finish my Big Picture free class download tonight, but looks like it wont get done till tomorrow now, I have my scrummy little metal tin just waiting to be filled and altered, so that I am sure will be tomorrow's picture.
night blogettes!
Anna x