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Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

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This blog is just that, my little place on the web.You will find my daily (or not so daily, hehe)life, my love for my new vegetable garden, baking, photography and my scrapbooking!

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Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.It has been for over 4 years. I love journaling, taking photos of my family and love colour and texture, these are all part of my everyday life and scrapbooking.

Is it me?

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/30/2006 10:57:00 PM 11 lovely comments
Or is the world of blogdom and such really quiet? Of course I can talk, it is half term and I have lots on at the moment, but when I am a surfing the world wide web it does seem dead quiet. Am I missing something dead important or really exciting? God I hope not, LOL.
Very little to report today, more book projects completed, although I am still waiting for stuff from Ellison, so may have to go to plan B.
I actually completed a layout that I found in a folder half done. I think I started it at the last crop. Well its finished apart from the journaling in the file folders. I have written notes but will sit down with Izzy as well. It is all about the 2 sides of Izzy at 5 in 2006. Her likes and dislikes and such. Hopefully it will make great reading in years to come!
I used white Bazzill cardstock and some chatterbox, and lots of Angel Kisses and BG rubons!
I still have my CJ to do for the scrap pad, gosh I am bad. I have done my entry in Annies, and have Kirsty's entry as well to do. In my defense I have just got those on Saturday, but no excuse for the lack of and delay in the making of mine!!!! Sorry Annie.

Just in time to mention that I am having a 50% sale on some lines of patterned paper, and the scrumptious Just Junkitz Flowerful kit is up and ready to go!!

Hugs Blogettes
Anna xxxxx

ps: excuse the flash in the lo, I dont have my camera so its an automatic flash!! and low pixels

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Bank Holiday Weekend

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/29/2006 10:19:00 PM 3 lovely comments
The first half of our year is jam packed with bank holidays, especially the last couple of months. Well the last for a while has just passed us, and has been filled with the usual smattering of DIY and rain!. We had planned to go to Woburn Safari, but the forecast was rain and lots of it. Its actually been a lovely day and it only rained, well downpoured twice today. Instead of a safari we have been sorting out the girls clothes and the spare room, although I hasten to add it is still tango orange and re decorating was not on the agenda.
Have booked my flight to Newcastle as well today for my re scheduled appointment with my back surgeon. I was hoping to get referred to a surgeon here in Cambridgeshire, but Mr Sanderson wants to see me again. I guess this is good, but is costly. The good news is my dear friend Gillian is doing the race for life on the 2 July and I will be there to cheer her on!

Have plodded on with my projects for a kids party book I am contributing too, this piccie is a sneak peek at the front of an invitation, I need to post them off this week and then complete projects for a Christmas crafts book I have been asked to contribute too. Then its onto my editorials for Creative Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts Essentials and Scrapbook Inspirations!!!!!
Its really good to have lots on. After Creative Scrapbooking folded I was concerned at being an unemployed freelance writer/designer, but have been really lucky to still be working, so a BIG thank you to my Editors, Jo Mullen, Jennie Cox and Michelle Grant and of course
Nathalie O Shea.
Phew that should keep me in business for a bit longer, mwahahhaahhaahh
Oh and I got a newsletter out today!!! Its been a few months and I needed to get 1 out as I had so much to say!!

Well Peter is away to Edinburgh tomorrow for the week, so its just me and the girls!

Big hugs all
Anna xx

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Its Crop Time!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/28/2006 12:41:00 AM 4 lovely comments
Don't the months just fly by? Its the last Sunday of the month which means Scrapping Angels crop. I so love this months kit, made up of the scrumptious Crate Papers, the New Garden range. This is the LO I did with the kit. I did add the Basic Grey monograms myself, but the rest is all the kit and I so love this page. I have also made a lovely little keyring book. Will take piccies tomorrow and upload .
(excuse the quality of this photo, bad light!)
Had a productive day, we went and saw my Dad, armed with a new portable TV and a new unit, as well as lots of his favorites sweets. The girls enjoyed their time with grandad as well, which is so lovely to see for us all. Lilly has taken a liking to my little nikon coolpix digi camera and took this photo of grandad, among many more I hasten to add. Like the floor, the bed, sheets, Izzy's bottom, the TV and so on and so on!!!

And thanks to the highly recommended "Walk the Line" by Kirsty and Annie, Peter and I have just finished watching it, and I now second the recommendation. It is a brilliant heart rending movie which had me in tears at the end. Go rent this DVD this bank holiday, you will not regret it

Ok that's me for tonight, must pack for tomorrows crop, I have to do CJ's

Have a lovely Sunday
Anna x

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May Pole Dancing

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/26/2006 09:49:00 AM 5 lovely comments
Yesterday was Izzy's may Pole Dance, and she looked beautiful and danced like a true princess!!!
She wore a beautiful; white cotton dress and her head dress I had made her. Lilly clapped and did some video recording of this monumental event!!, bless her. It w as lovely to have Peter there as well. 1 good thing to come out of Peter being home is that he is able to attend Izzys shows at school, this makes us all very happy.
Today is Going for Gold day at Izzy's school. They are raising money for the school by doing sponsored fitness events. Izzy is doing a obstacle trycicle ride. All dressed in her pink tracky, she looks so grown up. She is not looking forward to today's activities, like her mum she hates PE. She would be much happier spending the day with paper, glue and glitter, but I am sure she will have a fab day.
So half term is upon us already, only another 6 weeks left of reception year and then my baby moves to year 1 and Lilly starts nursery. Where have the years gone? I cannot believe how quickly my beautiful babies have grown up, it starts me getting all broody.

I have completed my 2 star books for a commission and I thoroughly enjoyed doing them. Hopefully this gallery I have put up will work so you can get a snap shot of what they looked like.
I am now going to spend the day packing Junkitz and crop kits and designing Lo for the crop on Sunday, very excited about this page kit as its with my fav papers of the moment, Crate papers New Garden, scrummy, delicious.

Hope this dreary rainy day is filled with sunshine somewhere!!
Anna xxx

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Being Mum.....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/23/2006 10:44:00 PM 12 lovely comments

Have been all creative today for Izzy. She has a May pole dance on Thursday (yes I will be there with bells on! And camera) and we have been asked to make a headdress for our children. So here is my effort. Scrummy extra large daisies and ribbon left long at the back. So windy the photo of Izzy wearing this , she looks rather strained, LOL, so here are some close ups. These photos have been taken with my Nikon Coolpix as my Fuji is poorly and off to the "fix it" people. I hate not having my camera, its like loosing a right arm!!!

Started my star book commissions today, and will finish the most of it tomorrow I should think. I am using Basic Grey Sweetpea Jack. Has to be done, as they are twin boys!!
Then I have the crop layout to design and I really want to do the ad challenge on Paula's blog this week.

Kirsty has highly recommended "Walking the Line", DVD about Johnny Cash's life story. Must try and pick up a copy this week. Oh and she is teaching at Scrap Camp with Elsie, I know dead jealous am I, but over the moon for this bundle of scrummyness and talented known as Kirsty Wiseman. Loves ya babe

Off to get sticky with double sided tape now
Anna xx

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THE Weekend.....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/22/2006 04:48:00 PM 12 lovely comments

As you may know, Peter and I needed some getaway and US time, so thanks to Annette we headed to the Suffolk coast and a village called Butley and stayed at the stunning Butley Priory. Peter compared it to a drug retreat!!!! Men eh! In other words we are in the middle of nowhere, exactly what we needed. Our room was quite small but lovely and intimate.
We headed out to Offord a small village on the coast about 5 miles from where we were staying. Unfortunately the weather was appalling so long walks and art beach photos were not to be. But we did head to Offord castle which was stunning. A Circular castle, home to Henry 2nd.
In the evening we had dinner at a stunning restaurant with rave reviews and a best selling author as head chef, but blondie here cannot for the life of me remember the name of the restaurant or the chef!!!! So much for "best selling". Anyways I gorged on salmon, scallops and local Brill and loved it.
The next morning was brekky and check out. The weather was slightly brighter so we headed into the grounds for a few photo opportunities.
On the way back to Cambridge we came across this amazing archway in the village Snape, and of course needed an "Elsie" shot, OK so I am no spring chicken but I had a laugh!

It was lovely to get back and see the girls, I really am useless and always so look forward to getting back to Lilly and Izzy whenever I go away.
Today I have been catching up on the usual, have orders to pack and send out, have been researching for a couple of books I am contributing too as well. Oh and I got my 1st commission Friday for 2 star books for a twins christening. Really looking forward to doing this, even though I have to complete by the end of the week, yikes!
Got my piccies back from Bonanza so will be emailing you all a copy, well those that are in the piccies of course!
Retreat is in full swing of being organized, sorting out a list of sponsors and class details. The next month we will get more details to everyone of what you can expect, without giving too much away.
Isn't the weather pants!? Whatever happened to May Madness of summer sun? I have photos of the girls last year in swimming cossies in the garden playing in the paddling pool just after Lillys birthday, no chance of that happening

Now I have loads of photos from the weekend I am hoping to crack on with Paula's advert challenge #2 with our weekend away photos. Do pop over and check out Paula's challenges they are great for getting your mojo moving!

Anna xx

ps if anyone can photoshop peter holding the camera reflection in his glasses, i would be mega grateful xx

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Bury tastic!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/20/2006 09:40:00 AM 5 lovely comments
I want to move to Bury St Edmunds!!!! It is gorgeous there. Met up with the beautiful Annie and Dean yesterday, to visit the Ramada Hotel for the retreat. Rooms are lovely, hotel is very nice and the class rooms are great, so all in all we are happy bunnies. Also seen your evening meal menu and that is , mmmmmm, you guys will have to wait a wee bit longer though!
Go Grab the few places we have left now, to avoid dissapointment!

Last night did my presentation at the Friends of Buckden Ladies evening. Went really well, got some commissions for my start books, which I am so looking forward to doing. " books for a twins christening. Also lots of interest for the Lil Angels workshop's to be held in the Summer hols, more on that shortly!!

Ok I am off for my weekend in Suffolk by the coast, so will catch you all later on my return with piccies form Bonza and my Moroccan hotel room,

Anna xx

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Front Cover

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/18/2006 11:30:00 AM 3 lovely comments
Received my copy of Papercraft Essentials today, and my stenciling projects made the front cover so I am pretty chuffed about that.
Just started to unpack from Bonanza, I absolutely hate having to redo my scrap room, feels like valuable time that I could be being creative!!!. And that is just what I have to do today. I am doing page kits up for a ladies evening I am doing at Izzys school, so while I am at it I am going to knock some up for the shop, also design this months Junkitz kit and do some rethinking on the kit front
I have a bucket load of deadlines to meet this month and although I love to have a whinge I couldn't be without the pressure of deadlines, I thrive on them, honest I do. Ok I know a few of you out there would quickly disagree, but I need a deadline or I feel unwanted, LOL.
This is really bad,, but I am still in my PJ's , as I have been doing housework all morning, yuck! So off to shower and get creative!!!!

Dont forget to book your place at the Scrapping Angels retreat. Places are going fast!!!!

Anna x



blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/17/2006 12:10:00 AM 8 lovely comments
That's all I seem to have done today, is admin, admin, admin, so nothing to report, or as Kirsty would say NTR .
Piccie is of me and the girls, from left to right ;
Annie, Kirsty and me, tahnks to Annie for emailing me the piccie. mandy was off signing autographs, mwahhahahahaha
Here is another layout I did for Bonanza, this was for the stamp and scrap class, using the scrummy Blonde Moment papers and stamps. These really are a must ladies. (OK no LO , I thought it was on my computer but it must be on my memory card which is in annies truck!)After the rush and workload of Bonanza, Peter and I have decided we need some time away. I have yet to hear from the hospital with regard to maybe getting a check up done here in Cambridge as the cost of getting to Newcastle is proving a no no. Also the train line is down at the weekend meaning my 2 1/2 hour journey will turn into a 4 1/2 hour journey!!! I also cannot do the big drive as I am not fit enough. I have friends to contact with regard to my change of plans, and I will girls tomorrow once I have heard from the Doc!!
This is where we are staying, The Butley Priory, a very posh looking B&B. Peters mum is doing the honors with the girls, so peter will drop them off Friday, I have a demostration to do Friday night then on Saturday we will head to Suffolk. This is a photo from the yellow room, isnt it just so tranquil and gorgeous. We are booked in the Morroccon Room, with 7' rolled top bath in the room!!!! and apparently their breakfast is to die for. I have Annette, miss muckyfingers to thank for the link.

Tomorrow I must unpack my bags, and I have orders to pack as well. So its back to normality until Saturday!

Catch you tomorrow
Anna xx


AMM azing

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/15/2006 06:42:00 PM 10 lovely comments
I am back from Bonanza, completely knackered, hence the lack of blogging. Spent yesterday asleep most of the day, and today sorting out my personal life!
But back to Bonanza, it was a ball. Met so many wonderful people, had the fabulous pleasure of driving up to the NEC with Annie, who is just gorgeous and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Met the bubbly Mandy Anderson, Bubz, Cath, Di, Amanda, Donna, Jo, Mel and Jill,Lorraine and oh so many more , I need to check my photos, which are in Annies pick up truck!!! Oops.
After all my nerves, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching you lot, it was brilliant, and even though I was so knackered, my feet are covered in blisters and my back has suffered greatly for it, I will defiantly do it again if asked!!!
My fav class has to be the AMM azing Grace class by AMM, and seemed to be a lot of the girls fav as well. I loved the Arctic Frog LO's the best. the class room assistants worked their butts off and a BIG thank you to you all.
Kirsty and I vs Mandy and Annie did the scrap challenge Friday night which was nerve wracking but a lot of fun, and we won, wohoo!!!!
the NEC was hit by lightning Friday night and Kirsty, bless her had a funny turn Friday afternoon (read her blog for details)
I am still recovering from the weekend, and now have my own retreat to get cracking with, so I am leaving with you with some of the class LO's I did in the Artic Frog class and then Friday when I meet up with Annie and retrieve my camera I can upload the Bonanza piccies!!!
I now need to confirm my mode of transport to Newcastle for my hospital appointment, flight is too expensive, and so is the train, oops, and I also have a presentation to put together and kits for an evening I am doing at Izzy's school on Friday, they say no rest for the wicked!
Hugs all
Anna xxx


The Final Countdown.....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/11/2006 12:04:00 AM 4 lovely comments
Today been finalizing Bonanza classes. I am nearly done. The fabulous Kim from Stamp Galaxy has come up trumps with acrylic blocks and has allowed me to use her fab articles on inks and embossing, you are a life saver Kim. This has saved me at least a couple of hours work.
The stamp and scrap class for beginners is going to be very funky, as Blonde Moments have sponsored this class. Armed with their stunning stamps, I am so in love with the flower and words stamps, oh and the borders and the hearts!!! I love them all. And the embossing powders are lushy scrumptious. I am defiantly off to buy the lot!!!!
I have done 2 cards and 2 Lo's as examples and 1 of the LO's is achievable to attempt in the class.
unfortunately the Gin X has not arrived so I will frantically be doing that class at the hotel tomorrow night!

Had a couple of hours this morning on my own and shopped for some clothes. I really am a lardy lard, did not like what I saw starring back at me in the mirrors!! I was a trim 12 now I am a lardy ??? (aha not telling you , mwahahahahah)
Did some nibble shopping, of to do some more tomorrow. Will pop in and see Dad and pass his supplies of Werthers for the weekend.
Spoke to Annie yesterday, and she is picking me up about 4pm, just in time to greet Izzy after school and give her a great big hug before we head into the unknown of Bonanza.
So girls I guess this is it. Hopefully I will get to meet as many of you as poss, please pass by and say hi. I have my AMM tote bag, wohoo, packed to the rafters with tools and bits.
Need to remind myself, CAMERA, as well as PHONE,.
OO need to say a BIG thank you to Clare for doing a Scrapping Angels blinkie, looks fab, and I am loving seeing it around the boards
hugs to all,
Anna xx



blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/08/2006 09:07:00 PM 11 lovely comments

Here we come!!!
I can not believe Bonanza is only 2 days away for me. I have just been given another class to do as well, a Gin-X matchbook class. Looks fab so excited about doing it.
I haven't stopped today, doing class layouts, class instructions, and chasing missing bits!!. The only problem is all my printed transparencies have smudged, anyone got any tips on printing transparencies? Kirsty, Annie, ?help me girls.

The mini cyber crop for NSD went pretty well and I think the girls that took part enjoyed it, so hopefully we can plan a larger crop in the summer for all crafts.

Haven't much time to blog as I have a Q and A to do for TSBM which I promised to get in today , so must finish it.
But my back is not healing. Yesterday I got a sharp pain and my legs gave way and I fell, the same thing has just happened putting Lilly to bed, and I now have a burning session down my leg and pins and needles in my foot. Darnt talk to Peter as we are not talking, ggrrrr. Wont even go into that.
Also had more bloods taken today for my viral arthritis so hopefully I will get a clear bill of health this week!!

So who is coming to Bonanza?, looking forward to meeting you all. And if you haven't booked the AMM azing Grace class, why not? It is fab, so worth doing. If I could I would have put a sneaky peek up , but the boss my be watching, mwahahahahaha

Catch you all tomorrow blogettes and bonanza babes, off to pack junkitz kits, orders and more bonanza stuff!
Anna x


Happy Birthday Lilly

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/06/2006 03:59:00 PM 6 lovely comments

My little Lilly is 3 today, all grown up and how time flies. She is our little star, she makes us laugh, she makes us cry , she just makes everything perfect. Lilly has so much spirit , if you have ever had the pleasure (and I mean pleasure) of meeting her you will know exactly what I mean. One of my BOB entries was a LO called "There's something about Lilly" and there really is, you cannot put your finger on just 1 thing that makes Lilly who she is, she is unique!!!! And all mine.

I am frighfully busy, hence the lack of posting lately. Bonanza is only days away and I have just received my kits to do lo's for, as you can imagine it is going to be a rush, but will be done. So looking forward to the actually event. I will be meeting and traveling up with Ann(I)e and cant wait to meet her.
I also have 26 project deadlines for bookazines to complete by 15/05 and the 25/05!!!!!, so I really am a busy bee.

Jennie is with me at the moment, poor thing has hardly seen me except the back of me, and that's not a pretty site at all!!! She is off out with a very dashing soldier on a motorbike today to Cambridge for a picnic and sightseeing!!!! I am hoping to get the juicy gossip later when she returns.

And finally Kirsty had the most difficult task of choosing a winner for the scrap yourself challenge, and I wholeheaetedly agree on her decision, Hannah's layout titled "I am afraid" touched many of us, and fulfilled the brief and everything that Kirsty was looking for
Well done Hannah!!!
The Scrapping Angels retreat is booking up fast so if you want to book a place get yourself over to the site and reserve your space NOW!!!
Also I am looking for a retreat blinkie, pink, black and grungy if any of you girls fancy making me one, I want the words "I am a Scrapping Angel".
So that's it for now, mini cyber crop is in full swing over at The Lounge, and has also had a massive spring clean.
I am off to pack Junkitz Kits and watch Cinderella with my birthday girl
Anna x


Fields of Gold

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/03/2006 10:33:00 PM 6 lovely comments

Rapeseed fields, look beautiful but make me itch , sneeze and cry, but they look stunning. Love the colour and the way it sways in the wind. I am surrounded by these fields of gold at the moment, and have shares in piriton!! This is a piccie of the filed as you drive into our village.

I have been tagged by the very talented Lee and Kelly, thanks girls

Five things in your fridge - cheese, homous, yogurt's, smirnoff ice, champagne (for celebrating an important publishing deal)
Five things in your Car - moldy food, sweetie wrappers, CDs, small change, booster seat
Five things in your bag - purse, angel kisses, to do list, tissues, driving glove (yep just the 1)
On my DVR or video player - Chocolate, Cinderella, The Last Samurai, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, AI (this movie makes me cry so much, based on Pinocioh, comes highly recommended)
5 things in your wardrobe.... - A line skirt, jeans, love letters in an old grocery bag from peter, t shirts, clothes that are now to small for me, waiting for the day I can squeeze back into them!

send to 5 0thers as well :

Kimmy S
Amber Jane

Great post today. I received my copies of "Freestyle" and "Clean and Simple pt2", and haven't even thumbed the pages yet!!!
Off to pick up our jaffne tomorrow from Luton airport (said in a good old cockney accent). She is in for a treat as I have classes to prepare for Bonanza and a kit yet to receive that she could be helping to pack, sorry babes, I will bribe you with stash!!
Also got an email about another book contribution, so well excited about that. It is all about children's parties. So the next few weeks will see me bursting with festive ideas with a beach theme!!!!!
Scrapbook Inspiration's has 6 of the Best of British girls this month, of which I am one of them published. Still peeved they didnt send us a complimentory copy, but that doesn't matter now as I have my grubby little mits on a copy and it's good to be alongside Correna and Anam

I am heading for bed now, I am so pooped, even though I have mountains of work to do

Anna x


May Day

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/02/2006 07:05:00 PM 4 lovely comments
A lovely May Day bank holiday was had by all, but can you believe I actually didn't get a picture of any Morris Dancers!!!
We spent the day in Hartford in a village called Stanford, where Peters sister and partner live. They have been holding May Day celebrations for the past 150 years so sure know how to have a party. The field next to their house was full of circus fun, and many photos were taken here as we all tried our hands at juggling, stilts, plate spinning, tight rope walking to name a few. I don't know who had more fun Peter or the girl's!!!. And yes peter won a coconut, well it had to be done.
No scrapping done yet for me, I have a mountain of work to do for Practical Publishing. Bonanza is only a week away. I have also been asked to contribute to a Christmas Crafts book, which I am really excited about. I have 7 fun projects to create with many other talented girls.

Big news for today is Scrapping Angels retreat is open for bookings. An amazing weekend of scrapping talented, make and takes, classes, unlimited cropping, unlimited fun, chocolate and coffee, at the Ramada Hotel in Bury St Edmunds. We have some really talented teachers as well, and I am so so excited about this.

We have;

Emily Falconbridge - contributor for the amazing "Freestyle" book from LA

Kirsty Wiseman - Designer and contributor for Search Press and Practical Publishing

Anne Hafferman - Designer for Practical Publishing

and me!!! OK so know crowd puller, but I will be tehre with bells on, supplying you with endless stash to purchase, chocolate and coffee!!!!

What a bunch of talent!!!! So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself over here and hurry as places are limited to 20!!! This fab event takes place the weekend of 23/24 September 2006.

Another reason to get yourself over to the site is for these beauties. They arrived Saturday and became the talking point at the crop on Sunday. These gorgeous grungy hydrangea retail at only 90p for 10!!!. (trade enquires welcomed at I am in love with them and also availabe in white for altering yourself. They have texture and body, they are just delicious.

OO just remembered, I wanted to question you all on something.
Now I sing like an angel, could give Madonna a run for her money , as I sing to my hearts content in my head, BUT as soon as I open my mouth, BANG I sound like a banshee woman, out of tune and ear deafening, why is this? Am I the only one who has this ability to sound fab before the vocals head out to the big wide world??

Ok blogettes have fun catch you all later, and 1 more thing, we are having a mini cyber crop/celebrations this weekend for National Scrapbook Day over at The Lounge so pop on over