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Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

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This blog is just that, my little place on the web.You will find my daily (or not so daily, hehe)life, my love for my new vegetable garden, baking, photography and my scrapbooking!

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Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.It has been for over 4 years. I love journaling, taking photos of my family and love colour and texture, these are all part of my everyday life and scrapbooking.

News from LA LA land

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/31/2007 03:15:00 PM 10 lovely comments
Well it's been a few days people, Anna has been on the phone and told me to "make a post on the blog". It felt quite like an order! so here goes, but first Blighty.
At home the girls have finally calmed done, no more mention of clutter nutters, Im glad to say.
Lilly is back to here normal crazy self, her latest craze is imitating the walk of Charlie Chaplin. She's quite a fan of the black and white maestro. We watched "The Kid" yesterday and the amount of why's are going down.You know the deal. "Why's he doing that?", "Why's he doing this daddy?" etc.etc. Back to the walk. Lilly's method is to stoop slightly then walk with as much bum wiggle as possible, for best results she should wear sock and perform the walk on the wooden floor. This ends with her gathering hip momentum until she falls over.
Izzy has been a good girl, at rainbows she created a sculture of a Giraffe and a tree. The only problem was that the giraffes neck is soo long compared to it's body that it just falls over. Therefore the tree acts as a prop for the poor giraffe. When she got it home I promptly added some counter weight to help the poor animal stand, but now he weigh's a couple of KG's. (that's progress I think).
Anna's conversations on the phones have had to be short due to her busy schedule, what she has told me, is that she has been rubbing shoulders with the scrapping elite. Hang on. . . . The scrapping elite have been rubbing shoulders with Anna. (thats better.) I have little idea about the following list of names so bare with me. There's been Emily who I know, I chaffeured her to a Scrapping Angels event last year. Poor girl, having to put up with me for 6 Hours in a traffic jam. Then there's Tara, Heidi. Elsie and Tim? Now I know nothing about scrapping but Tim's a funny name for a lass.

Ofcourse I know Tim is a man, and it stands to reason that being the only Man that's doing scrapbooking he is the best! The ladies out there should be grateful that most men do not take an interest in scrapbooking. No hang on they do take an interest in scrapbooking, the layouts are always marvelous, that's something I've learnt from the stern looks I receive from Anna when I don't acknowledge in the positive. They do not choose to partake in the act of scrapbooking( pheww). Just like cooking, all the best cooks are men, it only stands to reason with scrapbooking. Now now calm down, calm down. Ofcourse I jest no man could capture the excitement, joy, frivolity of a layout like a lady, I just hope that doesn't sound too patronising.
Poor Anna hasn't been too well, She's been loosing her voice, and with my hearing, and a long distance phone call all I seem to say is "What?" down the phone at her. However she's had her first class the other day and it was a success, she's meeting lots of people and getting lots of sponsorship.
(That's something I don't get in scrapbooking? Sponsorship? Usually if you are sponsored then you receive cash and have to wear products with the sponsor logo's on or promote there firm. I'm pretty sure that none of Anna's clothes have any Scrappy type logos on seeing as I'm doing all the IRONING ( enter violin playing sad music for poor Husband. There should be a smily specially designed for it. now there's an idea!)) All sponsorship does mean is a parcel full of paper that you have to pay the duty on when it arrives., because it weighs more than a cow.

To finish Anna is relocating to Santa Monica after CHA finishes today, where she has tiniternet access. So look forward to a post from her shortly.

PS. please don't take offense to the sexist stuff.

Men and women are both great, but in different ways.

take care yall


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The one's left behind :(

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/28/2007 08:15:00 PM 19 lovely comments
Well yes, she has gone to sunny LA, this is the poor Hubby slaving over a hot stove tending to two needy children all on my lonesome......................................YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!
No, no that's un called for.

The main reason for Anna letting me post is to update her on how we are managing without her. Well I would like to say I finding it difficult looking after the girls and keeping the house nice and stuff, but really its not that bad.

I am sure you'll all be glad to hear that Lilly is getting better. Put it this way, she hasn't spoken for two days and the first thing she says is "NO!!!" she really is her mother's daugter?!

Back to events. Saturday was a disaster, Izzy decided to recreate an epicode of the popular childrens TV show " clutter nutters". The show invites a child to have their room made over and removing all the clutter from a kids room. This is done by firstly asking the child what he or she wants to keep or throw away, ( are you starting to get the picture) Anyway Lilly is the child and Izzy the presenter. Izzy takes an item of clothing, toy whatever and asks Lilly if she wants to keep it or not. Lilly answers no! and how presto the item is thrown into the landing. 2500 Items later we have one empty bedroom and a bombsite of a landing. At this point Izzy decides she's had enough of this game and wants to do something else. At this point I tern into the Nutter part of the show and throw a complete wobbly.
2 hours later the bedroom is back in some sort of order.

Sunday however has been amazing. Izzy has been an absolute angel, and more than made up for the clutter nutters of Saturday. In the morning I made a list of tasks we needed to achieve. tidy up living room, bedrooms, ironing that sort of thing. The girls were tasked with tidying up the playroom, to which Lilly's "no echoed again". Izzy and myself finished it off. Then due to the room being tidy I received a pretend phone call from Izzy on a spare fax machine (that she is calling her office) The young girl on the phone calls herself Lara and she's looking for a job? Well with several items remaining on the earlier list I gave this to her, explained what was left to do, and within 45 mins all of the upstairs was clean and tidy, beds made the whole 9 yards. I was impressed to say the least and gave her some wages. Slave labour I love it!!

In the evening I asked if the girls wanted to send a picture to mummy. They were drawn on the computer.

Izzy's master piece is entitled star night.

Right my first problem with this blogging thing? I have just tried to upload the image star night but with no success. Lilly's creation was aptly called "mummy flying off" a much more abstract affair, with great use of the dark palette. Maybe on Anna's return she could sort the thing out, or I could sell them on ebay.Ah well, Anna if your out there, you'll have to wait until you are home.

Talking of home, Lilly is missing her mummy, and is quite grumpy, well going beween grumpy and hyper maniac devil child. Ain't she just a darling. Izzy on the other hand is very grown up about it and says it's ok because she keeps mummy in her heart. (wow)

Well thats enough from me, you have probably fallen asleep by now " WAKE UP ITS NEARLY OVER!!!"

well to my wife I Hope your having a Fab time ( just a little Annarism there)

Take care everyone. If you see my wife at CHA give her my love.


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leaving on a jet plane.....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/26/2007 12:27:00 AM 11 lovely comments
yes in 6 hours i will be getting up, and heading off to Heathrow airport and LA. OMFG, i cannot believe this day has come. I am packed (ish), name cards printed, projects and handouts done, pencil line sketch done (its a corker!!), kit project and PDF emailed, girls packed off to Nana's and tears shed by me and Lilly, passport packed, dollars packed (thanks Annie, mwah!), erm what else? i hope thats it, too late if not.

I am one lucky girl, today I received lots of happy post. A parcel form Heather with a beautiful journal that she made me for my trip to LA, it is gorgeous and will be by my side at all times to journal my most inner thoughts, sights and sounds from LA. Annie sent me a parcel full of everything a girl needs for flying. 2 bars of galaxy, 2 packs of mouth fresh chewing gum, a girlie novel, a stunning necklace!!! (well a girl has gotta look the part when she is stepping out in Santa Monica!) and some $$$$$$, how generous are these girls, not forgetting to mention the numerous PMs, post and emails wishing me all the best, boy am i gonna miss you guys.....

BUT do not despair (just in case you were) I will be blogging from LA ,you lucky bloggers will have the company of my beloved hubby to keep you entertain on this side of the Atlantic. Be gentle with him;)

I leave you with a Scrapping Angels project (they will go live on my return, really sorry had hoped to get them up this week )and a sneak peek of my Pencil Lines layout for this week. You DO NOT want to miss this one. Lets just say she is probably the most talked about scrapper from 2006, and is just getting bigger and bigger. Hoping to catch up with her at CHA where she launches her brand new range of papers.... have i got you guessing yet???

Well its goodbye UK and Hello LA......

catch you all at the weekend


Anna x

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blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/24/2007 11:42:00 PM 13 lovely comments
I have all the paperwork side of things for my trip done, i have not packed, i still have projects to complete, i still have my pencil line lo's to do, and i cannot miss out as the next 2 weeks are amazing. Amazing in design and guest, you will be blown away.......

I have checked out where my nearest Micheal's store is and it is 2 miles away from my last point of call, how handy is that. Ok the truth be know i booked the travel lodge in Santa Monica for 2 reasons
1. its only a mile from sweetpeas where i am teaching
2. its only 2 miles from Micheal's!!!!!

Now i have to get myself from Aneheim to Santa Monica on Wednesday. Will worry about that when i arrive....
Do you like my business card? Designed by the fabulous Anam. That girl never stops to amaze me!
Lilly has been really poorly today and didn't get out of our bed till gone 3pm, poor soul. Her temperature has only just dropped to 0.5 degree under 100. If she is still like this tomorrow i will have to take her to the doctors. i will not be able to leave her tomorrow night feeling content, if i don't take her in.

I have a few orders to pop in the post tomorrow, emails to check and send, and also i am taking some scrap booking for the plane!!! All ready cut and packed. i am going o do one of the SEI albums in an hour. perfect for the plane, just got to pack my photos and glue tape.

Good news came today, I have been asked on the Purple Cow DT. Purple Cow sponsor Zsiage and do amazing paper cutters/trimmers. Mine is waiting for me in Aneheim and they have asked me to do some layouts for them in return,cant be bad at all can it.

Zsiage are launching an amazing product at CHA, called the Scrap o Dex. this looks awesome (see i am getting the Americanisms in now), cannot wait to get my mitts on one.
Lots happening and in the pipeline, people to see, things to do and stash to buy, LA here I come.

And bloggers you are in for a treat while i am away, Peter is going to update my blog for me, scary or what, and i will also be updating form LA, so the next week and a bit could be interesting.... stay tuned.

Anna x
(updated my teaching schedule as well )

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Lilly the Post Man, Lilly the hairdresser....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/23/2007 11:45:00 PM 6 lovely comments
OMG only 2 days left before i fly to LA, and tomorrow i say goodbye to the girls for 9 days, this i really am not looking forward to. I will be taking the girls to Nanas Thursday night and see them the following Saturday afternoon.

I have a check list as long as my arm, 1 very poorly Lilly and 1 teenager for a 6 year old!! So where does this leave me?

- broken hearted to leave my poorly Lilly
- wondering what do you bring back a 6 year old going on 16 from a trip to LA when all you have done is visit scrap shops for 7 days!
- and Peter, well he will be happy just to see me, and have me back moaning and nagging that the house isn't quite up to standards, and the girls need a bath!!! hehehe, honest i am not that bad......or am I?
May I just add that i only go away for the night and i come back laden with gifts, so how many gifts does 8 nights away warrant?! will I be enough?

Today i had Lilly at home with an awfully high temperature and a barking cough, poor girl. She is worse this evening and will be going nowhere tomorrow but pinned to my side.
But, bless her, she did manage to do her posting, just like mummy.

  1. Take 1 pizza box,

  2. ask mummy to make it up for you

  3. find some toys and bits to put in pizza box

  4. take sellotape and wrap pizza box, while not closing down the sides (bless)

  5. label parcel with senders details (lillllllly)

  6. pack into boot of mummy's car

  7. arrive at post office, take out of mummy's car

  8. skip into One Stop and head up the aisle to post office counter and pop on scales
at this point Lilly is as happy as Larry and handed a slip with a post office stamp on to pop on her parcel!!! I love my post office.

Picture this scene

Mummy at her computer, 1 bored 3 year old, 1 AMM tote laden with goodies. Lilly climbs onto my chair while i am sat at my computer, plays with my hair (after we spoke about what she wants to be when she grows up, a hairdresser, can you see where this is going......)
Me : Lilly what are you doing, have you got scissors in your hand?
Lilly : *silence* scurries off chair and under my desk with hand clasp tightly shut!
Me : OMG Lilly what have you done, have you cut my hair *frantically grabs hair to feel for any noticeable loss*
Lilly : only a little bit, not a big bit
Me: *thinks to myself , OMG i am off to LA and i have a big chunk of hair missing*
thankfully this story does not end in tears and i have no noticeable loss or chunk missing from the back of my head. Lilly on the other hand is sporting a rather dashing new fringe!!
so what did you to today!

Anna xx

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week 1, 2 and 3

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/23/2007 12:20:00 AM 17 lovely comments

click picture to enlarge
Finally I have managed to get Emilys 52 week deck of cards challenge done. I am not the most pleased with these to be honest, trying to get 3 cards done in a 30 minute gap may have alot to do with it! I like week 3's the best. Our prompt was " I am ..." I continued my sentence with "I am moving on" Journalling on the back talks about moving on from 2006 and into a new year full of hope.
They are done and i am pleased i managed to create. I am doing my next 2 weeks of pencil line sketches, and boy have we got a guest or 2 up our sleeve to knock the creative wind out of you. You will never guest what divas we have in store for you. I am so excited and will be logging in while i am away just to see your reactions!

I tell you we all work so hard getting sponsorship ( of which i am collecting some while in LA, how exciting is that!), emailing talented scrapbookers to join us as a guest, and the behind the scenes on the technical side of things, it makes it so much more worth it when my inbox is flooded with compliments from you, the readers, appreciating all the hard work that goes into the site. It really dies make me smile.

OK back to now. Once again i am up well past my bed time, the wrist is saying its time to rest up as its getting number by the seconed.

A couple of photos from our walk on Saturday. Nothing fancy just the girls goofing and Lilly with my red kagool on, isn't she just the cutest?!
Received the most gorgeous little trinkets today from Sue. I will leave you in suspense and take a photo for tomorrow. They are cute, they are so me, they are perfect!

How was today for you? Hope it was a good one.


Anna x

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Busy creating

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/22/2007 12:25:00 AM 2 lovely comments
I have been busy with inks, papers, blooms and allsorts! Finished my Pencil Lines sketch using Scrapping Angels January kit. I absolutely love this kit, my favourite one of all at the moment :)

This weeks GDT is a very talented German scrapper and her LO is awesome, honestly you must go and pop over for a visit. I will be surprised if you don't go and grab your nearest sheet of bazzil and scrap the night away!

( that is a heart diamonte not a splodge on Izzy's cheek, lol)

I used the Cherry Artes Suite 4
Bazzill scalloped c/s
Cherry Artes chipboard

Stamps Away journal stamp and alpha stamp
Rub on stitching
Heidi Swapp letter chipboard
and the large Acrylic "I" is from Boxroom Booty !

I also finished my second class that I am teaching in LA. Nothing amazingly jaw dropping, but a project I love. I am teaching an Exploding Box class and my LO class is "Blooming Marvelous" which I first taught at the Luxurious Angels !retreat in October, and has proved such a hit on galleries worldwide I though I would teach it.

I unfortunately still havent even started Emily's 52 week challenge, I am gutted. hopefully I will get a spare 5 minutes before I jet off....

Peter has printed of my Itinerary, I have nearly booked a hotel for the 1 night i need one, just need to book the shuttle bus to the hotel from LAX and confirm a few meetings while I am over there. Meetings i mean meet up with Emily F, Jo from Scrapbook Inspirations, Mel and Jill from ATDML, you know the ,kind of meetings i am talking about, lol
And today I got an email from Anam to let me know that I am LO of the week at Scrappers Haven, I am a happy bunny
Hope you all had a lovely weekend
Anna xx

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Good News

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/21/2007 01:01:00 AM 3 lovely comments
Although I have been mega busy with organising for my trip to LA (mwah), i did receive two great emails today. One was from Scrap Galaxy to let me know another layout of mine has been chosen for LOTD on 06/02. I then got an email form a 2Peas member who runs a site for multi photos LO's and they have asked to use my "A year in review" layout for their site and also invited me as a "go to girl " how cool is that!
Scrapping Angels first kit of the year was a sell out which is great news. Subscription details are now on the site so go get subscribing.
We went for a lovely walk today around the fields, defiantly blew away a few cobwebs!
My dreaded viral arthritis is coming back with a vengeance, and i am struggling doing much after about 20 minutes at the moment.....
i must head for bed as it is gone 1 am, i will be back later with some photos form our walk and my Pencil Lines sketch.
Anna x

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Odd Day

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/19/2007 11:33:00 PM 7 lovely comments
I had plans to get lots done, samples for my classes, Emily's weekly challenge, (i am 2 weeks behind still!), tax forms, instead i managed to pack 50 orders in 2 days which i am pleased with, and spent this afternoon asleep on the sofa. the reason being , it would have been my dear Daddy's 72nd birthday today, and although i have not shed any tears,, it just wasn't right not seeing him with handmade cards, cake and new PJ's!. Also I still have no where to go, as i have not been ready to collect his ashes yet. I had thought about going down to the River side, where we also went with the girls on a Sunday after seeing Grandad, also a place we had taken him, but I couldn't muster the energy today, maybe tomorrow.
And now I feel heady and bloomin hot, no idea why, I am going to try and get a few things done before i head for the comfort of my bed

hugs all

Anna x

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Scrapping Angels

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/17/2007 10:55:00 PM 6 lovely comments

layout by Annie Hafermann
Check this out, our new temporary home :)

Go look at the gallery to see what the very talented Annie did with the kit and tomorrow night you will be able to sign up for a subscription to the kit and a sneak peak into what February's kit has to offer. More details will go on the site tomorrow with regard to add ons, kits and subscriptions , enjoy!
And yes I know I haven't even managed to do Emily's prompt from last week what lone look at this weeks, it will get done!


Anna x

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Planes, trains and automobiles

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/16/2007 11:10:00 PM 6 lovely comments
Got back last night form Newcastle and my expedition to Freemans Hospital. It has been a whirlwind of transportation and tapas. And of course a little shopping squeezed in. A new pink suitcase, some gorgeous clothes for my girls from Monsoon, and a few bits for my trip next week.

Arrived Sunday afternoon and was greeted by Kevin and Karen, whisked back to their pad for coffee and fudge (homemade I might add), then of to La Toscas for tapas and to meet up with Gillian, and home for some TV and bed. Woke up bright and early spent the morning at hospital, and after much tooing and froing from Xray I eventually got to see my surgeon and now have the all clear and have been discharged, horray!! Although I should expect another year before a complete recovery. Karen and I then headed for a scrummy lunch some shopping and I then made my way to the airport.

Got home, lots of cuddles with the girls and then poor Lilly was one sickly girl and have been up the night with her. So today she was home alone with me and we have had a lovely day. Work has had to go on hold while Lilly and I just snuggled, cuddled and scrapped!!! yes Lilly started her first scrapbook today. We printed her photos and with the ELC crimbo pressie form Sue she started to do some pages. I didn't scrap, just enjoyed all her enthusiasm and watched and helped when asked.

Back to work tomorrow although Lilly will still be at home , but Peter is working form home so I will be able to catch up on packing and design work
Did you catch Pencil Lines this week? I am really pleased with my Lo from this week sketch. Pictures I have wanted to scrap for months and this sketch inspired me to do just that.
I used bazzill cardstock
SEI paisley and petals
7 Gypsies record card
various buttons and ribbons
Stamps from Stamps Away and Cherry Artes
Heidi Swapp chipboard
Zsiage number chipboard
Pop on over and don't forget to email us your take on the sketch

Anna x

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Good Day

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/13/2007 11:47:00 PM 5 lovely comments

A very busy day but a wonderful day, especially for Izzy. Today was spectators day at her swimming class and today was a momentous occasion, as Izzy swam for the first time without her armbands!! We have been trying to encourage her for weeks, and her instructor just pulled them off. She swims so much better and also has a fantastic arm movement which was lost with her armbands on. The afternoon was followed with Panto at our local theatre, Jack and the Beanstalk, what a giggle we all had. Followed the night with a MacDonalds (yuck, but the girls love them) as a treat and to let Izzy know how proud we are.
Tomorrow i fly out to Newcastle for an appointment with my back surgeon on Monday. Will be staying with Karen and Kevin and hopefully meet up with Gillian. As always a flying visit but one i need so desperately. These 2 woman are very important in my life. I have known them both for over 11 years and they have seen me through all my ups and downs, tears and tantrums, and are both God mother to our girls. So, very special people. I know how hard moving away has been for us all, and last year my contact was not as frequent as it should have been, 2007 I must make a better effort, I cannot loose these 2 people in my life, I love them very very much.

OK gushing over, while i mop up my keypad, shame i cant tell them this face to face, and have to do it here on my blog , hoping they may read it, stupid i know but so much easier to write here, thinking this is my own private space that no ones reads.
Do you forget that strangers actually read these thoughts and emotions? I must admit i do forget some days, and i read back over my old blog entries and think, "God i shouldn't have said that" but i have, and have bared all, well nearly all ;).

So back to this weekend. OO forget to tell you my new passport came today, yipee. I will post both my passports Monday for you to giggle at, christ i have aged in 15 years!!, well worth the wait.

I have completed my Pencil Lines challenge. I was completely stumped at first with this weeks sketch, after browsing my photos it all fell into place and I love my sketch. I have wanted to scrap these photos since last July and I am really happy I have, thanks to the wonderful GDT we have this week. Don't forget to pop over tomorrow night to catch the new sketch. i am leaving you with a sneek peek.

Have a lovely weekend everyone see you Monday
Anna x

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Emilys Challenge

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/12/2007 12:16:00 AM 10 lovely comments
I am useless at challenges. I am quick to say YES and pop my name down, and 2 weeks into it, i find time is not on my side and i have lost the motivation. But my dear friend Emily has asked us all to join in with her art journal challenge. To decorate a playing card a week, and Emily will post a prompt to encourage our journalling minds. Sue has joined in the challenge and after seeing here delectable little tin box, which i have to have,(see photo) (Mel are these from you?) and her idea of using this art journal challenge to record her weight loss/gains for the year has prompted me to catch the bus and jump on.
So bloggers I am off to purchase my deck of cards, jump on the scales and start to journal my year of weight loss, health, exercise and the new me! So are you coming aboard?


Anna x

PS : image taken from Sues blog xx

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Photo Booths

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/10/2007 11:22:00 PM 15 lovely comments
You could say i have visited my fair share this past few days. Nothing fancy just trying to get my passport photo done.
Firstly visited Wellyn Garden City, to see Sue mainly but decided to go and get my photos done. This is no longer the experience i remember as a teenager got a strip of 4 difereent photos for around £1.50, Oh no, you now get 4 photos of 1 pose, yep, who needs 1 pose 4 x times! and it costs £3.50, extortionate!!

Ok so here goes photo number 1.

I smiled; smiling and bearing ones teeth is not allowed. Difficult for me as I am a full , bearing all smiler. Thats the first £3.50 down the drain
Total - £3.50
Photo number 2.

Kinda creepy looking, convict style look going on with full greasy locks! with a lovely yellow tinge to finish the look off . Now i am fed up. Off to the post office counter to see if I can pass go and collect.
Yes this has passed.
Total £7.00

Back to today...... Peterborough passport office..... photo check.

Man behind counter - sorry Mrs Bowkis these photos are not acceptable
Me - sorry i must have given you the wrong one, *checks and sees i have given the creepy photos over the counter*
Me - No these are the right ones, I had them checked at the post office
Man behind counter - I cant accept these you are too close to the camera
Me - (too ^%&*? close) I can only sit in the seat provided, how can i be too close?
Man behind counter - Sorry you will have to go and get these re done. We have photo booths here you can use
Me- Ok many thanks

Off I grumbled to get change and get my photos done again!

Photo number 3

wohoo, looking quite glam, nice skin tone, hair looking like "i am worth it", so am I really worth it.
Back to man at counter and he says "YES"

Total spend £10.50

and that my dear readers is my day in a nutshell
anna x

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Monday, monday

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/08/2007 11:35:00 PM 10 lovely comments
mmm lets see, packed orders, spoke to Suzi at Sweetpeas and Snapshots, arranged to meet up with Alison from Hambly Studios at CHA, wow I just so love their product line. Alison is sponsoring me some classes and giving me some new product line to play with, so watch this space, all very exciting. I am waiting on confirmation on 2 more LSS that would like me to teach, how many classes can I squeeze into 2 free days, with no transport do you reckon?! Hey its all fun and I am so honoured to get this opportunity. I am already being booked (provisionally) for summer 2007.

Oh I rang the passport office and I have my appointment on Wednesday , so i will have the documents to get to the states! Received my itinerary and hotel details form Dina today as well.
I am now planning kits for Scrapping Angels and I am sure I will be doing some shopping at CHA while I am there.
And I will be receiving teacher details for the Scrapping Angels retreat #2 in the next few weeks, we have some great teachers lined up, and I am just emailing everyone for class details.
We have the amazing Anita Mundt, Jo-Anne Terra, Annie Hafermann with guest appearance from Addie, Roz O'Hanlon Carter and myself. I know that manufacturers such as Fontwerks, Hambly Studios and Zsiage will be making an appearance. I think thats all i will divulge for now. Pop on over to the website now to book your place.
Tomorrow I am parent helper at Lilly's pre school, she is so excited and I am looking forward to a few hours of time out form paper work and emails. I will then come home and scrap, start planning my classes, before picking Izzy up and getting her ready for Rainbows.
That's it, another fun packed day here at Southoe! Random photo of 1 of my favourite books

Hope you all had a good one.


Anna x

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L.A Plans

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/07/2007 10:38:00 PM 7 lovely comments
OMG I didn't realise how much planning went into a trip overseas. Dina the owner of Zsiage rang me today to make arrangements when I arrive. Zsiage have a 2 hour workshop on the Saturday at 8am (yikes) that I am taking part in. I am teaching a couple of classes over at Sweetpeas and Snapshots, also a class at A-Z Scrapbooking for Zsiage. I have to ring both stores tomorrow to finalise my schedules.
Tomorrow I will ring the passport office over at Peterborough to arrange a fast track appointment to get my application through in time. Emily has been a star, and although she is not around when I am in LA she is giving me as much advice as she can via email with regard to teaching and general LA stuff! I really am bursting at the seams about the whole trip, the teaching, CHA and going to the US in general.

Yeah today the 1st Pencil Lines sketch went live for 2007, and a corker as ever it is. We have so much in the pipeline and the most amazing GDT lined up as well as fantastic sponsors for the Readers gallery.

For this weeks layout I used:
BG Oh Baby Girl papers,
Angel Kiss blooms,
Lil Davis chipboard

We finished the living room today and I am so chuffed with it. Everything has fallen into place just how i had envisaged it. The carpet will be fitted in a week or so, and then after I get back from LA we will be doing the guest bedroom. I hear squeals of joy from all those that have stayed in the room aptly named "Tango Spank" (by Kirsty). It is presently a rancid colour of bright orange wallpaper with black marker pen graffiti , nice eh?!

How was your weekend? Hope you all had a good one. Now get yourselves over to pencil Lines, the UK's Number One challenge blog site :)


Anna xx

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Hollywood here I come....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/06/2007 12:39:00 AM 12 lovely comments
OMG I really cannot believe I have just booked my flight to LA to work at CHA on behalf of Zsiage the American DT I am on. I am so very excited. I was emailed a week or so ago about coming over and today I decided to say YES!!!! I have my passport photos (thanks to Sue for helping me as I smiled when I shouldn't!) so I can renew my out dated passport and my application ready to take to Peterborough office.

I will be meeting up with a few UK girls as well and Emily Falconbridge and I will do lunch as she will be at CHA for a day. Unfortunately when I become free after CHA Emily is flying to Paris so we will not be sightseeing together. Dead excited about seeing Emily and "bump" as well.

I am very excited but awfully nervous. I have a few days after CHA to hopefully do some more teaching or maybe some sightseeing. Now to hunt a hotel for Wednesday and Thursday night in downtown LA. Any suggestions?

I spent the day with the splendid Sue, we had a scrummy lunch in a gorgeous pub called the Crooked Chimney, which resembled something out of a Brother Grimms fairytale. We dined on Salmon fishcakes and salad and chocolate brownies with homemade ice cream for afters, mmmmm. We also crammed in a bit of shopping at my favourite shop at Wellywn Garden City, I never come out of SEI empty handed. And no it is not a LSS it is a shop crammed full of knic knacks, furnishings and all things scrummy for the home. I couldn't resist a couple of chocolate cupcake candles for both Sue and I ( see Sues blog)

Thank goodness it is the weekend. i have the last of the sale orders to pack and post, now I have 200 pizza boxes waiting to be filled. A couple of magazine deadlines to complete and projects galore for CHA, ooo I am bursting with excitement. It will be my first time abroad since I landed back in the UK 11 years ago!! and also my first time to the US.

Let me know all the best places to see, do and eat will you?

hugs and "have a good day"

Anna x

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The things kids say...

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Ok this is truly embarrassing for me and peter, but here it goes.................

Lilly : Are you "nogging" or kissing you two?
Me: er sorry Lilly
Lilly : Are you "nogging" or kissing?
Peter : sniggers
Me: erm we were kissing, is that OK?
Lilly : yes, you can "nog" if you want

well as you can imaging, one very embarrassed mummy here, and yep "nogging" is what we know in the school playground as "snogging". I can assure you we do not sit smooching in front of the girls, it was a peck on the lips thats all, and in my defense we were alone, or so I thought!
Come on then, spill the beans and tell me your most embarrassing moment spoken by your lil ones
Good News

Cathy Zielske is blogging again, wohoo!!!!! and I am LOTD over at Scrap Galaxy again, I am so chuffed..... and you must check out Anam's new kit site, Snowflakes, I must have a kit it looks divine, lots of scrummy embellies to tickle the creative buds!


Anna xxx
PS: this is no recent "nogging" photo but one from about 10 years ago when "nogging" was allowed

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"A" is for Anna, Anam, Annie and Addie

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Its been a day for baby lurve. I have drooled, cuddled, aah, oo ed all in an hour over at Annies today seeing Addie with Anam and her family.

It has been a wonderful day and so good to meet Anam, Ian and Fay for the first time. And yes we talked to well gone 1.30am last night and still talked for a good few hours before we left for Bury this morning. Fay is as adorable and cute as we all imagine, she is a little peach and so tiny compared to my two! The girls hit it off when they all met this morning, and played in Lilly's room while Anam and I chatted, and Ian and Peter talked gaming, as suspected.
Then it was all over to Bury to meet Addie and she is so beautiful, so tiny and just wow. I had to have a hold and a cuddle, and my heart melted.

yes this is my arm *gloat*

Between Anam and I we took loads of photos, unfortunately due to poor lighting conditions, I had to cram up the ISO on the camera to 800 which has caused quite a bit of noise, I am gutted but here are a couple of shots from today, enjoy!

I have had a few emails on my settings from yesterdays photos so here you go...
Nikon D80 - body
Lens - 18mm -135mm
ISO 100, 1/100, F/4.5 (RAW and altered in CS2)


Anna x

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photos to share

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What a day!. Peter has nearly stripped the living room, i have chosen the paint colour after doing the task of painting squares onto the wall, we have rearranged the furniture so we can get an idea on what the finished room will look like. The girls have been painters mate, and have helped with the stripping and clearing up. I have baked cranberry and nutmeg muffins, mmmm and also some brownies for our visitors and to take over to Annies tomorrow.

That's all really folks, I will have lots more to blog about tomorrow with tales from Bury and
baby Hafermann and also the Stubbingtons arrive any minute where I am sure Anam and I will talk for England and Ian and Peter will talk gaming!

And to finish off today here are a couple of photos I took yesterday, I am rather pleased with them, considering I am struggling quite abit with my new camera, practise, practise, practise!!


Anna x

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New Years Day, and some Scrapping

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We hit our beds at about 2am, got up at gone 10am (thanks girls) and have re organised the living room and started to prepare for the big strip!
I had planned a good old fashioned walk but instead we cleaned the house after taking all signs of Christmas down, I cannot bear the sight of my decorations come January 1st, and they come down the minute I climb out of bed, well OK after i cooked everyone a cooked breakfast!

Anyways, I have just finished a LO "A year in Review" after seeing Dare 17 over at the DigiDare website. I was so inspired by all the gorgeous LO's that I based mine on a bit of all the DT's work. My favourite DT has to be the very talented Kate Hadfield (whatkatiedid), so thanks Katie for being such an inspiration, mwah.
I used lots of stamping, 7 Gypsy rubons, ribbons and Worldwin Kraft cardstock.

Busy couple of days ahead of us. Anam, Ian and Fay arrive tomorrow night to stay over and then we are all over to see Annie and Addie on Wednesday, which I cannot wait for.

In between I have a DT assignment to complete and the sale orders to pack, and last but not least get on top of the Scrapping Angels website launch and the stunning 1st kit of the year.
So are you all nursing terrible hangovers? or did you have a relaxing day with friends and families?
We finished the day in front of the TV watching "Wind in the Willows" on the beeb and munching on "party" food.

Hope your New Years Day ended as well as mine did


Anna x

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