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Another Paper Flower Tutorial

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/14/2010 05:54:00 PM
Whilst I am having some time off work, I have dragged out that box of older paper lines that I don't use anymore and have been playing, hence the flower tutorials at the moment!

Today I am showing you how to make the simple , but Oh so effective, fringed flower; reminds me of a Chrysanthemum.

Go grab a large circle punch, some light weight papers; I used Chatterbox, brads, buttons, scissors, and a poky tool!

Punch 5 circles

and make a hole with your poky tool, to add a brad

Grab your scissors and cut to the brad at 4 equal distances, ie : 12'0clock, 3'0clock, 6'0 clock and 9'0clock!

Now cut all the way round to the brad, until you have this

Grab the fringe and lightly gather and spruce,a bit like massaging a head of hair, LOL

Now add a button or bead.

I made a simple card and used a small flower. I will add a sentiment at a later date. I used my small scallop circle for this fringe flower.

Supplies : Chatterbox papers, Martha Stewart punch, scallop circle punch, brad, glass bead, Papermania card blank

I hope you enjoyed this simple paper flower tutorial, I look forward to seeing your flowers.

Thanks for stopping by
Anna x

28 Response to 'Another Paper Flower Tutorial'

  1. carina Said,'> 6:39 PM

    thank you for another fun tutorial!
    I made your other flower yesterday and it was superfun, so I sure will try making this one too=)


  2. Irma Said,'> 8:26 PM

    ohhh! thanks for the tutorial...definitely will make this flower!


  3. Tif Said,'> 9:35 PM

    Very cute! Can't wait to make some!


  4. Claude Said,'> 10:05 PM

    I'll be making some of these soon!


  5. suebaru Said,'> 10:20 PM

    You're on a bit of a flower roll ;) xxx


  6.'> 12:00 AM

    Absolutely love the flower-making ideas!


  7. Jaedyn Said,'> 3:02 AM

    What an awesome tutorial! It looks wonderful on the card, too. :-) I'm inspired, thanks so much!


  8. Elizabeth Said,'> 5:14 PM

    This is such a great and simple idea! Love it and thanks for the step-by-step tutorial. I linked your blog on a craft forum I own so that others can see your wonderful work as well! Thanks again!

    - Elizabeth


  9. Caterina Said,'> 7:19 PM

    Really beautiful! Your tutorial are very useful and smply! Thank you!


  10. Nancy Said,'> 8:01 PM

    Thank you for the lovely flower ideas. Great ideas!


  11. Anonymous Said,'> 1:59 AM

    Thanks....this is too cute and a great way to use my scraps! google account isn't working


  12. Anonymous Said,'> 8:30 PM

    Beautiful, fun, easy idea!!! Thanks for sharing!
    NICE photos of your work.



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  14. shery Said,'> 8:55 PM

    lovely flowers, and cards


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  17. Abbey Said,'> 6:49 PM

    Very nice idea....simple enough for the kids to do as well. Thanks for sharing. !!


  18.'> 5:46 PM

    Just adorable and just what I needed to get me to be a little more creative today! Thanks, Jane


  19. KatieJ Said,'> 3:40 AM

    Love these! Thanks for sharing!


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  22. Anonymous Said,'> 3:28 AM

    I've had fun finally doing this. Thanks for this tutorial. My version is here:


  23. Unknown Said,'> 7:40 AM

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  24. Dani Fai Said,'> 4:59 AM

    Very cute.


  25.'> 9:42 AM

    your hands are magic!


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  28. Waseem Said,'> 10:46 AM

    Great tutorial...easy to understand and view your it.

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