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School Bullying :(

blogged by me domestic goddess On 10/13/2005 01:33:00 PM

Today like all days I start with my cup of strong black coffee, and check emails and my calendar for what has to be done and planned for the day. But today I had to spare a thought for my beloved Izzy.
It seems that she is the victim of school bullying. I am devastated, she is only 5!!!!
Izzy has a few speech problems due to her hearing (she had grommets fitted last year) and 2 girls from another class have been teasing her with regard to her speech and calling her "Spanish". Yesterday they threw water at her in the toilets. Izzy has told her Dad these things and not me, as she knows how upset this will make me. I did ask her about this today , and bless her cotton socks, she told me that she was 5 and brave and not to worry> Now please forgive me, but my heart strings pulled to extremes, what an amazing little girl I have!>anyways we have parents evening next Wednesday and I can assure you this subject will be brought up, just so that it goes no further, or even begins to harm my baby's school day.
Has anyone else experienced this sort of behavior in such young children? Advice would be greatly received.

6 Response to 'School Bullying :('

  1. mandy Said,'> 4:40 PM

    My son got bullied when he was 6 by a tearaway 5 year old, as my son has aspergers he does have some problems but most of the kids just understand this, however this bully who was a girl BTW just took a dislike to him and she was following him all the time and then hitting him etc, in the end we took action and went to the head of year, it was quickly sorted, I have to say that mostly every year he gets bullied by someone just because of the way he is and the only thing you can do is love, support your child and maybe get in touch with the schools bullying co-ordinator, every school has one.


  2.'> 5:18 PM

    thanks mandy, i have gone and seenher teacher today and thankfully they ahve a good system in place and this will be dealt with immediatley


  3. Jak Said,'> 5:57 PM

    aww Anna felt really sad when I read about Izzy being bullied, but what a brave little girl.

    No advice hun, but **hugs to you both**

    Jak x

    Ps. Thanks for your kind words and support, means a lot


  4. greyparrot Said,'> 9:58 PM

    oh bless her it is so sad :( J has been being blackmailed at school...can you believe it only 5 and being blackmailed! I am so proud of her though, and it is these children that become the most empathetic. There is a boy in her class with severe problems, and J proudly displayed the sign language she had learnt (which is how this little lad communicates) while we were horse riding the other day. Izzy is one of these children Anna, the sympathetic, caring kind, you have no worries xx


  5.'> 10:37 AM

    Aside from having them lined up and shot at dawn darling - the only advice you can possibly need is "listen to Izzy". She is telling you she is being brave. You are hurting because its your job darling - the protective yummy mummy thing that Im so abysmal at too. Somebody only has to give ellie a dirty look and thats it - kiler instinct!!!
    Be strong for Izzy and build her up to walk away from sitautions like that. Its hard but she is a tough lil bear!


  6. Cath Said,'> 5:28 PM

    I dont have any advice hun but just wanted to send hugs to you and Izzy. Im sure its just a phase that hopefully wont last long and i just know with a Mummy like you she will get through it!