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6 weeks and counting

blogged by me domestic goddess On 11/09/2006 08:52:00 PM
to Christmas that is. Can you actually believe that the season of giving is actually upon us so quick!!. But I have so much left to do before the year is out.

i still have to:

loose 2 stone
get fit
eat healthy
clean the house from top to toe
finish my to do list

to name just a few of things left to do!!
I went to the hairdressers today, my new 6 weekly treat to myself at Zaks. My first visit was the day before Dads funeral and is now a ritual, I actually book my appointment on leaving. They also do a mean selection of Elemis products.

On leaving the hairdressers I headed over to Woolworth's to start buying chocolate for the girls advent calenders. You know the ones with the pockets. well these were a bargain buy in the Sale at 99p each, some plonker forgot I have to fill the bloomin things, all 24 pockets twice over!!! So today I decided to start purchasing some goodies. £101.52 later a few Christmas pressies for the girls fell into my basket. Mainly Bratz bits and bobs for Izzy (boy I don't like these new dollz, what ever happened to Sindy!) and the more cute Fifi and Dora for Lilly.

Had a fab day at Annies yesterday with Lilly and Dean. Annie and I finalised teh christmas workshop classes and I am so excited. You must come and join us, we still ahve a few places left, it would be a crime not too.

The April retreat is coming along nicely too and I hope to start taking bookings shortly.

That's all I think for now. Off to Kettering tomorrow to deliver a very important box of Angel Kisses for Clever Cut as they are selling out so fast at the NEC, they require more of these beauties!

Which brings me to this. If you order Angel Kisses trade then you need to get your orders in now as my last deliver of the yeararrives in about 7 - 10 days.

Until tomorrow


PS: just wanted to let you all know I didnt do the Crate paper layout in my last post.


9 Response to '6 weeks and counting'

  1. Sarah Youde Said,'> 11:30 PM

    Christmas is so expensive isn't it? DH and I have just ordered all the kids stuff online and they are now done (or so dh thinks!) except for stockings and choccie and that cost just as much as the gifts. Bah humbug... I love christmas really.


  2. greyparrot Said,'> 12:09 AM

    I hate bratz too- I have banned J from having them lol Thankfully she likes Barbie- or not so thankfully due to their marketing ploy of bringing out a new dvd every christmas- so of course J wants the whole caboodle from each film!


  3. bookit Said,'> 8:22 AM

    6 weeks??!!...yikes..thats creeping up on me!!!


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 8:48 AM

    mind you i dont want a bratz doll for xmas, all done and guess what just 10 days to go until i am there with you yipeeeeeeeee luvs ya


  5. Unknown Said,'> 9:08 AM

    Oh i just love the box that you mave made. Do you have instructions or dimensions for it or did you get it from a store and then alter it?


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 7:13 PM

    Dean is still talking about your visit!! Loved having you both!


  7. Anonymous Said,'> 8:37 PM

    6 weeks?????? OMG that's scary. You can keep the Bratz dolls - but have you seen all their accessories, handbags to die for and shoes etc ete etc LOL - shame they're not flat enough to fit on a LO!


  8. Alli Said,'> 7:42 AM

    so good to see someone else with an unrealistic to do before Christmas list like mine that is also afraid and slightly nauseated by bratz dolls!


  9. Anonymous Said,'> 12:34 PM

    6 Weeks?!?! Oh my gosh!