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Schools Out for Summer..............

blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/23/2007 07:55:00 PM

The school summer holidays started with a bang, literally (see yesterday's post)and i am glad to say things have settled down.

Our annual summer party on Saturday was a roaring success even though the weather was not to good to us. Sixteen golfers started the day playing golf, while us woman slaved away in the kitchen, dicing, chopping and mixing salads, sandwiches and all sorts. The bouncy castle arrived with a cover, but unfortunately still flooded, and a few bounces were only made!. The BBQ was able to go ahead in the dry couple of hours we had. Thanks to Annie for the brilliant marinade recipe, the steaks went down a treat. Izzy became our resident face painter. I can belive how good she was for only 6. Everyone ended up having something done, from tigers to the England flag on their cheek, we also had a Harry potter amongst us!

Then when the weather changed we all headed indoors for a good gaming session on the Wii. You have so got to love this machine, we had all ages playing from 2 1/2 - 79!!!!, bowling, baseball, tennis and golf!! The Bowkis and Merry's also kindly sponsored £100 between them for my sponsored 5K run in September, a big thank you from me.

Sunday we had a scrummy breakfast of croissants and chocolate de pain with chocolate milk and coffee for the grown ups. Our house guests left at lunch time and i must admit to a crash and burn, with me in bed from 4pm!!

I feel much better today, the girls have been great and Lilly headed off to her afternoon Pirates party whilst I had a little nose around the fabric department in Dunelm Mill and treated myself to some scrummy fabrics. Hopefully will get to play in the holidays and create something for me!
Received a package from Lucy today filled with creative delights for me and the girls, i am so blessed. Will take photos tomorrow of all my goodies
Finally finished one of the classes i was designing for UKS, now to work on the other class and a few other projects for websites. I also have a few bits i am dying to work on through the holidays to get my creative juices flowing again.

Hope you all had a good weekend, i am off to curl on the sofa for a quiet evening for one, as Peter has had to go into work
Anna x

9 Response to 'Schools Out for Summer..............'

  1. anita Said,'> 7:42 AM

    yey!!! have a wonderful summer :)))


  2. Ann(i)e Said,'> 8:29 AM

    looks like a lovely party my sorry to have missed it!!!
    crumbs about lilly...i will call this morning for an update....last night ran away from me.
    miss you and love you


  3. suebaru Said,'> 8:38 AM

    So glad the weekend was a success after all the traumas! See you Sunday!:)


  4. PROLIX Said,'> 9:32 AM


    ça va?

    merci beaucoup for your very warm message!!! this morning begins very well for me!

    gros bisous!!!

    I love the pics you took with funny girlies faces painted!!!

    I hope Lilly gets better. I worked 6 years with kids, so I know how it can be with accidents.

    Giant hugs to you all there!!!

    bonne journée!!!

    your frenchie SISta!

    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


  5. Tracie H Said,'> 9:36 AM

    WOW! the seaky peep looks beautiful....hope Lily is better now and that your throat is well on the way to recovery.
    Summer party looks like it was a success.
    Make sure you rest up.



  6. Starlight Said,'> 10:49 AM

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  7. Starlight Said,'> 10:51 AM

    Hi sweetie,
    Sounds like a lot of fun!:0)
    The BBQ looks so yummy,just like the Brazilian ones...mmmmm I miss that!LOL
    I'm glad the package arrived,I was worried...LOL
    Awesome to know that Lilly is in her full batteries again,and Izzy is a sweet girl talented already just like her mom!
    The sneak looks gorgeous:0)
    Have an awesome day hun!

    Oh sorry i deleted my post above,to many english mistakes...LOL
    Probally is many more,but at least looks better now on my brain...haha


  8. Aline Said,'> 3:32 PM

    Anna, I hope your little one is feeling better! Looks like you really had a great time, I wish you all a wonderful summer! :)
    Oh, and the sneak looks great, looking forward to see the rest of it. :)


  9. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 4:23 PM

    So happy you're feeling a little better now!! And seems like you guys had a great day all together!!!! Love that sneak peek.. can't wait to see the rest of it.. hehe... XOXO