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Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

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This blog is just that, my little place on the web.You will find my daily (or not so daily, hehe)life, my love for my new vegetable garden, baking, photography and my scrapbooking!

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Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.It has been for over 4 years. I love journaling, taking photos of my family and love colour and texture, these are all part of my everyday life and scrapbooking.

Paint and Glitter

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/02/2008 09:33:00 PM
Been playing today with paint and glitter and chipboard, all for a good cause, I am a GDT for Bubbly Funk. Poor Caroline has been waiting ages for my DT projects, and she will not have to wait much longer, I am nearly done! Here are a few sneak peeks.

I have also been busy doing my projects for the ScrapDreamie blog this week, with the luscious Crate Kaitlin papers! I am so smitten by these. Do go and check out the Pirate Box by Heather and the ever so pretty layout by Debbie.

Yesterday the girls and I went and say Annie, Dean and Addie. Unfortunately you will have to wait for photos as I have lent my camera to Annie for her trip to Russia and I have her camera. Why?? Because Annie;s is being temperamental, and there was no way I was letting her go to Russia without a fully working camera! The only problem has been our memory cards are different so i will have to wait to see my photos from yesterday. But I do have this photo of me munching on freshly baked cookies at Annie's!!

Short post from me today as I must crack on with my ever increasing "to do" list, LOL.

Oh and here is that photo I promised the other day, my little gift from Izzy when I returned from Olympia!, awwww.

Hugs and thanks for stopping by

Anna x


9 Response to 'Paint and Glitter'

  1. Sandie Said,'> 4:49 PM

    Love your gift from Izzy, bless her!!! Gorgeous projects and sneak peeks. We'll have to catch up soon xx


  2. suebaru Said,'> 5:14 PM

    LOL, love the baby Shrek toy!Don't lose Annie's memory card!;)


  3. Jackie Said,'> 7:30 PM

    gorgeous layout and card Anna.

    How cute was your little pressie, bless.

    Hope you have a good weekend x


  4. izzy Said,'> 5:53 PM

    to mummy i love you like you do.? love to love to love you love me? to good luck to you.?


  5. Rita Weiss Said,'> 1:20 AM

    Hi Anna. Your blog is luscious! what delight. love your work and sharings.... xo


  6. Aline Said,'> 8:43 AM

    Wonderful sneaks and layouts, Anna. And I love your gift from Izzy, oh my, this is so very cute!! :))


  7. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 7:16 PM

    Oowww.. it's always such a pleasure to visit your blog... so many awesome creations and so much inspiration!!! These creations are no exception!!!!!! The gift you got from Izzy is cuuuuuute!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (or what's left of it.. whaha) XOXOXO


  8. Rita Weiss Said,'> 11:47 PM

    what a colorful inspiring blog. so fun! will be back xo, Rita


  9. Anonymous Said,'> 12:50 AM

    Greetings from the U.S. Love your layouts!