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more fun fun fun!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/29/2008 10:53:00 PM
with cupcakes, fairy dresses, and photo shoots all thrown into the mix!
The last couple of days have been filled with more fun and laughter. Yesterday Annie, Dean and the mischievous Addie came over.

We made pink cupcakes, with pink icing, and pink sprinkles for Lilly's belated birthday party, and Lilly got this most delightful pink fairy dress with flower petals in the hem from the Hafermanns. It is so gorgeous , I want one!

I really am so lucky to have scrapping friends, who are also real friends, and whose families get on all so well with my family. I am spoilt and blessed to be honest.
Today we drove over to Sue's to the spend the day, and i made a long overdue batch of brownies for Sue. After a scrumptious lunch we headed over to the park and lake for a walk and the usual photo shoot, which this time included jumping off a bench, LOL
(gutted her feet are blurred!)

After a wonderful day me and the girls headed home for their swimming lessons. Unfortunately an accident on the road made us extremely late and the girls managed a quick 10 minute lesson. But it was worth it, because Izzy is now swimming unaided and diving under water. I am so so proud of her. It has been a long hard road to travel, as she absolutely hates getting water in her eyes, and this has really held her back with confidence in the pool. But today she just went for it, and made the decision not to put a tummy band on, WTG hun , we are all so proud of you :). And Lilly who was doing so well last year, (pool has been closed for 6 months ), confidence took a dive last week, did much better today. So all round, I am so happy my girls are back in the water and thriving!

Tomorrow we have a day at home, and then off for haircuts and a Brownie uniform to purchase. Izzy has her promise on Tuesday!!
Before i head for my bed, you have to watch this boy. George Sampson, a 14 year old , break dancer, whom i so want to see win Britain's Got Talent.

Thanks for stopping by
Anna xx

7 Response to 'more fun fun fun!'

  1. sarah youde Said,'> 12:31 AM

    Oh I want him to win too, he is amazing!


  2. Sandie Said,'> 10:00 AM

    Wow what a busy few days you have, great photos again hun, and if George Sampson doesn't win I'm going to complain LOUDLY!!!!! Big congrats to Lilly and Izzy for their swimming too, WTG girls. Hugs to you all xxx


  3. suebaru Said,'> 1:16 PM

    Fab news about both girls swimming! Thank you for the brownies there are *cough* some left still..just about! Loved all the photos we took :),see you tomorrow!


  4. niki (nikig on UKS) Said,'> 1:00 AM

    Thanks for putting George's dancing on your blog, he is awaesome and i so want him to win as well:)


  5. Kelly Said,'> 2:10 AM

    love love love your fairy piccie, so cute xoxoxo


  6. Gilly_mc (UKS) Said,'> 8:39 AM

    Great Blog- loved the fairy dress,piccys and story about swimming achievements - well doen girls.

    Must ask where you got the great cokourful cupcake cases from - I wnat soem for dd birthday!!

    I want George to win too - roll on tonight!!!


  7.'> 2:57 PM

    Stopping over from Sue's blog. LOVED watching the George Sampson video from Britain's Got Talent! Even though I live in the U.S. I will definitely have to check back to see who won.

    Lovely photos too. And congrats to your girls for overcoming their swimming fears. Totally awesome!