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Battered and Brusied

blogged by me domestic goddess On 6/07/2008 10:49:00 AM

What a week i have had! I have been battered and bruised by the dentist which left me feeling really under the weather. A funeral we attended on Thursday was carried out by the same lady who did Dad's funeral, and all those memories came flooding back. And then yesterday, I had a bad fall in London which winded me and has left me with a left hand battered and bruised. I cannot wait for the week to be over!

BUT, today Peter and I are headed to Wembley Arena to see the Foo Fighters!!!!

Have a fab weekend, I know I will *inserts cheesey grin*
Hugs and thanks for stopping by!

Anna x

10 Response to 'Battered and Brusied'

  1. Rach Said,'> 11:58 AM

    Have a great time, The Foo's are amazing live!


  2. Sara Said,'> 1:39 PM

    Hurray, I can leave comments at last ! Poor you, hope you have a fantastic time tonight xx


  3. Paula Said,'> 6:41 PM

    Oh I love the Foo Fighters, have a great time Anna:)


  4. rachel Said,'> 7:17 PM

    aww sounds like you have had a horrid week, have a great time tonight- rachel x


  5. suebaru Said,'> 9:05 PM

    Get you, you rock chick ;) !! Enjoy yourselves :)


  6. Gemma Said,'> 7:24 AM

    Lets hope the Foo Fighters are the high of a bad week.
    Take Care Anna.


  7. Sandie Said,'> 12:38 PM

    I'm not jealous honest, I bet they were fantastic live. Hope you have a better week next week xx


  8. Julia Said,'> 2:53 PM

    What a week you've had Anna. Hope you enjoyed the Foo Fighters and that the next week will be all honey & roses for you. Hugs x


  9. stephanie Said,'> 4:56 PM

    very jealous about the foos. me and marcus were supposed to go but had to sell our tickets and i had to work and he was suffering jetlag. grr


  10. Robyn Said,'> 7:47 AM

    I have missed popping in here! What a lovely post! Come by and visit when you can! Lot's of hugs!