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Santa Baby.....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 11/08/2008 08:00:00 PM
Why the Christmas title you may ask?? Well I forgot to tell you yesterday a story. Are you all sitting comfortably.

The other day Lilly told me that it was nearly Christmas.

  • " I must make my Christmas cards and write a letter to Santa Mummy", Lilly squealed with delight.
  • "OK darling" Mummy gets down her Christmas craft box to start making cards. Mummy heads back to the computer where she is watching Obama's victory speech on the computer. 15 minutes later, a happy Lilly arrives in the office.
  • "Mummy I have finished my card and put it into the envelope."
  • Mummy checks the envelope and the very neat and large writing to Santa. "Lovely Lilly, well done" Says Mummy.
  • Mummy looks again, something doesn't look quite right?!

Can you spot the mistake?

Lilly loves Satan!!! Bless her.......

Whilst I am away teaching and playing with the UKS 365 ladies, I thought I would do a blog giveaway for one of the classes I am teaching. I will also pop some stamps in as well :)

Just leave a comment on my blog and I will do a random draw on Monday


Anna xx

36 Response to 'Santa Baby.....'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 8:16 PM

    Don't pick me, but I love Lilly's spelling mistake!


  2. Sandie Said,'> 8:54 PM

    Don't pick me either, but that was so funny I nearly spat my diet coke all over my laptop, Lilly is just fab!!


  3. Heather Said,'> 9:13 PM

    love that spelling mistake! gave me a good giggle :)


  4. Julia Said,'> 9:26 PM

    Love that Anna it really made me laugh!


  5. karen Said,'> 9:27 PM

    what can i say,
    always wondered why i was her godmother, she really needs some guidance BLESS


  6. Dia Said,'> 9:33 PM

    Tee Hee!
    'don't pick me' (tho I'd love to come over the water to play with paper & scissors!)
    Aren't kids hilarious?!

    My dad was posted at Bury St Edwards in WWII, fun to see that you teach there! He flew his 25 missions, (B-17), then came home to America, & happened to be in California when Clark Gable filmed the inside scenes for 'Combat America!'



  7.'> 12:57 AM

    Qué linda tu hija con el error de su carta a "Santa"...
    Saludos desde México.


  8.'> 7:39 AM

    I love the funny things that kids do! Would definitely give Santa a laugh or two!!


  9. Sara Said,'> 10:01 AM

    Love that spelling mistake! Henry used to call him Farmer Christmas! xx


  10. Augusti_73 Said,'> 10:56 AM

    OMG, I'm dying over here, laughing my socks off!! =D This really made my day!


  11. Topsy78 Said,'> 12:09 PM

    ahh bless her, that sounds like something my daughter would come out with.


  12. jennyap Said,'> 12:10 PM

    That is so funny, you have to tell her that story when she's old enough to laugh at it herself!


  13.'> 12:36 PM

    Laughing tears streaming down my face. :D

    Her godmother´s comment made me smile. *giggle*


  14. annie bellamy Said,'> 2:00 PM

    Lovely Lilly story! One that shall have to be remembered! Lovely papers, ideal for my two girls!

    Annie B


  15. Jackie Said,'> 4:30 PM

    Great letter, one to record on a layout I think, kids give you the best ideas I think.


  16. Maya Said,'> 5:20 PM

    How adorable :-)))

    Love stopping by your post - always a lot of inpiration here :-))


  17. karen Said,'> 6:40 PM

    for one who is such a little angel why is she writing to him ?????
    love uncle kevin xx


  18. Sarah Said,'> 7:24 PM

    Lovely neat writing, very impressed at Lilly's expertise! I'm looking forward to my Izzy being old enough to write letters to Satan! (She's only 15 months, so a little young to be writing - not even drawing yet).

    Roll on Christmas :)



  19. Julie Said,'> 7:35 PM

    kids say the funniest things lol, you'll need to scrap that


  20. Janet Said,'> 8:35 PM

    Thanks for sharing the spelling mistake Anna, it really made me chuckle.

    Best wishes


  21. Becky Said,'> 9:16 PM

    Loved Lilly's spelling mistake! Hope he still brings her what she would like :)


  22. Smarty (UKS) Said,'> 10:24 PM

    Oh bless her :)

    My youngest still calls him Farmer Christmas too.


  23. Anonymous Said,'> 11:08 PM

    Love it! I think her printing is awesome- the spelling, not so much! LOL! What a precious memory. sherry


  24.'> 2:07 AM

    oh Lily... you made me chuckle out loud :D so sweet!


  25. Karen Said,'> 6:54 AM

    Wish I could of made the 365 bash, would of been great to meet you all. Love the Christmas letter story Anna!


  26. Shemaine Said,'> 7:29 AM

    Kids really do the darndest things don't they :)


  27. buzz Said,'> 9:33 AM

    I can't wait to see your layout using this story.I haven't seen many Satan inspired pages?????
    Love your blog,I'm afraid you are to blame for me not getting any housework done.


  28. Yasmin Said,'> 9:44 AM

    Aww bless her cotton socks!!


  29.'> 9:49 AM

    What a priceless piece of memorabilia:)


  30. Antonia S-H Said,'> 10:07 AM

    It's Monday now - hope I'm not too late to be entered in your draw,


  31. Antonia Said,'> 10:09 AM

    PS Love the spelling mistake! You need to keep an eye on that girl!


  32. Deanne Said,'> 11:58 AM

    bless lilly how sweet lol
    must get the boys to sit down and do their christmas lists too!!!
    hope you had a good weekend x


  33.'> 1:27 PM

    Kids are so cute, aren't they?! Hope your weekend was great.


  34. ally Said,'> 6:25 PM

    definitely a moment to scrap :)


  35. ccolopy Said,'> 8:04 PM

    How funny, just so darling! Something to keep for sure!


  36. Anonymous Said,'> 8:43 PM

    What a little poppet, bless her. Hope you are going to scrap that Anna?..xxAnitaxx