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Its nearly all over..

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/29/2009 05:41:00 PM
half term that is, and I don't feel like we did much at all! I have been so busy working on a really important project this week, and the girls have been so good. Today we went down to Hatfield to meet up with Sue and the girls to watch Hannah Montana the Movie. I had reservations, i am not a huge HM fan at all, but to be honest it was a good Disney movie full of all the classic Disney cliches, and there were a few wet eyes in our row! After the cinema we popped into Claire's accessories to spend a small fortune, and I picked up some very Prima like flowers for future pages.

A quick lunch at McDonalds and then it was off to Ti Qwan Do for Lilly. I have no photos, not by choice, but Peter went off with my camera today and I am desperate to get some photos of Lilly all suited and booted.

Lilly has been asking for over a year to do Karate and her time has come, and we enrolled her properly on Tuesday. I must say she is an absolute natural!, and love the whole "sir" and discipline side of things, its fantastic!

Back to our weekend away.. her are a few photos from the funfair. Lilly is a true funfair addict and will go on absolutely anything!, Izzy on the other hand likes rides that stay on the ground and don't move fast, and me, well I like the candyfloss and donuts, LOL!!

Its feels like ages, but this weekend is my local crop and I am teaching a Pink Paislee Captivating class. I managed a layout and 2 cards from the kit. I actually like my cards, the layout does look better IRL, me and photographing layouts are not good!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and our veggies are doing a great job of growing there little hearts out. I am going to watch them grow with a glass of wine!! much needed as tomorrow I am chaperoning 9 children to the cinema for Lilly's belated birthday party, wish me luck!

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Anna xx

PS: I am still working on the new look blog, hopefully next week...

2 Response to 'Its nearly all over..'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 10:10 PM

    LOL, I knew you'd get sucked in by the movie :) See you again Sunday!


  2. Sara Said,'> 3:37 PM

    Henry did tae kwondo for a while, I really liked the anti bullying side of it. Love the cards and lo, wish I lived a bit closer!! xx