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Miss You

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/27/2010 02:10:00 PM

Dear Izzy,
I just didn't think I could miss you as much as I do. Only 29 hours to go, and we all be together once more.
All the tears and nerves last week, I guess have been forgotton. You must be having a wonderful time, I havnt heard from you!
How many self adressed envelopes did you pack?, LOL. I came rushing home hoping to find a white 6" x 6" envelope with your handwriting on it, but alas, nothing.
Its OK, I am alittle sad and having a bit of a sulk, but I know no news is good news and you are having a ball!

Lilly and I are baking you a special cake this afternoon and your favourite dinner, Shephards Pie ( cottage pie for the cooks out there).
Poor Lilly has not been herself, and has been moping around the house in your tatty teddy dressing gown and nightie all week, she looks like a liitle orphan. She even went to bed with your huge teddy thats nearly as big as her!!

Well not long now, we are all counting down the hours till we see you darling.
Have a wonderful time at the disco tonight, you will look beautiful.

Lots of love Mummy xxxx

6 Response to 'Miss You'

  1. Sandie Said,'> 2:19 PM

    Aaaaw hun, that brought a tear to my eye! Beautiful pic of her, she looks so like you xxx


  2.'> 2:31 PM

    LOL I heard similar things this morning from my freind whose daughter is on a school trip in France! I think you are both very brave! :)


  3. Annie Said,'> 2:33 PM

    Gorgeous pic of your girl! I love how her eyes pop so brightly!!!

    I'm sure she is having a wonderful time.

    Annie B


  4. missusem Said,'> 1:22 PM

    Awww... I understand your feelings.. my girl is only 5 but they all grow up too soon .. :( will they forget their mummies? Probably not.. but hey.. they're growing up but we'll always think they're our little babies, somewhat? :D :D


  5. Tracy Said,'> 6:52 PM

    Glad Izzys having a good time, we were at Scarborough not that long ago. A group of kids from a school at Hinchingbrooke are also there this week and after two days they have all gone down with Norovirus.


  6. anna Said,'> 7:41 PM

    i just heard about that today tracy,.apparently they couldnt drive home because of the sickness, i think they got back yesterday, poor things