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Happy Birthday

blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/14/2006 09:13:00 AM
to me!!!

Yes I have turned the ripe old age of 37. I am off to Saks to get my hair coloured and cut, and have received lots of scrummy parcels I have yet to open. I am about to pop the kettle on for my morning coffee and open some cards and parcels. I will be back on with photos galore I am sure, off new hair and goodies.

Had some bad news today as well, although I believe it is general Knowledge we have not been given the go ahead to make any announcements so I will keep ssshhh. I am devastated though.
See you all later
Anna xx

20 Response to 'Happy Birthday'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 12:25 PM

    Happy Birthday Anna!!


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 1:38 PM

    Happy Birthday Anna, hope you have a fab day

    Caroline x


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 2:10 PM

    Happy birthday anna - you're still a youngster.


  4. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 2:20 PM

    have a fabby day girlie - you are younger than my oldie ian and thats all that matters :) yeah the other news is crappy but you will bounce back *hugs*


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 3:01 PM

    ~*Happy Birthday Anna!*~ Hope you have a lovely day! :o) xxx


  6. Laura Said,'> 3:23 PM

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday Anna filled with tons of suprises. Can't wait to see your new 'do !!

    The other news sucks eh?

    Hugs xxx


  7.'> 4:36 PM

    Happy Birthday Anna!
    Hope YOUR day is the BESTEST ever!!!

    I'm hoping all the good will make up for the bad news...


  8. Anonymous Said,'> 5:02 PM

    Happy birthday hun! Gutted for you about the other news :( xx


  9. jakey Said,'> 6:09 PM

    Happy Birthday Anna... love how we chatted for so long before you mentioned it! What a day ;-)

    Huge hugs girly! Had that drinky I prescribed yet?

    jk xxx


  10. Beth Said,'> 6:41 PM

    Happy Birthday Anna, hope most of your day has been fab, despite your other news. Beth XX


  11. Anonymous Said,'> 7:43 PM

    Happy birfday to yooooooou, happy birfday to yoooooou, happy birfday dear Aaaaaaaaaaaana, happy birfday to you.! Hope you are having a great day!!


  12. Anonymous Said,'> 9:05 PM

    Happy birthday Anna!


  13. Kim Sonksen Said,'> 9:43 PM

    Happy birthday Sweetie!

    I am so sad about the other news, don't worry too much about it - coz YOU ROCK OUR WORLD!!!


  14. Anonymous Said,'> 10:15 PM

    Happy birthday! I wish you luck with your bad


  15. Leslie Said,'> 11:07 PM

    Happy Birthday Anna!


  16. Roz Said,'> 11:48 PM

    Happy Birthday Anna, hope you had a fab time, can't wait to see pics of pressy's and new do.


  17. Anonymous Said,'> 7:05 AM

    Happy Birthday sweets, hope you had a fab time:D


  18. Anonymous Said,'> 7:52 AM

    Happy Belated Birthday wishes Anna :)
    Jane (Brods)


  19. Anonymous Said,'> 12:11 PM

    is that the cake your dear husband made you?? hehehe
    hope you have a fabulous weekend with the family my dear!!


  20. Mel Said,'> 11:55 PM

    Anna, so sorry not to post on here sooner, been away to see the in laws! Hope you had a lovely birthday, sorry about the crappy news about CS though :( Mel x