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Fancy Dress....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/09/2008 06:42:00 PM
I think Halloween has come early this week to our house!

Yesterday the girls had International day at school and their "house" were the USA. Lilly went as a cheerleader and Izzy went as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader! (someone couldn't make their mind up).

By the end of yesterday, Lilly become a cheerleader pirate! Lilly has me in stitches all the time, she was trying to do mean and moody but ended up smirking!

Today Peter has had the day of for the girls sports day which was cancelled, boohoo, so instead we made Lilly's dragon fly costume for tomorrow's Mini Beasts assembly. Here is Peter trying out the new 20,000 dragon fly eyes! So so funny, I on the other hand just look plain ridiculous!

By the evening I had turned into a Punk Rocker with attitude, all in the name of my 365 challenge. No i do not smoke! Don't like the music but Boy have I had fun messing around. I think I could be a closet punk rocker! Any secrets lying in your closet!?

My MS training is going well, went out for a run yesterday. I am a bit concerened how the next few weeks will go as the weather will definatly be against me and the children will be on summer break. Maybe they can follow me on their bikes? Any suggestions would be greatly received.

Off to clean my face of makeup, and wash the sticky stuff outta my hair! and finally finish decorated wings for Lillys show tomorrow before flopping in front of the TV for Tribal Wifes.

Thanks for stopping by, tomorrow I will share some scrapping .
Anna x

6 Response to 'Fancy Dress....'

  1. Heather Said,'> 9:29 PM

    You look so different in that punk picture! I love to dress up for fun like that :)


  2. suebaru Said,'> 9:34 PM

    Love your punk rocker look,lol! And Lilly is suddenly looking very grown up,what did you feed her?!


  3. Lori Said,'> 1:37 AM

    How fun!!!! Love the photos!!!!


  4. Robyn Said,'> 4:39 AM

    What a hoot this post was! Thanks for the great giggle!


    Come see me (blog) soon!


  5.'> 7:40 AM

    LOL!! Anna, you lil hottie ;) So super fun! LOVE it!


  6.'> 7:03 PM

    You really do the punk look rather well. With so many costumes getting made, you'll be ready for Halloween for years, along with any costume party that may come up!!