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Boy what a rollercoaster!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 10/17/2008 01:30:00 PM

Regular blog readers would have followed my concerns and anguish over a lump that I found. Well after my post last week saying everything was A OK, I got a call from the hospital Monday afternoon, asking em to come back, sooner than later! Jeez, are you kidding, i thought all was OK??? So I rang Peter, he arranged a day of work, and Monday through to Wednesday morning has been a blur, tbh. I didn't know what to think, even though I am fit and well, no pain, everything was OK so whats the sudden change in diagnosis!? Trouble is , even knowing all the positive that tiny bit of doubt clouds any good doesn't it!
So we turn up at the hospital, nice and early. We are shown to a large dark room, same doctor. The fear must have been written all over our faces. the DR questions this. And it becomes apparent that i was called in, as the first scan was not clear enough for my Dr to read. Unfortunately the receptionist chose not to make this critical piece of information apparent! We were given lots of apologizes for anxiety caused.
Phew.... so nothing has changed. My lump is 51/2cm in width x 2cm high, is benign, and I will be operate on to have it removed.
Peter and I left the hospital with a skip in our step, and a huge sense of relief. What does one do with such good news?, we go eat Pizza and drink wine, LOL.

Due to my crazy emotional week, my DT duties got put on the back burner. At last I have managed to complete my projects as guest designer for A Million Memories.

I have a fun packed Sunday. I am heading over to Bury St Edmunds where I have 4 family photo shoots to do. I cannot wait. The weather forecast is dry and sunny, Abbey gardens is a beautiful location, what more could I ask for. You have until the end of October to book your family shoot with me for only £25.00. Details here.

What are you up too on November 2nd? Free? Fancy joining Annie and myself for a fun packed, inspiring day of class at Buckden Community Center, for a mere £65.00? You do! Get yourself over here quick, as I really do only have a couple of places left. And if you fancy cropping only, send me an email.
OK that's me done for today. Have a lovely weekend

Thanks for stopping by
Anna x

10 Response to 'Boy what a rollercoaster!'

  1. Sandie Said,'> 8:28 PM

    Completely unnecessary anguish for you both, I hope the receptionist got a good telling off!!!! Love those sneak peeks too. Hugs xx


  2. Mary B Said,'> 11:34 PM

    So relieved for you Anna, and so thoughtless of the receptionist to not tell you the whole of the information.


  3. Michele Beck Said,'> 3:20 PM

    oh my god Anna ! i can't imagine what you were feeling !! olala ! this gave me tears to the eyes ...
    i saw your layouts for a million memories on ther blog, juste amazing ! as always hun !!


  4. Sara Said,'> 6:12 PM

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow hun, and so looking fowards to seeing your sneak peaks for Buckden!


  5.'> 5:44 AM

    goodness... i would have bitten all my nails if i were you!! *hugs* Anna..


  6. Leeanne O'C Said,'> 12:08 PM

    All that unnecessary anxiety must have been so so awful for you. I can't imagine what that must have been like. What a huge relief for you.So glad everything is Ok for you.

    take care




  7. Dawn Said,'> 5:39 PM

    so glad that it's all good news in the end Hugs


  8.'> 8:08 PM

    Thanks for great photo shoot today - i can't believe how my kids play to the camera with you behind it Anna - they just love to pose!!!! Can't wait to see the photo's. I forgot to tell you how pleased i am that everything was OK after all - and i hope the receptionist was made to feel really bad for what she put you guys thru..... i can't imagine how that felt, and hope i never do! Thanks again for today - and if you are reading this and live near Cambridge - book Anna for a photo shoot - she is fab!!!!!???!!!!!!?????!!!!!


  9. suebaru Said,'> 10:54 PM

    We'll celebrate the good news on Wednesday hun,so looking forward to seeing you & Karen xx


  10.'> 1:57 AM

    Oh Anna!!! I'm SO happy. I've been thinking about you. What a relief girlie!!