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blogged by me domestic goddess On 10/08/2008 08:55:00 AM
I am not one to pour my heart and soul about my most inner thoughts here very often. It takes a lot to rile me in public, hence why a lot of "people" think i live a perfect life, far from it.....
Today, any signs of normality are thrown out of the window as I am heading of to hospital again for an ultra scan to see what this lump is. I know the "breast" doctor assured me that it is very likely to be benign. BUT, he still wants to do a scan and possibly a biopsy, today i am guessing i will know. So whats all the fuss about?, why am i scared?. I am one of the lucky ones surely? I am still so nervous. this lump is the size of a Malteser, it is smooth and not irregular which I know is a good sign, but still I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am going alone to the hospital, my choice completely. I have had offers from my dear friends to come with me, I decided to go it alone, LOL.

I am off this afternoon, the girls are in the after school club and hopefully Peter will be back early today from work. He has the biggest meeting of his career to date, today, and there was no way on earth, was i going to ask him to come with me. Hopefully this meeting will not take all day and he will be home sharp so i can be comforted in his arms.

Back to normality..... I am packing kits and finalising class notes for this weekends workshop i am teaching at in Swindon. Really looking forward to meeting lots of new faces , and a couple of familiar ones * waves to Jacqui". I am heading to Swindon Friday and staying with Sandie, cannot wait!!

Finally, a sneak of this weeks Pencil Lines layout. Do not forget to pop by this weekend. Its our 2nd anniversary and we have an announcement to make!!

Hugs all, and thanks for stopping by.

Anna xx

PS: go do a breast check.......


15 Response to 'Nervous.......'

  1. Sara Said,'> 9:57 AM

    Prayers and thoughts are with you hun, try and keep positive xxx


  2. annie bellamy Said,'> 1:05 PM

    Will be thinking of you and we should all encourage one another to do a self exam regularly, it's so easy to forget, but so important. Hope everything goes well and you are given the all clear.

    Annie B


  3. amber jane Said,'> 5:28 PM

    All my best wishes that is goes well today and you get that all clear - positive vibes heading your way (((hugs))))


  4. Sasha Said,'> 5:35 PM

    You are going to be in my prayers and on my mind. Sending positive vibes your way.

    Love the sneak


  5. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 5:48 PM

    Hey there sweetie.. thinking of you today... XOXO


  6. Marjolein Said,'> 7:15 PM

    My thoughts are with you..... I sure hope you are one of the lucky ones..
    Saw your layout at OLW, and hopped over, not knowing what to expect, you are very brave for making a layout like this... just wanted to say that!


  7. Lori Said,'> 8:09 PM

    Thoughts and prayers going out to you!!!!


  8. merryheart2 Said,'> 9:00 PM

    my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    have a fun weekend.


  9. lyzzydee Said,'> 9:42 PM

    Anna, I hope it all went well for you, I had the self same thing twice before and was ok so I am keeping fingers crossed for you


  10. Steph Said,'> 9:58 PM

    Hope that all went well today xxx Thinking of you


  11. Tracie H Said,'> 10:30 PM

    Hope all went OK for you today hun....I was thinking of you.
    talk soon.


  12. Anonymous Said,'> 10:50 PM

    hope it all went well.



  13. Gigi Said,'> 12:09 AM

    sending love to you sweetie
    & good thoughts & courage...

    be well...




  14.'> 12:45 AM

    Hope you're okay...


  15. Anonymous Said,'> 9:54 AM


    Just got back from holiday and seen your blog. I do so hope that all went well for you yesterday and have my fingers crossed for you.

    Sylvia x