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Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

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This blog is just that, my little place on the web.You will find my daily (or not so daily, hehe)life, my love for my new vegetable garden, baking, photography and my scrapbooking!

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Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.It has been for over 4 years. I love journaling, taking photos of my family and love colour and texture, these are all part of my everyday life and scrapbooking.

Five Fav Friday

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/16/2009 08:04:00 PM
Its Friday, and that means Five Fav Friday!
1. Momiji Dolls. I love these cute Japanese Dolls and started collecting them a couple of years ago. This site is full of cute Momiji love

2. If you fancy sending a gift, I wouldn't say no, LOL

3. Looking for a typewriter font? Look no further

4. Need cupcake wrappers. How beautiful are these!

5. My Interior Designer Heroine! I love all things Kelly Hoppen, love her style and her outlook to design. Her books are an absolute treat

Please post a link to your fav five Friday, its such fun blog hopping!!

See you tomorrow for sneaks of Pencil Lines and "A Snapshot of my Life" update!

Hugs and thanks for stopping by

Anna x

9 Response to 'Five Fav Friday'

  1. Tanya Said,'> 9:53 PM

    I love all the fonts Anna.. I downloaded one of them but have no idea how to go about using it. LOL.. The cupcakes are divine too. Yummy.


  2. Sara Said,'> 10:22 PM

    omg, those cupcake cases are amazing! xx


  3. lyzzydee Said,'> 11:10 PM

    I love the cup cake cases as well!!


  4. Dena Said,'> 11:49 PM

    For whatever reason I have been thinking about cupcakes all earlier today and how Zoe and I need to make some red velvet ones. i love those cupcake holders!!


  5.'> 2:54 AM

    now i want cupcakes and its your fault! haha!


  6. Gine Said,'> 5:10 AM

    Love your fives !!!
    Need to get to this =)


  7. Sandie Said,'> 6:38 PM

    I "NEED" those cupcake cases!!


  8.'> 8:40 PM

    Those cupcake papers are gorgeous & elegant!! Love the little dollies too...they're so cute!! Great list this week!!


  9. pink4u Said,'> 1:39 PM

    WOW!! You have the Best Faves this week. AND those cupcakes are amazing.....

    I have always liked those sweet little dolls....

    Have a great week!!!