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Romas, Vikings, Sofas and a PS3!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 6/06/2009 05:18:00 PM
Strange title it may be, but thats my week wrapped in a nutshell! The girls have had "History off the Page" week at school. Lilly has been studying Romans and Izzy's has been learning about Vikings. The week ended on Friday with a lunch menu fit for Saxons, Vikings and Romans. the girls have had a blast and really enjoyed their week. Me on the other hand has been on costume duty.....

Izzy in her Dad's shirt, my neklace and belt. Lilly is sporting a rather spiffing white sheet!

My hours have changed at work and I am now doing 5 half days, instead of one full day, and 4 half days, but I am still with the same 2 classes, which I am really pleased about. I have got really attached to the kids and want to do the rest of the school year with them.

Today, Peter woke up and made the decision to buy new sofas. How could a girl refuse! We have seen a couple we like, from Furniture Village and DFS, a measure up is needed and count the pennies before the final decision is made. Lilly was with us whilst Izzy was at a friends house. Lilly's favourite piece of furniture was the £3,000 massage chair, that she insists that we have one each off, if only!

(wants to insert photos but blogger wont let me)

After checking out sofas it was time to take Lilly to a birthday party and for Peter and I to find em a new phone(I lost mine last week at the cinema). So I select a cheap and cheerful phone, I really only need it to make and receive calls, I am useless at texting and although I really wanted the Apple IPhone it isn't necessary. The assistant gets my phone and I am already to pay up, when Peter spots the buy a phone and get a "FREE Playstation 3 with singstar and 2 mikes" offer. You and I both know its not really free, but I succumbed if he agreed to pay my new more expensive monthly tariff. Fifteen minutes later we leave car phone warehouse with a new phone for em and a Playstation 3 for Peter. Madness!!!!

Tomorrow I must lock myself into my studio as I have 5 urgent layouts to do. The weather promises to be poor so I have no excuse.
I am now off to don a swimsuit and head to friends for dinner and a dip in their new hot tub! I must be completely mad!!! Don't worry there will not be a camera in sight! Sue and Karen please stop laughing!!!
have a great weekend

Anna xx

4 Response to 'Romas, Vikings, Sofas and a PS3!!'

  1. Sara Said,'> 7:17 PM

    Sounds a really positive week, hope you have fun tonight x


  2. suebaru Said,'> 7:57 PM

    Now why single me & Karen out?!
    And you win the award for the family with the most games consoles!!


  3.'> 10:28 AM

    perfect day for scrapping!!!!
    and really Anna...i don't see why Lilly can't have that 3000 pound massage chair!!! LOL!!!


  4. karen Said,'> 4:19 PM

    as if me and sue would laugh, what gives you that idea hahahahahahah oops sorry didnt mean to lol xxxx