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Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

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This blog is just that, my little place on the web.You will find my daily (or not so daily, hehe)life, my love for my new vegetable garden, baking, photography and my scrapbooking!

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Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.It has been for over 4 years. I love journaling, taking photos of my family and love colour and texture, these are all part of my everyday life and scrapbooking.

New week, New me...

blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/13/2009 11:45:00 AM
Firstly, I would like to say how overwhelmed I am. by all the lovely comments and emails i have received, so thank you to everyone. Its amazing to hear so many similar stories from you all. I cannot believe how many of you suffer with disk degeneration! Thank you for sharing your stories with me, it really is appreciated, and has made me stop wallowing in my own self pity and start this new week with a new me, looking forward and upwards!

Thursday was Lilly's sports day, and how sports day should be! Lots of fun and laughter from all the children. I did suffer with my back after walking around taking photos for an hour, but it was all worth it!
Here are some photos from the afternoon;

This weekend was Southoe Village Fete. Unfortunately I couldn't help out, but I did manage to pop over to the playing field on Sunday and watch the village rounders match and enjoy a slice of homemade cake. Izzy, Lilly and Hannah were the only children that joined in, which was a bit of a shame, but they enjoyed themselves and Lilly was named "man of the match", for all her enthusiasm, bless her!

Pencil Lines is live with sketch 143 and guest designer Emma Trout. I haven't been able to scrap at all, but that will all change this week! Do pop over and check out the DT, gorgeous work as always. Pencil Lines first newsletter goes out this week, sign up now to receive even more inspiration from the design team.

The garden is looking lovely and the vegetables are growing at a magnificent rate, check back tomorrow for my garden update!

Hugs and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment
Anna xx

4 Response to 'New week, New me...'

  1. Sara Said,'> 2:50 PM

    Lovely to hear you sounding more like you!


  2. Sandie Said,'> 5:53 PM

    Good to hear you're feeling a bit more "human" today hun, fab photos as always xx


  3. Christiane Said,'> 6:26 PM

    i'm sorry to hear abaout your back problems!! hope you'll get well soon. and a *new me* - fab idea to start. thanks for the reminder!! :)


  4. Julia Said,'> 11:54 AM

    Ah you are sounding much more like the Anna I know! So pleased you are feeling better and hope you continue to improve. Fabulous photos BTW!!!