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Menengitis Scare

blogged by me domestic goddess On 10/22/2005 12:13:00 PM
Did start this yesterday, but never seemed to finish, so lets try again today
Yesterday was pretty pants, ended up rushing Lilly to the Docs with a stiff neck, cold symptoms and a high temperature. As you can imagine I was a tad stressed!! Anyways , thankfully the neck problem was a symptom of a virus she has so I felt a lot better. Came home and Lilly spent the morning crashed on the sofa, while I caught up on emails and such.
Received the papers from 12x12 magazine as well to do next months layouts with, deadline 26/10,!!! Liz what are you doing to me, and Kirsty!!!???

hopefully will get some scrapping for me done this weekend as well as a multitude of deadlines for 12x12. Also need to get cracking on my 1st editorial for craft essentials issue 7 as well.

Have decided to do Bonanza 2006 this year as well. We had so much fun, just need to decided what name we will be exhibiting under, Bumble Bee Crafts or Scrapping Angels? Also need to do some Jennie bribing. So hun if you are reading this, mwwahahahahahha, well we need a celebrity on our stand!!
I need to send some emails to the 12x12 DT this weekend, and sort out some stamp designs and give Rena a call to see if she can do some prototypes for me.
Oh and hoping to paint Lillys bedroom this weekend, if I havn't got enough on already.
And a BIG TOOT for Beth who has just jad a LO taken for Scrapbook Inspirations, daed proud of you babes :)

3 Response to 'Menengitis Scare'

  1. Jennie Said,'> 1:12 AM

    Hope Lily is better, sorry you had such a scare!


  2.'> 11:40 AM

    can i blog yet?


  3. Kirsty Said,'> 12:21 AM

    im glad wee lils is better - i would hate to see her ill for more than 2 seconds - the gorg bag of scrumminess.