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About Me

Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

My little place on the web

This blog is just that, my little place on the web.You will find my daily (or not so daily, hehe)life, my love for my new vegetable garden, baking, photography and my scrapbooking!

My Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.It has been for over 4 years. I love journaling, taking photos of my family and love colour and texture, these are all part of my everyday life and scrapbooking.

Crop kit finished

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/29/2006 11:15:00 PM 6 lovely comments
Yeah have finished the crop kits for tomorrow, and I really like this kit. It also has an extra large paperclip over the large tag now!. Have started to pull out some different papers that are not so mainstream for a change. I think this is good for the girls as well, designing with papers that are maybe not so well advertised. The altered item is a little box that I have made an accordion file to pop in. The photo below shows only 1 side, I didnt wnat to bore you with my silly face too much. They are very cute. Thanks to Ali for the idea, as I was stumped this month. I wanted to do the lunch pails but could not source a supplier in time.
The papers used here are American Crafts and are available on the website. Any remaining kits will go up on the site Monday, or check back here for details. BTW I am actually wrting my blog from my computer for the first time in about a month, wohoo, I have a connection!!!!

Today Izzy and I went shopping and did lunch. We had a ball and Izzy came out of Claires Accessories looking well cool with lots of bling, sunglasses with bling and a sparkling scarf thing. She looked so cute! Oh and some lipgloss to finish the look!!And she is only 5, boy don't they grow up fast these days.

We had a visitor in our garden last night. A little hedgehog. He is so cute and my first sighting. So today went and got some cat food and tonight I have treated out little hedgy to cat food and water, after last night making the error of milk. Thanks Sue for pointing me in the right direction.

Its crop day tomorrow still have loads to do, must crack on.
Anna x

Fun in the Sun

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/28/2006 07:58:00 PM 5 lovely comments

Wow hasn't the weather just been glorious?. I love the start of the summer, glorious days in the sun, long walks in the country, eating in the garden, and watching my washing drying in the wind!!! Love it!!
Had a wonderful day at Ali's on wednesday with Levi, who has now become Lilly's new best friend, lol.
I still haven't scrapped you know, its awful. But scrap I will tonight as I have the crop kit to design for.
More Angel Kisses have arrived today, gorgeous BIG blooms in white for altering yourselves. Cant wait to tear open the boxes. Trade price lists are going out tonight. Thanks for all your interest.
I understand today by reading a post on a forum, off all things, that my Best of British entries are in Scrapbook Inspirations this month. Now I don't mean to sign ungrateful, but blimey we have had no contact from them at all, I am so disappointed. I am glad to say that my LO's arrived in one piece , but no covering letter, no complimentary magazine copy, and from what I have read it will be spread over 3 issues , unlike the original supplement they were publishing. Also there is no announcement or list of winners, which I think is appalling to all those girls who have won and are not in this issue as well as the HM girls. It is such a shame, as it seems to mean very little now, and we were all so excited and a lot of what we have been told and to expect from SI has not materialized.
anyways, enough of my moaning, I still am looking forward at trying to hunt my copy down to see the results. So if anyone out there gets a copy before me let me know!
We have a very busy bank holiday weekend ahead of us, lots of photo opportunities as well!

Must have buy for me this weekend is "Freestyle" and "Clean and Simple Part Deaux" purchased from

Have a good weekend, hope the sun shines wherever you are, and Anam if you are reading this have a safe and wonderful start to your new life!!
Anna xx

Deliveries and shopping

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/25/2006 11:50:00 PM 8 lovely comments
My Crate Paper delivery arrived today and I am in lurve, boy this paper is gorgeous, wild asparagus texture, double sided and just to die for. Looks like the crop kit on Sunday is going to be spoiled with it!!!
Also my AMM class kits arrived today for Bonanza, of course I cannot show you, but it is a stunning treat of a class, well well worth booking for.
This morning did the boring weekly food shop, and this afternoon had lunch at school with Izzy. Awww my baby is so grown up and just a tad exciting at having me at her school. BUT an and I say a BIG BUT, I experienced Izzy being kinda bullied first hand, and my heart strings were pulling so hard. Izzy has a few speech problems, and has recently started having a stammer. She is having speech therapy, which luckily starts up again next week. This girl kept coming up to Izzy , laughing asking her to say something and repeat words beggining with "S", this being a letter she cannot pronounce. I questioned the pupil, as at first I thought Izzy had not heard her, and this girls reply confirmed my initial thoughts. Izzy on the other hand had turned her back away form the girl(who I may add was older than Izzy) and did ignore her. I felt so for her. We spoke about it later and Izzy said she did not know the girl and she wasn't upset by it. I am concerned though, and happen to be seeing her teacher next week for a maths evening and will just mention it.

Today I have put together this months (much delayed) Junkitz Kit. It will be the Pop range , with lots of circle embellishments going on. Full of colour, paper clips, ball chain and chipboard, well funky!!.Will order the kits tomorrow and pop on the site.

Off to see Ali tomorrow with Lilly, looking forward to raiding her warehouse of scrumptious stash and playing with her die cutting machine, which I believe is a monster of a machine!

By the way, any of you shop owners out there, I am now doing trade on our Angel Kisses, email me for a price list if you are interested on

till tomorrow
Anna x

Catching up

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/25/2006 12:23:00 AM 6 lovely comments

Very mundane day today. Packed orders, placed orders and updated the website. I succumbed to purchasing the gorgeous Crate Papers, I cannot wait to get them and scrap with them. They should be with me tomorrow.
I cant believe Bonanza is less than 3 weeks away!!!!The best bit is I get to meet Annie Hafferman and of course I will see Kirsty again, and I am teaching you lot!.Still waiting for my kits to arrive but from the sneaky peeks I have had the classes are going to be awesome, Artic Frog and AMM are a definite, so go book.
I am about to scrap these photos of Izzy, titled "When you were 5......" And list all her fav and not so fav things in life and stuff. She has such opinions and it will be great to get them down on paper for her to remember in years to come, to laugh at, to be embarrassed at.
I then want to do my next page in my A-Z BOM, and then I want to start a lyric album, probaly in 81/2 x 11" as well. Peter and I have been listening to some of the music that was around when we first met and has had has taking a walk down memory lane. Also both the girls were born to memorable songs, and I want to scrap these occasions and song lyrics together. Paula has started doing some amazing lyric LO's and this got me thinking , so thanks Hun for the inspiration.
Lots to get my teeth into as well as some projects for Practical Publishing. I also have the crop this Sunday, and I am off to see Ali of CleverCut on Wednesday and hopefully get some things sorted for the new website with Paul.

Until tomorrow, be creative and have fun
Anna x

She has scrapped!!!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/22/2006 04:45:00 PM 9 lovely comments
Wohoo, I have finished a LO, although it didn't turn out quite how it should of, we have half a bloom and not a complete bloom, but I think I still like it
I used Basic Grey Oh Baby, Girl, white Bazzill, and lots of buttons!!!!. Had fun doing these button blooms, they look so cute. Found these photos while having a tidy up, they are not printed on the best paper, but if I had reprinted I would have only done one photo, and this made me scrap 3 piccies on one page, so a result! The journalling is in the larger of the 2 chipboard frames.

Kirsty is home and in one piece, although very tired. She left today to meet Ellie and I know how excited she is to be seeing her. Check her blog later tonight for updates and photos galore, she has taken some stunning photo's!!
The weather is stunning here and I have had the afternoon to myself, even though I forfeited Ice Age 2 for a quiet afternoon on my own. The girls are due very shortly to bombard me with their version of the film, smelling of sugar pop corn no less!!
We have friends over for dinner tonight , so I am doing chili, tacos, dips and chips with lots of vino.
Have a lovely weekend
Anna xx

PS: I am emailing Lemon Meriunge Cake recipe this weekend to the person who emailed me, sorry cant remember your name

Tidy Scrap Room!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/20/2006 10:38:00 PM 8 lovely comments

This has taken me over a week to do, must be the spring fever in the air, as I have literally cleared out every shelf, nook and cranny, hence one of the reason I haven't scrapped in an age, so I am really pleased. Treated myself to a old wire shelf to put some of my bottles on, re organized my shelf unit from Ikea and now have papers in order, everything labeled and a scrapping space. You cant see in these photo's but I have an Ikea desk for paper work and the computer and a white bench the length of the room as my scrapping table. Feel very pleased with myself, although I cannot believe the stuff I have accumulated and hoarded in the 6 months we have been here, quite embarrassing really, or is it? probaly just makes me a scrap addict!
Today I have been marooned at home as my car was still in the garage, returned tonight with a whopping great bill off GBP420.00!!!! aaarrgrghhh.

Lilly and I fed the birds today, a favorite job of Lilly's. I have never seen a child take such care tearing bread and putting bird seed out as Lilly does. After she has put the food out she then calls them, "birdies food here".

I have actually got a layout in the process stage on my scrap table. But the reason it is still sitting there as I have lost that something that makes you feel pleased and exhilarated when you have stuck that final embellishment on a page. My Lo sits on my bare table, not glued yet, and defiantly not yet finished. Girls beware never go without scrapping for more than a day or 2, 3 weeks has been hell and I am a broken woman!!!

Busy day tomorrow as I am picking Kirsty up form the airport, cooking and baking all morning whilst Lilly is at playgroup with Margaret, and generally getting ready for Kirsty's arrival

Have fun!
Anna xx


blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/19/2006 10:46:00 PM 4 lovely comments
Kinda forgot about my computer these last few days and have just been enjoying family fun time. Izzy was back at school today and Peter, Lilly and me had a blast doing stuff!! Yep just stuff, headed into St Neots to do chores, had coffee and cake in a quaint tea shop, spent loads of pennies in Mackays on the girls, stuff for me in Woolworths and then ended up down the Eat and Bowl, and Lilly won!!!!! Her first bowling experience and she was a natural, bless her. Then Peter and I headed for the dance machine, started on beginners level and then tried to up the stakes by going medium, BIG mistake we came off huffing and puffing , in absolute histerics!
But what a laugh we had. Picked Izzy up from school and then back home. More gardening, planting and a few more minutes sorting my scrapping space, which is sooo nearly done. Will update with photo's when finished.

Big news this week, Izzy lost her tooth. But really lost it. She was broken hearted. Letter to tooth fairy to explain the problem, and the lovely tooth fairy rewarded Izzy with a letter and 2 pound coins, and she got a nibble on an Easter egg, lucky tooth fairy.

Kirsty rang me yesterday from her hotel room. So good to hear her voice, she is having the time of her life, but I think she needs her Ellie to hold. I cannot wait to see her on Friday and treat her to a good old Bowkis meal complete with her fav Lemon meringue Pie.

I have to scrap, its becoming quite serious now, so my room needs to be sorted by tomorrow lunch time so I can get down to some serious scrapping. Not sure what I am going to scrap, my be worth me thinking that through or else I could be staring at a blank space.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend
Anna x

ps: have just been asked to do a beginners stamping class at Bonanza, really excited about this one as I get to design my own stamp!!!!!

Easter Sunday

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/17/2006 12:26:00 AM 5 lovely comments
We have had a lovely family day. Peters mum and brother were over for Sunday lunch, which was a Roast leg of Lamb with all the trimmings and my piece de resitance was this scrummy Lemon meringue Cake, mmmmm. It was delicious!.
The girls didn't get the Easter Egg hunt I wanted as it rained at the point was about to charge out to the garden, but no harm was done as they tucked in regardless.
Izzy is becoming a great footballer and was made up when she got her Bratz football this weekend. We are going to look out for a girls team for her to join if she is not to young. She is full of energy and spirit when she is playing with her Dad and I think she needs to exert some of her energy, that ballet isn't giving her, hopefully this will be the answer. Our next door neighbor coaches kids football and his 6 year old girl plays so we are going to ask him about Izzy going along to a practice.

Have heard form Kirsty and she is having a fab time, dining with Emily and Tara!!!!! Hope to hear from her again soon, will keep you posted. Desperatly hoping to scrap tomorrow, have serious withdrawel symptons, but need to finish off my mega clear out as I have no space to scrap yet!!!
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend with your loved ones.

Anna xx

Happy Easter!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/15/2006 12:10:00 AM 7 lovely comments
We started the day as we always do with my fav, hot cross buns. How did you start your Good Friday?, ended it not with a fish supper as planned but Ceaser Salad and French bread, mmmmm.
Went food shopping today at Tescos and came back with a garden table, 6 chairs, parasol and seat cushions for GBP277.00, bargain or what!!!! Peter is sooo made up bless him. Its been a glorious day here as well so we have been in the garden all afternoon. Do have photo's but haven't downloaded so will get that done at some point over the weekend.

Well the retreat I think is fully booked, if all those that have asked to have their names down go ahead and book. I am so amazed by the response, its wonderful. I am going to work on the booking details etc over the bank holiday so I can start taking bookings next week.

Kirsty has just gone and amazed us all again, she has been chosen as one of the Effer Dare girls favorite LO, how awesome is that. Not sure if she knows yet, but I am sure it wont be long. I haven't heard from her yet, which means she is probaly having a brilliant time. I know she was teaching today and tomorrow she is meeting up with Mark and off to Hollywood.

Tomorrow I am promising myself to continue my big clear out in my scraproom/office and to get creative in there, I have some plans to bake cookies with the girls and make some flower pots for fun with paper flowers.

Hope you are all having a restful holiday
Anna x

Easter Crafting

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/12/2006 11:56:00 PM 5 lovely comments
Yeah I have been faffing with paper and glue today. Finally finished my ATC's for The Lounge and then altered a paintcan filled with mini eggs for Kirsty to take to LA with her, so she could enjoy some English choccies at Easter, then I made a little bag, again filled with choccies for Margaret, Lilly's childminder.
Kirsty arrived in one piece, laden with goodies form Art from the Heart for me, thanks Dyan you made me very happy. Need some ribbons so will be phoning with an order tomorrow.
The new collections are scrumptious and I can wait to start creating with them!
So armed with new Blonde Moment papers, Kirsty and I decided to take "scrapping yourself" to the extreme, and I scrapped Kirsty's hand this evening, complete with ribbons, primas and Tim Holtz inks!!!. Gotta see it to believe it.

Tomorrow Peter is chauffeuring our celebrity to Heathrow airport to catch her flight to LA, and then after he has done his work bit we are off to Sainsburys to shop for the Easter break. Decided it will be roast lamb as I saw an offer 1/2 price at sainsburys on lamb, what a cheap skate I am, LOL

I will sneak a quick post in tomorrow before the hols.
nite all
Anna xx

Hotel is booked!!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/11/2006 10:05:00 PM 8 lovely comments
And my first retreat is ready to roll. Really excited about the retreat and Emily being a part of it, as well as Kirsty and Ann(I)e, who I have the pleasure of meeting very shortly at Bonanza. And may I add is bringing homemade cookies to her class, this has now started a war,as Kirsty wants to do 1 better, hahahhahaha.
I will start a booking system in the next week or so, and then you can start booking your places officially. We are already half booked, which is really exciting.

Blood test results came back today, how quick was that! And I do have viral arthritis and some shocking blood count results :(, but am back in 4 weeks to be counted again to see if my figures all add up. So I am not imagining this horrible pain, as my DH would like me to think, ggrrrrrr.

I actually got a little creative today and completed my first altered clipboard. I hadn't realized how massive it was until I started decorating, LOL. It is going to hang on my wall in my scraproom.

Had a great chat with Michelle Grant today, and hopefully have some really good commissions coming my way, one I am especially excited about, if it comes off.

Expecting Kirsty to arrive tomorrow afternoon before heading to LA. So I can send her packing with lots of British hugs and well wishes as well as a little Easter package.
Photo today is of me and peter from the weekend when we went out for dinner.Don't I look pale? I was pumped up with painkillers, lol , so I guess thats why I look a tad stoned!!!It was the best one out of the 3 we took!!.
Had the best Indian EVER. It was scrumptious. I had a chicken clay ovened cooked dish which was marinated in yoghurt, lime and herbs. I will look out the menu and let you know what it was, because it was surely the best thing I have tasted in a very long time.

catch you tomorrow blogettes
nite nite
Anna x

My fingers and thumbs keep moving......

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/10/2006 08:40:00 PM 3 lovely comments

And that my dears is a result!!! Thumb a bit sore but I am going to keep this little sucker moving, so I can try and scrap tonight
Well I have spent the day loading lots of scrummy new stock, and the rest of the Angel Kisses, so do take a peek if you get time you will not be disappointed!!
Izzy has been an absolute angel today. Helped me pack orders, did some shopping in the village shop, held my hand at the doctors and made a lovely little box for the tooth fairy today. Yep my baby girl has her first wobbly tooth!!!! Crumbs she is getting all grown up all of a sudden.
Finally today I found a venue for my first scrapbooking retreat, so keep this date in your diary 23-24th September 2006. Emily Falconbridge will be topping the bill, alongside Kirsty Wiseman, Annie Hafferman (tbc) and myself. It will be a fab and intimate weekend with just 20 of us. Lots of scrummy food, chocolate, scrapping and stash shopping at the Ramada Hotel in Bury St Edmonds. The cost will be of GBP180.00 with a goodie bag to take away as well!!!!
If you are interested let me know and I will pop your name down and email details to you after Easter. Keep checking my blof for further details as well as UKS and other forums
Ok so Kirsty has tagged me :

Name: Anna Louise Bowkis (nickname at school was "spanner"!!! Now better known as "poshtotty"
Born: December 14th 1969 , Brighton
First Job: Waitress in a small coffee shop run by friends
Fondest Memory: meeting Peter on a dance floor in Whitley Bay
Last thing purchased: lunch for today
Wearing at this moment: do you really want to know? White PJ's by The White Company
Eye Color: Blue
Fish, Chicken or Beef: Fish, I just love Salmon, Scallops Prawns, everything
Movie: It's a Wonderful Life, a must on Christmas Eve with a box of tissue and a glass of champers!
Sound Track: Blade Runner
Retreat: Bed
Flower: Lilies preferably white, but I love pink Lilies as well
Day of the week: Friday, the weekend is coming and Peter is home early
Indulgence: Cheesecake from M&S

Ok now to tag someone, I tag Donna Wilde!!

Oo nearly forgot to mention the cyber crop I did a couple of classes for. It looks like my classes went down really well, the girls who did the class were amazing and the interpretations were stunning, so thanks to you all for doing my class xx
ps : i still have a couple of kits left GBP4.50 each plus p&p , there are some tags and jumprings that are not in the piccie

See you tmoz blogettes
have fun
Anna x


blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/08/2006 10:49:00 AM 10 lovely comments
Don't you just hate bloggers like me!
I have a good excuse though. I have been suffering with extreme pain in my hands and knees, which is getting worse by tea time and then putting me to bed by 7pm!!! Yesterday I went to the doc's and I have a viral arthritis!!!Just what every scrapper needs, eh!!!. Monday off for blood tests to see if it is a long term problem and how to treat it. At the moment I am on the usual painkillers and anti inflammatory.
I spent yesterday trying to get as much on the website before my hands caved in, the mini angel kisses are up and hopefully by the end of the weekend the daisies and the hydrangea will be too.
I have done a couple of classes for a forum cyber crop this weekend, on the clean and simple approach of Cathy Z, looking forward to seeing the girls interpretations.

I am in the middle of doing my first altered clipboard inspired by Trisha, thanks Hun, so love your work. Hoping to get it finished and uploaded to my blog this weekend
Good news I have found my mobile phone, and my new computer has been delivered but we cannot find the internet discs!!
Also, 6 weeks later my Junkitz order has arrived so I can get the kits packed this weekend.

Kirsty is coming to stay with us on Tuesday prior to her jetsetting to LA to teach from Thursday with Emily Falconbridge.

OH before I forget change the date in your diaries from the 7/10 to the 23 and 24 September. Em is in Paris teaching so we have had to change dates. Will keep you updated once we have confirmed a venue.

So that's it blogettes, have a lovely weekend. We are off to see grandad and put a bet on the Grand National for him
Anna xx

Angel Kisses are in the Building

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/04/2006 10:15:00 PM 10 lovely comments
So excited today my Angel Kisses arrived, delightful little flowers, large daisies and hydrangea flowers all in scrummy colours. As I am not on my computer ,still, I have no photo's to show, sorry!!!!!
But are all packaged in small numbers and single colours making it so much more affordable to buy every colour!!!!!
Some more good news today. I will be hosting either a weekend retreat or a 12 hour scrapping day of fun and frolics. Emily Falconbridge is coming over to the UK and teaching at Cotswold Keepsakes on the 30th September (see kirstys blog for details) and will be with me on 7th October!!!!!
Venue to be finalized as I am waiting on prices, but we could have Buckden Towers with accommodation , which would be fabulous or it will be a 12 hour day of non stop scrapping, shopping and classes!!!!! at a different venue. It will be very exciting as Emily is a first class scrapper, teacher and a celeb!!!!! How cool is that??. We will also have the infamous Kirsty Wiseman , our very own celeb as well, and then there will be me!!!!, Ok so not much of a clincher but................................

Still no scrapping and I think I am opting out of Rhonna's challenge. I am so so behind and just haven't quite got it, sorry!
This photo I took yesterday of Lilly and her little water pistol, think this will be my next scrapping layout, I really love this photo, and I will be using loads of my new scrummy angel kisses. I will post on here when I have added them to the site. Did you see the cute album kit I
put together yesterday? It really is scrummy and is jam packed with gorgeous handmade delights all for 25.00!!

Ok blogettes that's me for tonight. I am acting as Ms Wisemans PA as she jets of to LA next week, and Peter acts as chauffer and I will be her PA, so if you need to book her let me know and I will see if she is available, mwahahahahahah
Well done babes, I am so so proud!!!!! Remember me, the one stop shop for sleep, food, stash and fun!!! when you are jetting off.
Anna x

Run of bad luck..........

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/03/2006 08:46:00 PM 6 lovely comments
It is all I seem to post about these days. Well if you remember a few posts ago my bad luck was definitely going to run in 6's as I had already had 5 things happened, and yes today the 6th came at me with pound signs at the ready, the boiler has come to the end of its sorry life!
so to recap shall we , just for a laugh

- mobile phone MIA
- debit card details stolen
- car exhaust cost GBP170
- creative scrapbooking folds
- computer still ill!!!
- boiler deceased

and to top it all off I had flu last week!!!, come on girls I have to be due some good luck don't !?

Had a surprise phonecall yesterday afternoon, Kirsty rang as she was going to pop over to ours before heading home today. That was a lovely surprise and she stayed for dinner in our cold house, slept in a tango spank cold room and left for Wigan at midday after croissants and coffee (BTW she does not like gold blend!!!, she never drinks the coffee I make her)

Today is the first day of the school holidays and both the girls went to Margaret so I had a bit of time with Kirsty and some peace and quiet. I also packed orders and posted, which was a good feeling after getting nothing done last week.
I have a gorge kit I have put together this evening, using the beautiful handmade and silk dew papers, complete with lovely embellishments and an album all for GBP25.00 (RRP 36.00) . Check my blog tomorrow for piccies (edited to add photo).
I have only made 5 up in pinks/purples/off white. I will see how these go and then I will make some up in blue/greens and then naturals. I love them. They will be gorgeous as wedding albums, baby albums, special occasions/holidays.

Spoke to Jennie today, the deputy editor of creative scrapbooking and she is really well, has another line of papers to design for which is brill news. So watch out we have definitely not see the last of Jennie!!!. Also it looks like Jo has some fab news, and cant wait for that to be announced as well.
I may be having a run of bad luck but it is good to see Jo and Jennie coming out of the magazine with positive minds.
I have started my healthy eating regime today. And there was me just about to write that I cannot get inspired with teh 21 day challenge, maybe this is the new habit I should be journalling about!!!
I got out my Gillian McKeith book "you are what you eat", OMG i was in stitches just reading the "poo" section!!! Yes there is a section on identifying your poo!!!, enough to put anyone off their dinner!!!! TRying to educate Peter is actually going to be the tough bit I think. He rang me at lunch time to ask if a pork pie was OK????? enough said really, bless eh!

Anna x