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BOB prizes arrive.....................

blogged by me domestic goddess On 6/13/2006 10:27:00 PM
And what a shambles it is. I hate to sound ungrateful but boy personal impressions have dug deep into the bottom of their warehouse to pack boxes for the 12 bob's.
I haven't taken a picture because its a joke but this is what I received;

3 packs of K&Co stickers
1 x cowboy embellishments
1 x 6"x6" album
1 x BG 8"x8" scrap pad
1 x pack of fabric ribbon
2 x Kand Co tags
1 x metal embellishments
2 x packs of Kand CO cards !!!!!!
1 x pack of wedding stickers
1 x xmas embellishments
2 x sheets of Kand CO floral
3 x sheets of Kand Co manuscript
2 x sheets of Kand CO keys
5 sheets of embossed kand Co patchwork brightly coloured stuff!
4 sheets of Kand Co embossed brightly coloured stripey stuff!!
4 sheets of embossed button paper
2 x sheets of BG tags

A lot of stuff but of very little use to a winner of a so called Best of British contest. Thankfully I am not the only one who feels like this, it seems the vast majority of us are really disappointed. And it was packaged so badly that the papers are all damaged at the corners. Crumbs talk about ungrateful, I really don't mean to sound it. The prize wasn't even the reason I entered. I entered days before and had no idea who the sponsors where tbh. I entered for the prestige, the fact that a book would be published. Unfortunately no book was/is going to be published, instead the layouts have been published over 3 issues in Scrapbook Inspirations.

Ok enough of my moaning. Here is the Lo I couldn't upload yesterday called Model behavior. My Lilly sporting a pair of designer shades and bling!!! What a doll she is.
And lastly I leave you with a coversation Izzy had with me at bedtime

"Mummy, It doesn't matter that you have a fat tummy, you are beautiful like a princess angel. Your cheeks are so soft and your eyes. I love you mummy a hundred millions"

Sleep well
Anna xx

12 Response to 'BOB prizes arrive.....................'

  1. Anam Said,'> 12:19 AM

    *hugs* as another BOB i am not looking forward to getting this and i have a feeling this is what my customs charge is for aswell. yeah it sucks :(

    but your lovely little one makes everything worth while - she is an angel.


  2. ScrapHappy Said,'> 12:55 AM

    Oh my gosh. That brought tears to my eyes. (the "beautiful like a princess" part, not the disappointing prize part).

    Congratulations, nevertheless.


  3. Ann(i)e Said,'> 8:26 AM

    So sorry for the disappointment babes!! What a bummer...URGH!
    Lovely lo of your "model" and what a precious say the darndest things!!!


  4.'> 8:59 AM

    aww izzy knows how to make you feel spesh xxxx


  5. lee woodside Said,'> 9:18 AM

    Anna that is so disappointing!
    Love your new layout.


  6. Pam Said,'> 7:03 PM

    As a newbie BOB I too was disappointed by waht looked like something that could be found at a publisher's outlet store. Well done for getting theball rolling at SI though.
    Love your latest LO!


  7. Cath Said,'> 8:05 PM

    Awwwww the prizes suck Anna, you deserve so much more and don't sound ungrateful at all.
    Love the LO and bless Izzy for saying such sweet things!


  8. suebaru Said,'> 9:38 PM

    Aw ,bless little Izzy! Love your LO's hun!


  9. Cath Said,'> 10:38 PM

    Love the layout :), but what a shame about your BOB! Its very disappointing there isn't going to be a book, I thought that was what it was all about! No wonder your upset.


  10. Jen Said,'> 11:50 PM

    Sweet Izzy, out of the mouths of babes.... :) Shame about the BOB prize - sounds pants, and shame about no book too :( HUGS!


  11. Dawn Silver Said,'> 11:57 PM

    Aww what lovely words from your wee girl.
    Beautiful pale blue layout.
    I hope you all get better prizes too


  12. KimmyS Said,'> 2:57 PM


    I am just as disappointed as you - when I received the email which told me what Prizes we all would be getting, I cried and was tempted to tell them to stuff it...but then I thought - well they better send me something.

    My scrapping friends from the US said that they could not believe that all the BoB's werwe receiving looks like seconds.
    I mean, haven't they looked at the cards and LO's we submitted?? Why send us something that we wouldn't use?

    The K&Co stuff is pretty but it's just nothing that I would ever use. They should give this to someone who would enjoy working with it.

    This puts me off entering and UK competition in the future. BoB has lost its former glory