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She swims and she.....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/25/2006 11:20:00 PM

Has had an enormous confidence boost!! Today we went to watch Izzy on her last day at swimming. She has taken a swimming crash course. Izzy cant swim and hates swimming pools, and some of you may remember from my post the other day how scared she was when I took her on Monday for that first lesson. Well today we watched, aided, Izzy swim the length of the pool and the width of the pool using breast stroke!!! We are so utterly proud of her. Lilly was clapping and Peter, myself and Izzy were beaming. She has conquered her greatest fear!! Booked for regular lessons on a Saturday now to keep this enthusiasm going. I don't think she passed the course as she still couldn't put her face under water. But hey, we will practice that in the bath for next time!
Well from swimming the length of the pool, she now decides to take off her stabilizer and learn to ride her bike today!! And she has only nearly conquered that as well!!
Check out this neat video footage I took on my camera. It is Izzy's birthday next month and a new bike is in order as she has totally outgrown this one. Lilly can ride this bike!!!

Well that's all folks. The weekend beckons, the girls are of to see Nana so I can complete deadlines, and Monday is a bank holiday and we will have some family time together without deadlines looming!!
Anna x

PS: Don't forget the tag challenge. Take a blog tag and pop it onto a LO, then send me a link xx

9 Response to 'She swims and she.....'

  1. kaz Said,'> 11:42 PM

    FANTASTIC give izzy a great big hus from me and kevin, i can see some prezzies coming her way luvs ya


  2.'> 11:46 PM

    That is so great. I would be proud too.


  3. Chrissie Said,'> 11:49 PM

    Go Izzy, go Izzy, go Izzy!!

    Nice to chat to you tonight. Thanks Anna x


  4.'> 12:27 AM

    Hi Anna, thanks for you coment on my blog. The layout on my blog isn't the one lifted from Carole, I still have to take a pic of that one and pop it on. I think I confused everyone.LOL... The one on my blog was done "eons" ago,over 4 months. I just havent been able to post it anywhere yet. I am so glad you like it.


  5. bookit Said,'> 12:40 AM

    you get bust girl then you can enjoy the bank holiday deadline free!\enjoy!!!


  6. Ann(i)e Said,'> 1:07 AM

    Anna Darling, I LOVE all the layouts you have been doing!! They are all so fresh and gorgeous!! I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the tag layout!!!! I love the stamps and all the little details.
    Miss you!


  7. Cath Said,'> 8:14 AM

    Bles her, you must be so proud!


  8. suebaru Said,'> 8:41 AM

    Go Izzy! Fab news about the swimming too!Em and Holly loved watching her on the bike!
    Speak soon! xx


  9. scrapdolly Said,'> 10:41 AM

    How cool is that video clip

    What a set of achievements eh!