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I am thankful

blogged by me domestic goddess On 9/13/2006 05:06:00 PM

For people out there that I can call friends. I will be honest, life is pretty tough at the moment, but it is for many others too, and I have to carry on. I am living with a permanent muggy feeling surrounding me, which I guess is also know as auto pilot.
I have read all you emails, posts and pms, and tried to reply to most of you. Anonymous posts do make that tough though, lol.
It is with great sadness that I am having to come to terms with the fact that my Dad is a sick man and is loosing his battle with life. I am visiting daily and in close contact with the nurses at the home, but it is still not easy. I wish someone could tell me how long I have with my Dad. the not knowing is painful.

I so want to scrap, but my energy and heart is not there, instead the retreat is looming ever so closer and my energies are being poured into the final organisation of the weekend ahead of us.
This weekend is Izzy's birthday party and next Thursday she turns 6. Where have those 6 years gone? I know they tell you to enjoy every minute as the years fly , but boy they have wooshed by!
I am doing alot of reflecting these past few days, and have now found out who my true friends really are, and who my not so good friends are. Although painful , I think it has been a good thing, and I must learn not to trust so easily.
I am looking forward to the next few months, as business changes are made and a new partnership is formed. This is going to be so exciting and something for me to focus on.
Scrapping Angels Retreat#2 has been booked and details will be announced next month, so this too is very exciting!

On a personal note, I joined weight watchers today, yikes. I lost 4 stone after the birth of Izzy, and never lost my post pregnancy weight after Lilly. My weight has been an issue for me, so today was the day I had to do something about it. So be warned, Wednesday entries will Be weight related!!
Monday after school we all went for an autumnal walk around the farmland that backs onto our house.
We collected conkers, well actually we collected hundreds of conkers, and now our house is adorned with strings of conkers to keep spiders away!
We also picked blackberries and apples, of which I will make a crumble, yummy. And also stumbled across mushrooms. Who needs sainsburys!
I must thank each and everyone of you who reads my blog. Whether on a daily basis or just to pop in now and again. i have been blogging now for a year and 2 days! And have been astounded by the lovely comments left by friends, colleagues and cyber friends. Blogging has put me in touch with the most wonderful people i could have "met", and also started a new partnership (aha all will be revealed next month).
I just need to pull myself together now and carry on, leave the past behind me and concentrate on the future, as I am sure the future is bright, and I am off to find my shades....
With all my love

Anna x

15 Response to 'I am thankful'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 6:20 PM

    A few more ((HUGS)) for you Anna, enjoy your time with your Dad. He is very lucky to have such a loving daughter


  2. Suebaru Said,'> 8:32 PM

    Loads of love & hugs coming your way hun xx


  3. Ali Said,'> 8:43 PM

    Loves you Hun!!!


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 9:12 PM

    You sound like you need a few more ((hugs))


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 9:25 PM

    Hi anna, web have never met, but I do visit your blog via UKS a couple of times each week. I just want to say, I am thinking about you, keep your chin up and look after yourself.
    Louise (lowrygirl - UKS)


  6. karen Said,'> 9:45 PM

    well done hun, a few positive thoughts going out there, we speak most days so you know my thoughts. love you all xxx miss you all xxx


  7.'> 10:28 PM

    I lurrrve your photos. The huge collection of conkers is stunning... An entry for UKS Sept photo comp??


  8. Jennie Said,'> 11:36 PM

    The inevitable is going to happen, so enjoy the days left. I know it's really hard and painful, but you will eventually be able to look back on life with very fond memories. Our memory eventually blots out the pain, and we learn to relive those lovely rosy memories of when we were little. Be strong, and talk to your Dad lots while you can. Be ready to say goodbye, when he's ready. Sending you lots of (((hugs))))



  9. Ann(i)e Said,'> 12:42 AM

    Hi Dear Girl,
    Sending you lots of love and hugs. Try try try to keep your chin up and focus on the positive. I am yours next week to help with the will be a raging success!!!


  10. jake Said,'> 7:59 AM

    So sorry to hear your precious time is slipping away with your Dad Anna, I know what that like hon, so if you ever need a shoulder, you know I'm here.

    jk xx


  11. Lynsey Said,'> 9:21 AM

    Keep your chin up Anna, you're an amazing woman.


  12. Beth Said,'> 1:41 PM

    Anna, I can relate to how your situation is with your poorly Dad, just to say I'm thinking of you, and your'e doing a grand, grand job. Love Beth XX


  13. Anonymous Said,'> 2:40 PM

    Sending love and {{hugs}} babe


  14. Roz Roz Said,'> 5:23 PM

    Anna, I'm sending you huge cyber hugs, enjoy the time you and your dad have together and make sure you make time for yourself as well.
    Take care hunny,and I'm sitting here waiting on your news, can't wait, so exciting.


  15.'> 6:04 PM

    You know I'm thinking and praying for you!

    To change the subject slightly your photos are fab! Well done you, are you sure you need a course?