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Spring has Sprung

blogged by me domestic goddess On 3/10/2007 12:29:00 AM
What a gorgeous day it has been. The skies have been blue and the sun has shone on us all day. After a busy morning, back and forth up the A1, this was due to Lilly having her first birthday party invite. This little girl was bursting with excitement, bless her. When I returned home I decided to pop outside with my camera and snap away. Lilly was a willing model some of the time, of which I will share with you over the weekend, as these are going to have to be scrapped.

Izzy had a school disco to attend, and my LA diva complete with bling hit the tarmac of Southoe for a photo shoot, and this is one of my favs.

Short post today, but can you tell me what this is? (no not the daf!) One lucky poster who gets the right answer will receive a pizza box of goodies. Now the shop has closed there are a few goodies looking for a new home!

And lastly but no means least, Scrapping Angels opens its redecorated doors tomorrow. Its taken a good year but finally we have made it, and Angel Kisses the brand, get a logo. Check back tomorrow to hear more.....


22 Response to 'Spring has Sprung'

  1. La- Said,'> 12:52 AM

    OK I want to see these other pics!! And I love the ones you posted today! I wish I could tell what that was.. I would LOVE a pizza box full of goodies!!! LOL



  2.'> 4:26 AM

    I think this is what they call a Strawberry pear or dragon fruit.


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 7:32 AM

    I definately think it is a dragon fruit! :o)

    Have a good weekend xxx


  4. Lyzzydee Said,'> 9:15 AM

    Dragon fruit, It looks so pretty but I am not sure I would want to eat it, it sort of looks like frogs spawn in the middle!!(or is that just me??)


  5. Sally Said,'> 9:36 AM

    It certainly looks like a dragon fruit:
    Dragon Fruit

    Hylocereus undatus

    a.k.a. Pitahaya, Strawberry Pear

    Round, often red colored fruit with prominent scales. The thin rind encloses the large mass of sweetly flavored white or red pulp and small black seeds. Some varieties are pinkish or yellow.

    Have you tried it? I'd love toknow what it's like.


  6. Beth Said,'> 9:54 AM

    Love the piccy of Izzy, very grown up indeed Anna.

    I'd say piccy is some kind of dragon fruit. The colours of this fruit are out of this world. Nevfr tasted one, but apparently it has a sweet and sour type taste. Beth XX


  7. greyparrot Said,'> 12:08 PM

    that be a dragon fruit indeed! They are the prettiest fruit ever. just popped over to let you know that it isn't a SA kit in the mag :)


  8. Sandie Said,'> 12:52 PM

    Definitely a Dragon Fruit. It looks gorgeous, I've never eaten one though!


  9. Sally Said,'> 12:59 PM

    my blogger profile doesn't seem to be showing and I'm not too sure what I need to do! Just to identify myself....I'm sallyjh from UKS! (I posted here earlier)


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 1:16 PM

    yep a dragon fruit :) yum!!


  11. Jane Said,'> 2:53 PM

    Definately a dragon fruit and what a fabby photo of it it is too!! Too pretty to eat lol!!


  12. Lisa Said,'> 4:25 PM

    Yep, a dragon fruit.

    I know it is supposed to taste great but I had one once for an exotic fruit salad and it was BLAND!!!! Looks great but I would not bother again - maybe I was just unlucky!

    Please add me to the draw!


  13. Deanne Said,'> 5:32 PM

    oooh yes its my favourite, its dragonfruit, from thailand i believe! very scrummy...
    deanne x


  14. BondGirl Said,'> 5:50 PM

    Its a dragonfruit from Thailand. Much to my disaapointment tho they look much better than they taste!


  15.'> 9:54 PM

    I love these. Dragon fruit, what a fab picture, did you take it?
    They look almost prehistoric!


  16. suebaru Said,'> 10:32 PM

    Love the pic of Izzy! I knew it was a Dragon Fruit...but only cos you told me you bought one the other day!!


  17. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 12:23 AM

    stunning photos girlie :)


  18.'> 4:34 AM

    Your baby is soo grown up and beautiful... how stunning is that photo of the dragon fruit... it looks good enough to eat... well almost.. lol...

    Scrapping Angels site is looking gorgeous.. Well Done Girl
    Hope you are all well
    Take care


  19. Anonymous Said,'> 9:43 AM

    Can't wait to see the scrapped pages.

    The fruit is a dragon fruit - The Pitaya. It's the fruit of a cactus.

    Lisa x


  20. Nat Said,'> 4:36 PM

    Yep - a dragon fruit. Was tempted to buy one in tesco but didn't have a clue how you go about eating them!!! xxx


  21. Anonymous Said,'> 8:16 PM

    The picture is a "Dragon Fruit".

    Best wishes


  22. Net Said,'> 9:36 PM

    Dragon fruit - Harry sort of likes them but I think they taste pants. Something so pretty should taste wonderful...