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blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/28/2007 09:01:00 PM
Rain, rain, rain and more rain. but that hasn't dampen things here at all. The girls had day 1 of their tennis lessons, thankfully in an inside court and they did so well. We then drove to a small village called Somersham to drop Lilly of at Chloe's house for the day which then left us with Izzy. So what did Izzy want to do........? MacDonald's for lunch and a movie. That's exactly what we did. Off we went to the movies to watch A Bridge to Terabithia, and the softee that i am i did shed a few tears, with a cuddle from Izzy to cheer me up. This really is a lovely film about friendship bought together by the horrors of bullying, and beautiful imagination through the girls ideas of fantasy and the boys sketch book of art. I really do recommend this film to see with your children over the school holidays. Now, the trailers were awesome and I now HAVE to go and see Pirates of the Caribbean!!!! OMG it looks so good!!!

By 5'o'clock this afternoon I was missing my Lilly too much. She arrived after a full day of play and food at 6.15, and she missed me too, Lilly was so quiet apparently for the last hour, and she jumped into my arms for a big cuddle as soon as I opened the door. Did us both good and it was her first time at a friends house to play as well. I think we both did well.

How was your Bank Holiday??


Anna xx

7 Response to 'Weather?????'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 10:12 PM

    So glad both girls had such a good day! And here it's been wet wet wet!


  2. Noo Noo Said,'> 11:07 PM

    Hi.....rainy here too so been piccys too today for Pirates - just gonna blog about it - if you are a Pirates fan then you need to go and see it......if only to see Mr Depp with his top off!!!!!! Yummy :) Katja


  3. karen Said,'> 11:10 PM

    no rain here sorry anna but you should have stayed(only jokin) sounds a great film but do i need children to go to see it with, if so can i borrow yours luvs ya xxxx


  4. twistedsoda Said,'> 4:50 AM

    I so want to see this movie so much. I love fantasy and this one is a world of color!!! Its on my list of TO SEE now!!!


  5. Said,'> 10:12 AM

    Watched this movie too with the kids! It was beautiful. I sobbed like a baby. Just amazing


  6. anita l. Said,'> 6:18 PM

    Love your new banner!!!


  7. Lala Said,'> 3:09 AM

    I have been dying to see that movie... I hope it comes out on DVD soon!! Thanks for the review.. sounds like you and your girls are going to have a great summer!