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1st day at school

blogged by me domestic goddess On 9/19/2007 04:52:00 PM

My baby girl has started school and is loving it!! I on the other hand am missing her like crazy, blubbed on Monday and have kept extremely busy since. Peter took the day off on Monday and we went shopping and had lunch, yesterday a friend came round for the day, peter has been at home today and tomorrow i am off to see Sue, just leaves Friday when i will be busy organising Izzy's birthday!!.

And with all this so called free time available, i seem to have had less time to blog and surf forums on a daily basis, instead i have actually been working.
I am still on a high from Sunday's race, and am off out on Friday for a run, and am already booked to do a fun 3k run in November, and looking for my 10k run to book and train for.
Peters cousin was the county's number 1 runner and is going to come out with me in the near future and hopefully give me some tips.

Creatively I have been quite. Pencil Lines went live on Sunday and I loved the sketch and my layout this week. "When I grow up I want to be Annie" A joke between Annie and I, I so admire this woman, her strengths and energy to life, and i wanna be her, lol.

Supplies are :
Scrap Works pattern paper
Bazzill card stock
Technique Tuesday stamps
Owl stamp from stamps away
Various buttons

Tomorrow I am off to spend the day with Sue and have a belated birthday lunch, cant wait!
Anna xx

9 Response to '1st day at school'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 11:08 PM

    OMG...little Lilly grew up up over night!!
    See you tomorrow


  2.'> 2:05 AM

    that layout is super cute and so are the pics!


  3. Sandie Said,'> 9:28 AM

    Lilly looks so cute in her school uniform! Have a great day with Sue, and we're missing you on the forums xx


  4. Kerry Said,'> 9:47 AM

    Ahh, Lilly is so gorgeous in her school uniform!


  5. dawn Said,'> 10:05 AM

    I remember feeling very ost when Carly first started school - she loved it too ... Lily looking gorgeous and again, congrats for the race - you are right to be very proud :)


  6. karen Said,'> 7:27 PM

    OMG my lilly looks soooo grown up, give her big kisses from me luvs ya


  7. Ijsbeer Said,'> 4:08 AM

    Your daughter is very cute and beautiful too!


  8. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 10:33 AM

    Awww.. your little girl is growing up so fast.. those pictures are adorable!! And your layout ROCKS as always!!! You are one ROCKIN'scrapper! WOOHOO!!


  9.'> 1:00 AM

    What a super model you have!