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Fairies everywhere

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/07/2008 10:49:00 PM
"For she's a jolly good fellow"

On Sunday we had Lillys Fairy Princess party. I had an absolute blast putting this party together, which will probably be my last very pink, and very girly party, sigh.

We had Fairy champagne (pink lemonade with a strawberry in the bottom)in plastic wine glasses, which the girls loved, they felt so special! We made edible bracelets, Peter the tattooist did fairy tattoos, and then we dined al fresco on pink food! Finished off with cupcakes and gingerbread girls decorated by themselves, and then the birthday cake, which was a Victoria Sponge with American cream cheese frosting, decorated with mini marshmallows and sprinkles!

We put a gazebo in the garden (thanks Sue) and i hung gold streamers and pink metallic balloons from the centre. Each Fairy left with a BG takeaway box (party bag) filled with pink tissue paper, and jam packed with girlie pink surprises; love hearts, bling, fairy tattoos, pink bubbles, and a princess tiara, which i gave them on arrival. So enjoyed myself, LOL.

I abit of an overload of photos, sorry! Just loving all that pink girliness!
Thanks for stopping by
Anna xx

11 Response to 'Fairies everywhere'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 12:27 AM

    Oh very Jen Hall, I'm impressed ;) !! Glad the 'nibbled' gazebo was put to good use!


  2.'> 5:50 AM

    awwwww don't they all look precious, loving the gorgeous piccies!! Happy Belated birthday to Lilly!!


  3. Deanne Said,'> 7:34 AM

    that looks a fab party, so pretty, sadly i only have boys!!! so pinkiness in this house.
    hugs xx


  4. Sandie Said,'> 11:19 AM

    What a perfectly pink party, I bet Lilly absolutely loved it (and you secretly LOL)


  5. Julia Said,'> 8:38 PM

    Oh Anna that looks so much fun. Bet the girls really enjoyed it all.


  6. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 9:59 PM

    These pictures are gorgeous and soooooooo cute!! Thanks for sharing! XOXO


  7.'> 7:46 AM

    those are just priceless.....what a lucky bunch of girls!!


  8. Kathy Said,'> 11:24 AM

    My Lily and I love pink and princesses so we've enjoyed all the photos and hearing about the party!


  9. ania Said,'> 8:47 PM

    Ahhhh that looks SOOO fab!!!! Dang you rock at the details and party organizing I see!! Congratulations to your girl!!! :D


  10. Dana Said,'> 4:41 AM

    what wonderful pictures!SOOO MUCH FUN!


  11. Aline Said,'> 8:29 AM

    Oh wow, wonderful photos! Happy belated birthday to your gorgeous little one! And have a wonderful Mother's Day! :)