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Paris Part 3

blogged by me domestic goddess On 9/01/2010 10:12:00 PM
So after a tiring day doing more museums, Friday was spent at Mont Martre, climbing 100 metre of steps and then a further 300 steps to see an amazing view of Paris from The Sacre Coeur! It was a really hot day as well, and so exhausting, but worth it.

After spending some time admiring the views, we headed back down all 300 steps and then wandered through teh streets of MontMartre and found a quaint little French restaurent. We had  a starter, steak, chips, salad and half a bottle of rose for €23!!! and they say paris is expensive! the meal was probaly the best we had as well; it just shows its worth taking a walk down the back streets to find a real gem!

After a gorgeous meal we jumped on the metro to The Moulin Rouge as I wanted to see it in daylight and take some photos before we arrived at night for the show.
I have never seen the Moulin Rouge, and had it in my head it was in an area on its own, cobbled streets, trees and Parisian cafes surrouning it. Er no, it is on a main road in a red light district, LOL so much for my fairytale image!!

Next stop was The Champs Elysee and the Arc de Triumph. Peter wanted to buy me the Eiffel Tower Tiffany charm, and I thought that there would definitly be a Tiffany's on the Champs Elysee. Unfortunatly there wasnt one. I was disspaointed as I had remembered the Champs Elysee being the place for Haute Couture, but its more like Oxford Street! Walked both sides down to The Arc de Triumph and then it was back to the hotel for a nap before we headed out again.

Dinner was bread, cheese and wine picnic in the Tuiliere Gardens; I think this was one of our favourite places to just relax and be together.
We had reservations for the 11pm show at The Moulin Rouge. I was so excited to go, but alas I was a boit dissapointed. The resevation is pretty much null and void as we all queue for about an hour to get in. Then you are taken to your table where you are sharing with another couple, and the table is pretty small. Dress code was not put in practise and there were guests in jeans. I know I sound old fashioned but its nice to make an effort sometimes, and it just felt abit silly when so many hadnt bothered!
The show was good and about 13/4 hour. At the end of the night the cost was probaly not that much more than a London show. I am still pleased we went, but I wont go again.

Saturday and we were headed back to the UK. We spent the morning visiting The Eiffel Tower and then we headed to Tiffany, (once I had goolged where it was, hehehe). But it was not to be, all the Tiffanys in Paris had sold out!
Our week away in Paris was wonderful, it was just so lovely to go away as a couple and be Peter and Anna for a few days.
We fell in love all over again, and that is never a bad thing ;)

Tomorrow my round up of the streets of Paris through my lens!
Thanks for stopping by
Anna xx

BTW, only 3 more posts before I hit 1000 posts! Gotta celebrate!
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4 Response to 'Paris Part 3'

  1. karen Said,'> 10:47 PM

    The view is amazing from up that hill isn't it.One of my favourite areas.
    Love the Eiffel Tower peeks.
    When I was 18 my husband wanted to buy me a Louis Vuitton bag in Paris,but we couldn't even afford the comb case.He went back years later to buy me one,but bought me the wrong one!!!!!
    So I went back the last time I was there and bought the one I originally wanted all those years ago.


  2. Zarah Said,'> 6:16 AM

    Your pictures are gorgeous and make me all "home sick" (strangely enough). TFS!


  3. Sandie Said,'> 7:57 PM

    What beautiful photos, loved reading about your trip xx


  4. Wati Basri Said,'> 3:15 PM

    gorgeous pics Anna! gld u had a blast :)