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Retro Friday

blogged by me domestic goddess On 2/11/2011 05:52:00 PM
Today the girls had a theme day. They had to take an item from 1950 - 2000 and dress as that decade. The school has literally given as a few days notice, so I was slightly panicky. I wasnt keen on the girls taking to school anything of too much value, and last night we eventually came up with a theme for the girls ; music! As a music loving family of all types of music, this just seemed natural. Peter took to the loft and dug out the vinyls, remember those days?!
A picture heavy post!

Izzy went as an eighties pop princess, very Madonna ish! Not that hard these days as Izzy's wardrobe has leggings, backwing tops and mini "ish" skirts.
Kids makeup is garish in colour and Claires accessories is full of neon stuff which Izzy already had!

Boy did I have fun playing with the finishing touches! Big yellow hair tie, black pumps, purple eyeshadow and a back combed fringe!!!
Izzy loved being the girly girl, and I reckon she would have been a perfect 80's follower!

purple eyeshadow!

the classic fabric hair accessorie

Lilly went armed with an early Adam and the Ants vinyl (Dirk wears White Sox, pre pop 1979) and was dressed as a Punk Rocker!

tattooed knuckle

I took some plain black leggings, dropped and smeared bleach on them and then cut slits.
Back combed her hair, dark grey eyeshadow and liner, black lips and "punk" and "rock" tattooed on her knuckles for the finishing touches. Lilly does the punk attitidue so well, LOL

the details

just had to smile for me

Too much fun was had by me to be honest!

I felt totally under dressed with my straight hair and paired down makeup today!

Has my post bought back memories from your childhood? I was a huge Adam and the Ants Fan, and was always sporting pedal pushers, military jacket and a white stripe across my face,LOL, at the weekend. Where you a new romantic or a little more edgy!?

Thanks for stopping by,
Anna x

4 Response to 'Retro Friday'

  1. pattyo Said,'> 12:17 AM

    How fun! The girls look great!


  2. Allycat x Said,'> 8:30 AM

    They look fab! No wonder you had fun - hope you'll be scrapping those photos!!!


  3.'> 8:37 AM

    Thanks Patty and Ally, yes Ally they will definitly be scrapped!


  4. Loredana Said,'> 5:10 PM

    Hi love these pictures!!!!
    You are very able, I love the pics!!!
    love you