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Big Day Today

blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/25/2011 03:21:00 PM
Today Izzy had her braces fitted at the orthodentist. The initial feeling scared had been replace by butterflies of excitement, bless her.
I was so surprised at how quick and painless the whole operation was. When I had braces many many years ago. I had the ones you could take out with the plastic roof. When ever mine were fitted or tighten I would come home with my gums bleeding and spend the day with cotton wool in my cheeks.

Izzy has a fixed top row only (train tracks) and has no rubbing on her gums or lips which is fantastic.

As I suspected eating has been a bit of a chore. Lunch was soup and buttered bread, of which the bread got left after one nibble and a few spoons of soup were consumed. I think its the whole nervousness of them breaking thats bothering her.



new pink braces!

But on the whole, apart from a few aches (thank you calpol) she is doing really well, and is actually out playing this afternoon!

Any readers out there that have had kids that have gone through the same, any words of wisdom would be gratefully received!

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5 Response to 'Big Day Today'

  1. Sue Said,'> 3:58 PM

    awww bless her - it will get easier and be So worth it - wish they were about when i was her age.


  2. Kerry Said,'> 6:02 PM

    My son had his fitted (top and bottom) three years ago and had them removed in May. I think the main advice I could give you is be patient and expect a few early problems. The hospital gave Jack some wax to apply to areas that rubbed him and it certainly worked. The little toothbrushes (look like little Christmas trees) which fit under the wires are invaluable for cleaning thoroughly. Our dentist scared my son with pictures of kids who looked like they had tv screens on their teeth when the braces came off because they hadn't brushed properly. I made him stick to no fizzy pop or chewing gum aswell. He had a lot of early problems with brackets popping off but everybody is different so she may be fine. Good luck :)


  3.'> 7:27 PM

    Thanks Kerry, We bought all the toothbrushes and they mentioned no fizzy drinks and chewing sweets, good to hear you say the same. They also gave us the wax :)


  4. pattyo Said,'> 11:49 PM

    That's wonderful she felt pretty good afterwards. I guess things have come a long way these days!


  5. Michelle Said,'> 7:54 PM

    My oldest had braces on 10 years ago. They were on for 3 years. Initially, her mouth was tender, so the soft foods were good. Then after having them tightened every month (new wire and new colors), her mouth was again tender. No soda/pop, chewy foods (candy, caramels, gum). Be careful of hard things too, like taco chips/shells. We bought soft shells for when she had tacos, cut the corn off the cob for her, etc. It has been seven years now and she has had many compliments on her mouth and what a great smile she has. She tells people she can't take credit, as it was us her provided her that. :) Now, onto child number two. Let me tell you the cost sure has gone up in 10 years!!!!!! Oy! Hoping child #3 will not need them!!!