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Happy Easter!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/15/2006 12:10:00 AM
We started the day as we always do with my fav, hot cross buns. How did you start your Good Friday?, ended it not with a fish supper as planned but Ceaser Salad and French bread, mmmmm.
Went food shopping today at Tescos and came back with a garden table, 6 chairs, parasol and seat cushions for GBP277.00, bargain or what!!!! Peter is sooo made up bless him. Its been a glorious day here as well so we have been in the garden all afternoon. Do have photo's but haven't downloaded so will get that done at some point over the weekend.

Well the retreat I think is fully booked, if all those that have asked to have their names down go ahead and book. I am so amazed by the response, its wonderful. I am going to work on the booking details etc over the bank holiday so I can start taking bookings next week.

Kirsty has just gone and amazed us all again, she has been chosen as one of the Effer Dare girls favorite LO, how awesome is that. Not sure if she knows yet, but I am sure it wont be long. I haven't heard from her yet, which means she is probaly having a brilliant time. I know she was teaching today and tomorrow she is meeting up with Mark and off to Hollywood.

Tomorrow I am promising myself to continue my big clear out in my scraproom/office and to get creative in there, I have some plans to bake cookies with the girls and make some flower pots for fun with paper flowers.

Hope you are all having a restful holiday
Anna x

7 Response to 'Happy Easter!'

  1. Kelly Said,'> 1:57 AM

    Those hot cross buns sure look good! Sounds like a great way to start the day.

    Great layout and great blog!


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 2:59 AM

    Hot cross buns are the ones with the little candied fruit aren't they? We just relaxed today and hung out. Our big church service was Thursday night for Maundy Thursday and then we go at 6am for sunrise service on Easter morning. I'd better get some sleep Saturday night.

    Happy Easter!!!


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 9:42 AM

    No Hot Cross Buns here, I'm afraid, or a fish tea. We are very unEasterlike in this household as DH is a Muslim. However the kids still get loads of Easter Eggs!

    Love that LO of Kirsty, She did really well to get picked. Most of those LOs are just awesome on that blog.

    Anna, You asked where I live, I'm in Norwich, just near you babe!!


  4.'> 9:43 AM

    I love hot cross buns too Anna, but I eat them all year round lol!

    Have a fab Easter and enjoy your tidy up! If you're anything like me you'll find a ton of stuff you forgot you had!


  5. Cath Said,'> 11:47 PM

    Happy Easter! The buns look yummy!


  6. greyparrot Said,'> 12:06 AM

    Happy easter!


  7.'> 12:45 AM

    Yummy! You brought back some lovely memories with your hot cross buns picture. Thanks. :)
    Happy Easter!