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Christmas is coming!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/07/2007 01:05:00 PM
Its starting to feel like Christmas. I have been busy doing festive projects, went and bought Christmas crackers and some new decs yesterday, although Home Base had sold out of the cute white wooden words i so desperately wanted, sob sob. Today I met up with Kerry for hot chocolate, muffins and some Christmas shopping, and now I am off to see Lilly's 1st Nativity!! To say I am excited is an understatement. I love school nativities, and was saddened to read that here in the UK only 1 in 4 schools put on a traditional nativity play, how terrible is that!. Lilly and Izzy attend a C of E school, but still I was quite shocked to read this.

Is this a normal statistic around the world?, please share your views with me on this. What are you going to see at your school play this year?
At least I am going to be serenaded by 25 4 year old singing traditional Christmas carols, and watch my little girl take on her 1st role as Mary. Poor Lilly couldn't sleep last night for the butterflies in her tummy with excitement. Lilly was born to preform , LOL, and I am sure this will not be the last we see of her on stage!
This weekend we put the tree and decorations up. The tradition of listening to Nat and Dean sing to us whilst we place baubles on the tree, still continues, and maybes we will open teh Quality Street as well, hehehehe.

On Tuesday we have Izzy's Christmas play, "A star is born". Izzy plays a Shepherd and has quite a few lines to say, of which Lilly knows of by heart! Then on Friday they have their Christmas dinner and the last week we have the Carol concert at church, and i attend with a box of Kleenex, and their year ends with the Christmas disco.

The postman has just arrived with a box of Rhonna Farrer goodies for my DT work for Paper Jam Studio and an acrylic album and shapes to play with, couldn't have come at a better time as i have just bought some cuttlebug embossing folders to play with, inspired by this amazing card maker!

I have lots of crafting to do this weekend, hoping my photo box order comes so i can get cracking on some presents i am making. I am 2 weeks ahead of my Pencil Lines layouts (see above teasers) and am finishing a great editorial for TSBM.

Hope your Friday is a good one

Anna xx

11 Response to 'Christmas is coming!'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 11:21 PM

    Only Reception and Nursery do the Nativity at our school :( And you know what my two are doing!!I bet Lilly was a fab Mary :)


  2. Unknown Said,'> 6:09 AM

    Sounds like you have been very busy! And love what you have been doing with paperproducts! Love it!


  3. Sandie Said,'> 10:09 AM

    I haven't seen a nativity play since my eldest was in reception, and he's 13 now!!! Love the sneak peeks!


  4. Gemma Said,'> 12:11 PM

    Awww, she looks lovely. My little girl is a Y2 so is singing in the choir for this years Nativity. I love it.


  5. Lyzzydee Said,'> 10:24 PM

    We don't have Nativity every year either, So we make sure that we go along to the Church one, this year Beth is a Sheppherd for the 4th year running, a bit type cast, although she is doing it in an effort to keep another little very enthusiastic sheppherd under control!!!


  6.'> 10:50 PM

    really just miss you babe!!


  7. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 7:11 PM

    Oooww.. I sooo love this time of year.. preparing cozy things for Christmas.. it's kinda busy... buuut it's all worth it huh.. hehe..!! We managed to put up our tree yesterday.. FINALLY!!!!

    Love your cute little cards..Have fun playing with your embossing folders sweetie.. they are sooo sooo much fun.. I just ordered a couple more.. hehe.. talking about a new addiction.. Thank you so much for mentioning me for your inspiration! SO sweet!

    Have a great Sunday evening and talk to you soon! XOXO


  8.'> 9:56 AM

    We'll have our christmas 'party' at Gabriel's kindergarten this week. I don't know what they will do, but I suppose that some girls will dance and we will sing some songs. Not much at all.

    I am in no christmas mood at the moment, don't know why. I hope it will be better this week.

    Wish you a great week! :)


  9. Jen Said,'> 9:59 AM

    great projects!

    i went to a catholic primary school and even we did a traditional type christmas play only every other year. in between it was things like cinderella and mary poppins! Even the "traditional" years weren't proper nativity plays.


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 3:13 PM

    Here in the US the public schools have become very politically correct and do not even say Merry
    Christmas, it has changed to Happy Holidays so as not to offend anyone. It used to be Christmas break but now they call it Winter break. I do not know too many specifics as my children are in Catholic elementary school, and so they do a Christmas program there and learn and sing the traditional Christmas carols.


  11.'> 3:39 PM

    gorgeous!!! can't wait to see you all on Sat.!!