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Jack Frost!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/13/2007 09:19:00 AM
BBrrrrrrr, Jack Frost is here and spreading his beauty all over the land. I love the magic of frost more than the snow i think. It looks like someone has been sprinkling glitter all over the trees through the night! The fields look beautiful and Lilly is convinced it has snowed!

I also love to see all our logs waiting for the wood burner to keep us warm at nights.

Back to yesterday...... I went down to visit Sue and was truly spoilt rotten. The morning started with a chocolate croissant and coffee, then we headed into town to visit my most favourite shop and I purchased my angel for this year as well as a tree decoration and a gorgeous red tin plate. Then off to Frankie and Bennys for lunch. We had a huge plate of burger and chips followed by scrumptious cinnamon waffles and vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce!!!!! To die for!

I have a new addition to the Momiji family, say hello to Blu, Spikes sister... Isn't she so cute, I so wanted Spike and Blu as they have both been retired from the Momiji collection, and now I do, very happy birthday girl here. I also got a stunning necklace and a pack of MM note worthy journaling pad, and i am in love with them.

So a huge thank you to Sue for my breakfast, lunch and pressies, you are one very special friend!

Oh i was also a naughty girl and did buy myself a Momiji, but before you all shout at your computer screen, it is the limited addition 2007 Christmas Globe,s o i kinda feel like it is OK. I have filled the little note out, "to me, from me", hehehe.

Internet connection is bloomin useless and i manage to get about an hour a day, gggrrr. Peter promises me that he will sort it tomorrow, I am truly fed up with it! The problem is it hasn't freed up my time as i am faffing trying to connect when i should just forget it and get on with more important jobs! But of course the thought of house work and paperwork does not appeal.

I have managed to get cracking on some DT work which is a good thing. Tomorrow i turn the rip old age of 38!!! Boy where does the time go, my head is full of a 26 year old thoughts and my body resembles that of someone in their 50's! Oh well..... I do believe Peter and I are going out for a Thai meal. I have booked the babysitter so we are definitely going somewhere!

I am still doing my 365 self portrait challenge, here is my photo from yesterday

Not perfect as my eye is out of focus, which wasnt my plan, but i still like it, unlike a few i have taken, lol.

Keep your eyes peeled as I will be starting a 365 challenge blog for the new year. It will be fun, a bit like a 365 workshop!!!!

And before I go, Lilly only did it again, came home with the Good Behaviour cup, bless....

Hugs and keep warm, i have a roaring fire on the go and my rug/throw/blanket waiting for me on the sofa!

Anna xx

PS: Thank you all for the lovely comments you have left me from my last post. My thoughts and prayers are too with you all xx

13 Response to 'Jack Frost!!'

  1. Lisette Said,'> 9:13 PM

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Anna, I'm only 5 days behind you, turning 38 as well. It's only a number!


  2. Starlight Said,'> 9:31 PM

    You are a dear friend and I wish only the best things that the world can give you:)))
    Have a fabulous day,filled with love and some presents cuz a girl always deserves to be spoiled.LOL


  3. suebaru Said,'> 8:06 AM

    I had a fab day, but watch your Blu Momiji...I may steal her back she is so cute!
    Have a wonderful birthday!xxx


  4. Aline Said,'> 9:38 AM

    Anna, the first pic is adorable!!
    Wish you a great weekend! :)


  5. Sandie Said,'> 10:40 AM

    Anna I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and you are spoilt rotten, you certainly deserve it xx


  6. Polly Said,'> 11:56 AM

    Hope you're all feeling better! Christmas is one of those times when if we didn't have kiddos we'd all become maudling and miserable... Keep smiling, you're all loved and healthy and thats what matters!

    Happy birthday and have the most fab time. And you deserve to buy a little gift for yourself ~ that snowglobe is adorable...How could anyone resist???

    And lastly, well done Izzy!



  7. stephanie Said,'> 1:00 PM

    happy birthday for tomorrow. ps, liking the self portrait :)


  8. Lisa Swift Said,'> 1:18 PM

    Happy Birthday Anna! Glad you enjoyed your well deserved day with Sue. Can't wait to see the new 365 day challenge blog - any sneak previews? xx


  9. Anonymous Said,'> 7:08 PM

    Happy birthday Anna



  10.'> 2:42 PM

    clearly you had no choice but to buy that snow globe...being limited edition and all!!!
    love the pictures!!!
    see you very shortly!


  11. ania Said,'> 12:55 PM

    *hugs* birthdaygirl!!! The globe-momiji looks fab & too cute! And well dont you deserve treats on your bday no?? :D LOVE the frost-piccie! :)


  12. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 7:42 PM

    Happy belated birthday girlie! I really hope you had a great day!!! So sorry about your internet connection.. we cannot live without the internet huh.. hehe!!!! ANd love the frost pics so much.. it's cold overhere too.. looks beautiful everywhere.. but I'll have to scratch the ice of my car again tomorrowmorning to go to work. ugh! Tlak to you sooN! XOXO


  13. Robyn Said,'> 7:25 AM

    Happy Belated Birthday and love all your goodies that you got!Lovely post and photos! Thanks for sharing!