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A Day Out...

blogged by me domestic goddess On 10/27/2009 05:48:00 PM
Its half term, and a week of outings and things to do have been planned. Yesterday we started the week with a trip to West Lodge Rural Farm. My girls were maybe a little to old, especially Izzy, but we still managed to have lots of fun. The weather was dry, if a little overcast, but perfect for walking around the grounds, which were just full of autumn colour!

(awful photo of me, but one none the less!)

This is why I love England, I love our 4 seasons, each for their own wonder, and autumn is all about the colours for me. So we walked through beautiful crunchy leaved paths, carpeted in colours of ochre, russets and gold. Trees were laden with sloe's, which reminds me I must go sloe picking this week!

We then headed around the farm area to feed the animals; the usual hens, ducks and goats, and Lilly was in her element.

After a morning walking, the girls took a "spooky" tractor ride, whilst Karen and I checked out what was on offer for lunch. Not dissapointed at all, we had hot chocolate with the FULL works!, yummy, the girls shared one as they were enormous. Paninis and sarnies were also consumed but the hot chocolate was definitely the talking point at the table.

We then headed off to the pumpkin carving tent, and the girls picked a pumpkin to carve.

Now you know me, every year I head down to Sue's and we all go on a day trip to a pumpkin farm for the must have scrappers photo! I couldn't make it this year to Sue's, so West Lodge Farm came recommended, and it is fab....... but just a bit scarce on the pumpkins!!!!

LOL, we did have a giggle, so no scrappers pumpkin photos for me this year! Contain yourself Sue....
The girls finished the day with some pony riding; Izzys highlight.

As well as a lack of "cute child posing amongst the pumpkin" photos, there is also a lack of " eldest daughter smiling nicely for the camera" photos. Instead we have a lot of this view....

I guess the girl is just too cool now to amuse mum and smile for the camera these days!

We were all shattered after our day out walking and breathing in some fresh country air. It was home to chicken wrapped in bacon, "stabbed" with rosemary and a chicken gravy, baked potatoes and some green veggies, absolutely delish!

Well that's Day 1 over, day 2 involves lots of shopping *inserts wide grin*.
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Anna xx

9 Response to 'A Day Out...'

  1. Kerry Said,'> 7:06 PM

    Looks like a lot of fun and my mouth is watering at that hot chocolate


  2. suebaru Said,'> 11:08 PM

    Aw,shame about the pumpkin photos...but I more than made up for it on my blog...:)


  3. Sandie Said,'> 5:43 PM

    OMG that hot chocolate looks amazing!!!


  4.'> 11:03 AM

    I love West Lodge, it is literally only just around the corner from us but we don't get to go much, might sneak out one lunch time!!


  5.'> 8:40 PM

    Hi Anna, just popped in from the link you sent me when you corresponded with me re: the Pencil Lines sketches/my layouts. Your photography is awesome...just added you to my reader ;-D


  6. Tracie H Said,'> 8:33 AM

    Superb photos as always - love the ones of Izzy - very much like the ones I have of J atm - teenagedom isnt fun when youre a scrapper! LOL!


  7. Heather Said,'> 1:56 PM

    Such gorgeous pictures Anna :-)


  8. Caro Said,'> 7:13 PM

    I love West Lodge...only been once as it is a bit of a drive for us, but Alex loved it, especially the troll bridge!


  9. Annie Said,'> 8:22 AM

    Lovely pics Anna! Everything ok there, you haven't been on here in a few days! :-)

    Annie B