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Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

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This blog is just that, my little place on the web.You will find my daily (or not so daily, hehe)life, my love for my new vegetable garden, baking, photography and my scrapbooking!

My Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.It has been for over 4 years. I love journaling, taking photos of my family and love colour and texture, these are all part of my everyday life and scrapbooking.

Pass the Parcel

blogged by me domestic goddess On 10/16/2009 08:04:00 PM

Hi to all those who have hopped on over from Michelle Filo's blog!

Q: Name one other hobby/pastime that I enjoy other than scrapbooking?

Post your answer in the comments, and I will pick a random winner monday night to win this cute dainty apron for Sunday baking!!

Hop on over here to unwrap the next layer!

Pencil Lines is celebrating all weekend with buckets of inspiration. Please join us in celebrating our 3rd birthday!

Thanks for stopping by
Anna x

73 Response to 'Pass the Parcel'

  1. karen Said,'> 10:41 PM

    cooking xx


  2. djp Said,'> 10:50 PM

    not sure what you like to do.....but i want to thank you for fundraising for MS...I was diagnosed 7 years ago and although I'm doing well, I know it's a daily thing! so, thank you for what you do!


  3.'> 10:54 PM

    Congratulations Anna. I love nothing more than to read a good book!.


  4. Jimjams Said,'> 12:22 AM

    Reading makes less mess that scrapping and can be done in the bath!


  5. Elsina Said,'> 1:37 AM

    Writing?? Thanks for the blog hop!


  6. Leilani Said,'> 1:41 AM

    Besides scrapbooking, I am a shopaholic! Thanks for offering a rak!


  7. Janet Z Said,'> 2:13 AM

    I love to bake! Happy Birthday Pencil Lines!!


  8. Sandy Said,'> 2:53 AM

    You love to read! I do, too. TY for the opportunity to win. Happy Birthday!


  9. Nitasha Said,'> 3:05 AM

    Photography is a hobby that I enjoy as much as scrapbooking, and it's wonderful that they go hand and hand!


  10. Scrapamum Said,'> 3:38 AM

    I love to read. Always have and always will.


  11. pammc Said,'> 3:43 AM



  12. justclick Said,'> 4:29 AM



  13. KariAnnS Said,'> 5:16 AM

    I like napping. Yes- it's a hobby. Simply because you have to make time for it to happen or it won't happen :)


  14. salme Said,'> 6:17 AM

    If I am not in front of my scrapping mess, I would probably be in the kitchen cooking!


  15. Luluuk Said,'> 7:11 AM

    reading, Lulu UK


  16. Sue Bone Said,'> 7:25 AM

    Knitting and baking but not at the same time. LOL Happy birthday Pencil Lines


  17. Leanne Said,'> 7:32 AM



  18. Ems Said,'> 7:56 AM

    photography! thanks!


  19.'> 8:07 AM

    Could it be photography? baking? gardening?


  20. Anonymous Said,'> 8:35 AM

    Researching my family history! I was hopeless at history at school but when you research your family history you learn so much about life in the 1800 and early 1900s. It is fascinating looking through the original records at the archives and there is so much online now.



  21. Anonymous Said,'> 8:41 AM

    would have to say COOKING! :)
    Michelle M.


  22. Ingrid Said,'> 8:53 AM

    It's cooking for sure, i'm fan of your recipes ! ;)


  23. Tanya Said,'> 9:01 AM

    baking =)


  24. Kathy Rogers Said,'> 11:43 AM

    You also love photography, I know because you took piccies for me, you also love baking and I've seen you post about your garden.


  25. shire Said,'> 12:01 PM

    You like to read...
    I love horse riding and reading a good book, too.


  26. Zarah Said,'> 12:21 PM

    Well... You love your garden, and you make the most delicious looking salads with what you get from it - so... Cooking & gardening! And baking - because a nice salad needs two things: a good oil and a nice bread! Right?! ;)

    Ps. Your tomato & basil soup has been on my "to do-menu" since you posted it, btw. It looks divine!


  27. pigglet Said,'> 1:06 PM

    love your blog


  28. Iara Said,'> 1:17 PM

    baking (and eating LOL) greetings from Germany!


  29. teres Said,'> 1:41 PM

    Since the win is for the qute apron for sunday baking, I will go for baking :D!


  30. Frauke Said,'> 2:26 PM

    photography and reading !
    Have a nice weekend


  31. dawn Said,'> 2:27 PM

    You love to take pictures :-)


  32. Anna Said,'> 2:59 PM

    I love teaching!


  33. Anna Said,'> 3:16 PM

    I love baking and gourmet cooking.


  34. Anonymous Said,'> 3:29 PM

    i enjoy sewing but i also love to just sit down and read to my three children


  35. Jenn Said,'> 4:06 PM


    Thanks for the chance! Have a great day!


  36. Anonymous Said,'> 4:12 PM

    I love MOSAIC - I have all the tools, stones and used to do it a lot... now it's hibernating...


  37. Jordan Said,'> 4:21 PM

    I QUILT!!!! lol... it is fun though!


  38. Yeong Shong Said,'> 5:07 PM

    Baking......ooh I love that too...


  39.'> 5:12 PM

    I do mixed media projects.


  40. Nzingha Said,'> 5:23 PM

    My 2nd hobby is reading, nothing like finding yourself lost in the pages of a good book.


  41. Gail Said,'> 6:22 PM

    I'm not sure, but I'd have to say your hobbies are baking and photography.


  42. Marina Said,'> 7:26 PM

    photography which is something that i feel if you enjoy scrapbooking you have to enjoy that as well, loving your blog. Marina xx


  43.'> 7:55 PM

    Photography :)


  44. Thais Said,'> 7:56 PM

    I love read a good book!


  45. Ginny Said,'> 8:41 PM

    You enjoy baking, fun hobby! I love to read myself :)


  46. Nancy Said,'> 8:54 PM

    Sewing...great fun. Love your blog.


  47. Kim Said,'> 8:57 PM

    I think it's more of an addiction than a hobby: World of Warcraft.


  48. mica Said,'> 8:58 PM

    You have lots of hobbies!! Amazing! Knitting is one of them.


  49. PaolaEtta Said,'> 9:02 PM



  50. Anonymous Said,'> 10:13 PM

    I suppose I'll say cooking, after reading the other entries :D. I'll ahve to look in to that, sounds lovely!


  51. jula Said,'> 10:29 PM

    I love to read and to kid around with my family :-)
    Happy Birthday Pencil Lines!!!


  52. Rita Said,'> 11:23 PM

    thanks and happy bday PL


  53. Suzanne Said,'> 12:07 AM

    Have to admit that knitting is my other addiction, though living in the South there's not much call for wool garments, but I knit alot of socks, hats and scarfs for gifts.


  54. Mirjam Said,'> 1:16 AM

    It's a quess, but I think card making... Love how you girls setup this blog hopping thing happy birthday to you!!


  55. Anonymous Said,'> 3:01 AM

    Counted Cross-stitch


  56. Chia Said,'> 4:03 AM

    I like to cook! I didn't say I was good at it :)


  57.'> 7:24 AM



  58. Anonymous Said,'> 8:22 AM

    photography!! great blog!


  59. Mauze Said,'> 10:28 AM

    Baking I guess as I love to do it, too :D
    Have a nice sunday!


  60. Erika M. Said,'> 1:40 PM

    I absolutely love to read!


  61. Robin Said,'> 3:22 PM

    I enjoy cooking and reading :)


  62. CraftyRia Said,'> 3:25 PM

    I think you love to cook!

    I love that apron, too! Thanks for the chance to win.


  63. Jana Eubank Said,'> 4:34 PM

    My other hobby is decorating. I love interior design. :)


  64. Carmen O. Said,'> 5:31 PM

    I think knitting is one of your other favorite hobbies. Thanks!


  65. Caterina Said,'> 7:19 PM

    I think Photography, baking and sewing are your other hobbies!


  66. Mormishmom Said,'> 9:21 PM

    Hooray for baking! That's one of my other favorite past times - along with reading and shopping :)


  67. Sarah Said,'> 9:23 PM

    Got to be cooking - that pesto recipe... Mmmm. And the Soup. :)


  68. girlboheme Said,'> 9:30 PM

    I think cooking...and I know that's my favorite thing besides scrappin!


  69. Ann Said,'> 12:09 AM

    Lovely to see you again today at WGC - you looked fab!

    Congrats on Plines 3rd birthday too x Can't wait for the book!


  70. Carol Said,'> 12:35 AM

    Sewing is my "other" hobby! They are becoming more similar each year, too!!


  71. Lee Tucker Said,'> 12:49 AM

    Making dollhouse miniatures & card making for the troops & a local nursing home.


  72. Becky Said,'> 10:43 AM

    I think it must be photography!


  73. Flossyjamba Said,'> 5:32 PM

    you love baking, anna. and so do your daughters, by the look of it!

    HB PL x