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Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

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This blog is just that, my little place on the web.You will find my daily (or not so daily, hehe)life, my love for my new vegetable garden, baking, photography and my scrapbooking!

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Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.It has been for over 4 years. I love journaling, taking photos of my family and love colour and texture, these are all part of my everyday life and scrapbooking.


blogged by me domestic goddess On 2/06/2010 04:07:00 PM
what the postie delivered today! Slight picture overload, be warned!

Expecting my delivery any day now. Order your copy today from here
Have a lovely weekend. We are having a few friends round for a Rock Band night; chilli is cooking and the house is tidy, just got to do a practise run of my repetoire on Rock Band, lol!
Anna x

36 Response to 'Look...'

  1. Em Said,'> 4:13 PM

    OMG!!!! This is so exciting. I can't imagine how you feel. Well done Anna x


  2. Katrina Hunt Said,'> 4:14 PM

    HOW COOL is that!!!! wooohoooo!!!!! Major Congrats!


  3.'> 4:14 PM

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is sooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!! CONGRATS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  4. Mieke Said,'> 4:16 PM

    WTG Anna, what a wonderful news, can't wait to see more of the book. Congrats!


  5.'> 4:17 PM

    That's Awesome....So HAPPY for you !!!!


  6. karen Said,'> 4:19 PM

    wheres my invite boo hoo, cant wait to get my copy of the book luvs ya xxx


  7. Nathalie Said,'> 4:20 PM

    WOW!!! How awesome is that?!!!! HUGE CONGRATS to you!!!


  8.'> 4:27 PM

    OMG Anna, this is sooo excited!!! I'm so happy for you!


  9. Anonymous Said,'> 4:44 PM

    Congrats....It looks beautiful...I know you are so proud!!!


  10. Tracie H Said,'> 4:49 PM

    Whoooo hooooo! Exciting eh?
    Have a great evening - TTUS..x.x.x.x.


  11. Christiane Said,'> 4:59 PM

    weheeee!! finally!!!!!
    you did such a great job!!


  12. carina Said,'> 5:36 PM

    wooohoo,wonderful news!!!, big congrats!!
    I can´t wait to see this book IRL♥


  13. Deana Said,'> 5:37 PM

    That is so exciting, Anna! Very happy for you!

    Big hugs...


  14. Ania Said,'> 5:39 PM

    That's terrific!!! Looking forward to get my copy!! WOHOO Anna!!! :D


  15. Sara Said,'> 5:49 PM

    Looks fantastic Anna, congrats!


  16. suebaru Said,'> 5:51 PM

    Woohoo! So glad you finally have it your hands:)xxx


  17. Lari Scrap Said,'> 5:58 PM



  18. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 6:12 PM


    hope its a roaring success for you and your team :)


  19. Unknown Said,'> 6:18 PM

    congratulations Anna! Welcome to Nikki Sivils Team!


  20. Becky Said,'> 6:44 PM

    How exciting! Can't wait for my copy :)


  21. Nikki Said,'> 7:03 PM

    Congrats!!! So Happy and excited for you!!


  22. Unknown Said,'> 7:07 PM

    Whoohoo!!! Couldn't be happier for you!!!


  23. Morag Cutts Said,'> 7:45 PM

    Ooh it looks lush! Congratulations to you and the rest of the team!


  24. Sandie Said,'> 7:47 PM

    Woooooooooo-hoooooooooo so proud of you hun, and so excited for you too. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy in April xx


  25. divineyuko Said,'> 1:56 AM

    Congrats Anna!!!

    So excited for you and can't wait to see the actual book!


  26. Zarah Said,'> 9:10 AM

    Looks aaaamazing!! I am so gonna order one, as soon as my wallet allows. YAY for you all! :D


  27. Allycat x Said,'> 9:57 AM

    Congratulations of getting it published and it finally landing on your doorstep! Really pleased for you!


  28. wendela Said,'> 8:03 PM

    thats awesome!! and huge congrats with your nikki sivils dt spot!!



  29.'> 8:10 PM

    so exciting!!!! can't wait to get my hands on one :)


  30. Melanie Said,'> 9:01 PM

    Hooray! It's finally here. I can't wait to get a copy :)


  31. Stacey Young Said,'> 10:43 PM

    Hi Anna, how exciting for you:) I have tried emailing you at Pencillines but for some reason it is not going through, you could email me at if you like......thanks and I hope you have an awesome Rock band night:)


  32. janis Said,'> 11:31 PM

    super huge congrats!!!! i am sooooooo happy for you!!!!!


  33. Wati Basri Said,'> 1:52 AM

    big congrats anna!!


  34. Ann-Katrin Said,'> 7:10 PM

    Wow, so cool! Congrats!


  35. Ella Swan Said,'> 7:15 AM

    Woo Hoo! Congrats to you!! Hope that means mine will be on the way soon!!! Please e mail me the postage date so I can chase up this side, thanks X


  36.'> 6:39 AM

    Oh wow! I'm so excited for you!! This is lovely and i can't wait til I can purchase one!