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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/28/2005 12:54:00 PM

Well it sure has been an eventful Christmas for me!!
Izzy set fire to the utility room on 23/12, by cleaning the fire out which still had burning embers so Santa could get down the chimney!!! On the sam eventful day my dad was moving form Brighton to Cambridge. Cleaners were in all morning and threw out the complete contents of my kitchen cupboards, freezer and fridge, ironing board and iron (what a shame!) along with numerous other stuff. So off I went on Friday to purchase over £400 of food to replenish the cupboards. Peter went on the hunt for a fridge freezer that we could take away there and then.
Dad settled in well which was the best news of that day.
Christmas eve was stressful,up until 2am wrapping pressies and straightening the house, Christmas day was great as my dad was with us for Christmas lunch. Got loads of fabby pressies from lots of peeps so thank you one and all. I also got a new Fuji camera form Peter, a Fuji 9500 so am I made up or what,only thing is haven't even picked it up yet! So anyone want a FujiS5500 let me know as I am selling mine.
Boxing day more visitors to feed and then bang, woke up yesterday with a dreaded sickness and diarohear bug and spent the day asleep in bed and on the sofa.Poor peter has the dreaded lurgy now.
Hardly taken any piccie this season, but will up load the few I have,mainly fireman!!Welll a scrapperhass to do what a scrapper has to do ;)
The dry cleaners have been today and picked up all the washing.
The 50% off sale went really well and I now have orders galore to pack, thanks to you all, I will start packing tomorrow, also UPS have delivered the rest of my Junkitz order so I can at last get the crimbo kits out!

A big thank you for your text and telephone messages of concern over the fire, and thank you for all my lovely gifts;

Thank you Kirsty for keeping peeps informed of my welfare and to Karen for updating The Lounge. Thank you Gillian,despite having the dreaded lurgy still managed to rally round while she was staying with us for Christmas

I hope you all had a fabby Christmas and got lots of scrappy goodies and stuffed your faces silly on choccies. Check me out later when I add some piccies from our Crimbo
hugs blogettes
Anna xx

3 Response to 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'

  1. greyparrot Said,'> 5:09 PM

    Now stop and take a breath lol!
    I gots the S9500 for crimbo's gonna blow you away! I kid you not!
    Glad things are slowly calming!


  2. Cath Said,'> 9:29 PM

    Big hugs to you Anna, must have made things stressful for you!
    Glad everything is getting sorted and your Dad is settled!


  3. Kimmy S Said,'> 10:43 AM

    Oh deary me!
    At least this will be one Christmas you will never forget, hu?

    HUGS to you, hun