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blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/06/2005 10:42:00 PM
Its oh so quiet, ssshhhh, the world of blogdom is oh so quiet.
Well I have been a busy bee making my Christmas cards. Yep 3 designs later and 28 cards done I am nearly there, in the handmade catergory. What doesn't get done this week, well to be honest , aint gonna get done, and some of you will be sent bought cards. But don't worry those who read my blog are more than likely to be of the handmade variety!.
And try and imagine these cards are straight unlike the poor scans I have here.
Had a really interesting phone call today, and am keeping my fingers crossed that all will be as fruitful as the conversation was. Waiting on those all important emails and contracts before I CAN BLURT TO ALL AND SUNDRY. Oops caps on!

So come on blogettes spill the beans and why so quiet? Is it that December feeling, of rushing around buyin g pressies , nativity plays, parties and Christmas card lists. Its bloomin awful isn't it. Well not the nativities but the rest

Anna x

6 Response to 'Quiet!'

  1. Kirsty Said,'> 11:15 PM

    well i expect at least one of each of those gorgous card anna - well done. im not making one single card - christmas is cancelled - bah humbug!


  2. kaz Said,'> 9:39 AM

    well done on the cards, a bit scared to send you one but im sure you will love it after all i am just a beginner luvs ya


  3. Shell Said,'> 2:47 PM

    I've had to go and find my Blogger log-in so I can post a reply! Love the cards! Will be card-lifting these I feel!!!!


  4. KimmyS Said,'> 7:37 AM

    Oh woweeeeeeee! I am loving those cards and I will fight Kirsty ALL the way for them...LOL


  5. Cath Said,'> 9:17 PM

    Gorgeous cards Anna
    And yes, just to busy for blogging right now


  6. Paula Said,'> 1:36 AM

    The tilting looks interesting too! :D
    Looking forward to the BLURTING TO ALL AND SUNDRY. ;)
    PS: I love the term "blogettes".