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blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/08/2006 10:49:00 AM
Don't you just hate bloggers like me!
I have a good excuse though. I have been suffering with extreme pain in my hands and knees, which is getting worse by tea time and then putting me to bed by 7pm!!! Yesterday I went to the doc's and I have a viral arthritis!!!Just what every scrapper needs, eh!!!. Monday off for blood tests to see if it is a long term problem and how to treat it. At the moment I am on the usual painkillers and anti inflammatory.
I spent yesterday trying to get as much on the website before my hands caved in, the mini angel kisses are up and hopefully by the end of the weekend the daisies and the hydrangea will be too.
I have done a couple of classes for a forum cyber crop this weekend, on the clean and simple approach of Cathy Z, looking forward to seeing the girls interpretations.

I am in the middle of doing my first altered clipboard inspired by Trisha, thanks Hun, so love your work. Hoping to get it finished and uploaded to my blog this weekend
Good news I have found my mobile phone, and my new computer has been delivered but we cannot find the internet discs!!
Also, 6 weeks later my Junkitz order has arrived so I can get the kits packed this weekend.

Kirsty is coming to stay with us on Tuesday prior to her jetsetting to LA to teach from Thursday with Emily Falconbridge.

OH before I forget change the date in your diaries from the 7/10 to the 23 and 24 September. Em is in Paris teaching so we have had to change dates. Will keep you updated once we have confirmed a venue.

So that's it blogettes, have a lovely weekend. We are off to see grandad and put a bet on the Grand National for him
Anna xx

10 Response to 'Apologises'

  1. Ann(i)e Said,'> 7:25 PM

    Hey Sweets, so sorry to hear about your hands....UGH....not a nice thing for a crafty lady such as you!! I sure hope the Dr.s can do something for you!!
    Made it to Seattle just to shop and shop and shop!!


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 12:10 AM

    I've had rheumatoid arthritis for 16 years now - since i was 18. I am constantly doing something crafty whether it's scrapping, painting sewing, drawing or anything else you can think of! Just remember to take the anti-inflammatories regularly and you'll be fine.


  3. Kirsty Said,'> 11:26 AM

    hey babycakes - give me those flowers now. i have the very project for them and I need a gazillion of them.

    Oh. I forgot. Please! Mwahahahahahha


  4. Paula Sealey Said,'> 3:00 PM

    Anna, you're having a rough time lately aren't you? Sending you lots of cyberhugsxxx


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 10:51 PM

    Big Hugs hun!!

    Take it easy

    Ohhh and can't wait for Sept'


  6. Em Said,'> 11:03 PM

    Re the viral arthritis. Don't know if it's the same thing but I developed acute arthritis in my right knee years ago after a bout of flu. The pain was unreal but steroids did the trick after a few weeks and it's never come back since.
    Love ya blog


  7. Mel Said,'> 11:22 PM

    Sorry you are having a rough time lately hun. ((Hugs)) Your retreat sounds cool - must try to remember to keep myself updated on this one! Re Scrap Pad Kits - don't worry, they did arrive although I didn't know that until this evening when I moved a pile of stuff and found then in "a safe place" where DH had put them! Not to worry - have got people staying and feeling a bit fluey so wouldn't have got much done yet - will attack them in the week :)
    Mel x


  8. greyparrot Said,'> 11:28 AM

    thanks for the classes this weekend LOVED them! Snugs to ya and feel better soon hun xx


  9. Caroline Said,'> 12:43 PM

    They look yummy Anna, I NEEEEEEED them!


  10. Jaffers Said,'> 12:52 PM

    Awww babes, you’re having a bit of a crazy time, huh?
    Hope those hands get sorted bubba!