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A bookazine is up for grabs

blogged by me domestic goddess On 10/17/2006 01:26:00 PM
Just a quick post before tonight. I have 1 Creative Kids Party bookazines up for grabs that I contributed, along with Mandy Anderson, Nathalie O'Shea and Kirsty Wiseman as well as loads of other really talented girls.
Just tell me why you think you should have a copy, and when I pop on tonight I will choose some lucky blogette to send it too
I am off to see Izzy do her Rainbow promise tonight so I am sure I will have a photo or 2 of her to share

Have a great Day
Anna xx

13 Response to 'A bookazine is up for grabs'

  1. Beth Said,'> 1:47 PM

    Well, I don't know really, I guess I should have a copy because despite having one lil boy in the house, I'm a bit of a kid at heart, and could do with some "young at heart" party caper, and lots of silly food to eat....just to feel a bit livelier again. My, warr a speech eh? Take care Anna, Love Beth XX


  2. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 4:33 PM

    well done you :)


  3. greyparrot Said,'> 4:46 PM

    cos I have way tooo many godchildren of course (5 plus one on the way!)- and all their mums make me help with their parties!
    Had a flicker through it in smiths- very good so it is, congrats hun -x-


  4. weezie Said,'> 4:54 PM

    Well done.
    Because it is Max's birthday today and my party was not very creative, just a cake and a couple of ballons. :o) He enjoyed it though.


  5. Jennie Said,'> 6:22 PM

    I think you should pick poor, little ol' me because we don't have this here in the States :(

    And, I'd love to see your work in print, goes without saying :)


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 7:17 PM

    I would love to have a copy of this fab bookazine as I have two girls parties coming up to organise and need some fresh inspiration to wade through! I LOVE childrens parties and am always looking for creative ways to keep them entertained and to do something a little special for my brood!

    Thanks, Annmarie


  7. Anonymous Said,'> 7:59 PM

    I love doing my childrens parties myself and with a inbuilt disco light system what fun I could have. I'm one of the few houses where you can scrap by disco light.

    Hope Izzy enjoyjed her rainbow promise.



  8. Sharon Speakman Said,'> 8:31 PM

    I would love the book as my son is nearly 2yrs old and he and all his friends and their mummies come to my house to play and chat. I want to get them all into scrapbooking and if I can get the children interested the parents will follow. I love to entertain the kids and my son Harry loves to mess with paper and glue, so he will be my scrapping teaching assistant! Start them young! Thanks, Sharon Speakman, Wigan.


  9. Roz Roz Said,'> 8:32 PM

    Send it to me, cause I want to be the queen of kids parties and obviously this book will make me that, you need to share the talent and you should share it with me, cause I have none whatsoever, mwahahahhaa. Seriously though, I would so love to be able to throw the mother of all parties for my Son, his friends, nephews and nieces and godchildren this christmas, they are all coming to me and I have no idea whatsoever to do with all of them.


  10.'> 9:36 PM

    Me! Me! I have two li'l girlies and I get so caught up in making and decorating their birthday cakes that all the other party stuff gets left to the last minute and therefore lacks a little lustre... Next up is dd1's 5th birthday at the end of this month. HELP!


  11. debbie Said,'> 10:06 PM

    well done anna - congrats on the zine :D

    i think it should come to me though - with 4 boys its bl**dy hard to think up new parties all the time!! LOL


  12. louise Said,'> 10:07 PM

    In the words of DD " because i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!"


  13. Anonymous Said,'> 11:27 PM

    HHmmmm....let me see...well, maybe,just maybe it would inspire me not to be lazy and throw the partys at the local bowling alley or petting zoo...and actually make me capable of going the whole hog and do a *proper* at home party, like we used to have as kids...only better :-)...I have such fond memories of them....but please don't make me force my girls to wear long dresses or frilly blouses congrats on the book by the way Hun..Anita..xx