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more piccies

blogged by me domestic goddess On 10/21/2006 10:51:00 PM
Honestly, this was the best £275 I have spent and the best 2 days I have had in such a long long time, Mel and Annie you are such a breath of fresh air, we had such a giggle, a scrummy dinner and lots of laughs.
Here are a couple of portrait shots that I took from yesterday using the Canon 350D.
The first is a low light setting, crammed up the ISO, 60/1 shutter spead and the lovely Freddie.
The 2nd shot is the gorgoeus Mel, using my Fuji, ISO 100, shutter speed 60/1 and an overexposed photo due to the Fuji contrast in its quality on Mels face. I then opened in CS2 and had a play with motion blur and curves to give this funky look to the finshed image. I love it.
I haven't played with my Fuji today, instead have had a look at Peters Pentax SLR, I actually am seriously thinking of purchasing some real film and having a play, well now I understand a bit about how a camera works!!
Back to the scrapping room tonight as I have 2 deadlines to complete by Monday, a crop for tomorrow and a Fuji to sell!!

Anna x

6 Response to 'more piccies'

  1. Kathy Said,'> 9:44 AM

    Wow Anna! All four photos are amazing! Glad you had a good couple of days.
    Love the Basic Grey paint LO too! Looking forward to tonight and the next pencil lines sketch...just got to put finishing touches to #2.


  2. Cath Said,'> 4:36 PM

    I was just saying to Annie I am SO jelous of you girls - I'd LOVE to do a course like that!!!


  3. Ann(i)e Said,'> 8:14 PM

    HOpe your crop went well and you get your los done!!
    Such fun we had....must save pennies for 2nd course!!


  4. Mel Said,'> 9:46 PM

    Well photo shopped Anna! Stop by my blog soon, I will be uploading you there tomorrow! Mel x


  5.'> 10:32 AM

    Hi Anna, it sounds like a lot of fun and very interesting, I think I need to know more than I do about take a piccie.


  6.'> 8:08 PM

    What fabulous photos - I love them. I'm sooooo jealous LOL. One of these years....