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Scrapping Angels Gives you Wings

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/30/2007 09:00:00 PM
Oh boy it gives you wings and a halo!!!!

I have had a fantastic weekend, with amazing company, such talented teachers and a stash shop to die for courtesy of Helen from Craftables.

(photo by anita mundt)

A weekend of such creativity, amazing food and a perfect venue has made Scrapping Angels a name to be reckoned with, you really do not want to miss our next event. And if you live in the North of England there is talk of us Angels bringing our wings and halo's to a venue near you .

I have so many thank yous to do.

A huge thank you to Sue for being organised with the takings at the weekend and being a fab right hand angel. to our 4 fantastic teachers, Jo Anne Te Raa, Anita Mundt, Trish Reed and Annie Hafermann. Trish 's mum who made Annie and I the most beautiful quilted throws, and to Helen for bringing scrummy stash to Scrapping Angels, and finally to our 30 delegates who made the weekend a blast, thank you all for taking part in our weekend of scrapping bliss

Anita has taken over 600 photos, unfortunately my hotmail and outlook are down and i cannot receive emails, although the few i have seen sum up the brilliant weekend had. With so many photos between us all to share I ahve decided to pop the best of the best in an album on Scrapping Angels blog for you all to see as well as sharing a few here on my blog.

Now to the Charity Auction.......

What can I say, A HUGE BIG HUMONGOUS thank you to you all, to the companies who donated all the fantastic goodies up for auction, you made this a night I will not forget. We raised a whopping..................................................................................................................................................

That is such an amazing amount of money and one i am really really ecstatic about. YOu should all be very proud of yourselves, and I am going to be the very happy owner of one original Kate Hadfield layout....... just need to email to let kate know.

I am now off to the comfort of my bed and will be back tomorrow with plenty more to share

Anna xxxxx


8 Response to 'Scrapping Angels Gives you Wings'

  1. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 12:48 AM

    glad you had a fantastic time :)


  2. Jaffers Said,'> 9:06 AM

    Well done babe, so chuffed at what you've done, and your Dad would definitely be proud of his wee girl!

    Hmmmm....North of England you say? ;-)


  3. Ann(i)e Said,'> 9:45 AM

    so so awesome!!! it was truly a great time and I am so happy for you and so proud of you on the fundraiser bit.
    Lots of Love babes!!!


  4. dawn Said,'> 1:04 PM

    Glad it was a success Anna - and a huge sum for charity too :D Have a wonderful day


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 3:44 PM

    I had a brilliant time and would do it again at a flash!....loved meeting you all and loved what we did...made each other happy with paper, paint and chocolate!! big hug!!!


  6. Andrea Said,'> 4:31 PM

    Sounds like you all had a fab time, £700 is such an achievement! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for news about the North - I've heard Newcastle is a good place to be :)


  7. sollie Said,'> 7:15 PM

    I really love those pics!!


  8. Bev Said,'> 9:50 AM

    It really was such a great weekend ... and I loved every minute... thanks for all your hard work.... here's looking forward to the next one xx