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Whats on Yours?

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/05/2007 01:06:00 AM

Mp3 player, IPod, whatever you listen too when you listen !!!

On my Mp3 player (need to earn me a fancy IPod)whilst I do my training i am listening to

Artic Monkeys (silly monkeys as Lilly says)
John Legend
Kaiser Chiefs

Not my usual mode of music, but defiantly music to get me running

so whats on yours, and when do you listen to it?


7 Response to 'Whats on Yours?'

  1. Cath Said,'> 9:26 AM

    Oh! I'm hoping (i know I am actually) getting an ipod shuffle for my birthday next week!! My MP3 that Ihave does too much and I never use any of it, the shuffle is so "diddy" and just clips onto your clothing! Can't wait!

    On my ipod, I have Pink, silly monkeys (love that description), ACDC, and a lot of dancy stuff - really does keep you going.

    We should compile a list of "Great running tracks" Annie was doing similar I think.


  2.'> 4:42 PM

    hehehe - silly monkeys - I love that. Have them on mine too, as well as the Kaiser Chiefs, Of Montreal and The Editors.


  3. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 5:19 PM

    currently here - lily allen, foo fighters, jammie cullum :)

    glad your training is going well.


  4. Emine Pazan Said,'> 10:03 PM

    I don't have a ipod unfortunately... The music I'm listening to lately is in Turkish...


  5.'> 12:18 AM

    I have just dusted my ipod off tonight and put some tracks on after DH deleted everything off it months ago. Have Mika,that punk rocker song and Something Inside So Strong on it at the moment.


  6. Tracie H Said,'> 12:40 AM

    Current tunes for me are Counting Crows, Blink 142, Lilly Allen, Regina Spector, Pink, Gwen Steffani and The Frays....mainly listen to em on my old wind up guys have Ipods but not me:(.....sigh!
    Glad the running is going well.....I miss it lots.


  7. jakey Said,'> 8:38 AM

    oh... a bit of everything - but it's not full up as I got a new one for Mother's day and this one has loads more space! Fratelli's, Kaiser Chiefs, Amy Winehouse, Crowded House, loads of eighties stuff.. :-) some disco, some real Rock... seventies, sixties...some even older. A proper mixed bag!