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Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

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Its raining men.......

blogged by me domestic goddess On 6/14/2007 11:13:00 PM
oh if only. Nope its been raining cats and dogs, hefferlumps and anything else it could chuck it down with. Boy its been relentless today, along with a dash of thunder, and what have i had to be doing all day?, yep you got it, i have been in and out of the house all bloomin day!!!

And one of those things was Lilly's first induction afternoon at BIG school, (translates as, reception class), whilst us mums sat in the staff room drinking tea and coffee, without biscuits may i add!! It was then off to the library for a spot of Roald Dahl and Mr Seuss, yeah, and then home for a quick tea and swimming lessons. Whilst mum here grabbed an hours conference talk on the phone to her magazine editor!!!!!, then whilst serving up a delectable meal of chicken pop corn and chips, caught up on the days shenanigans at the Deacon household!!! (sending big hugs to you Em), with that common pose of us mums, with the crooked neck, holding phone in between double chin and neck, whilst using free hands to do a spot of ironing and serving up tea,phew, are you exhausted just reading that? Oh and before all that i packed and posted the balance of this months kits....... feeling very pleased with myself *inserts cheesy grin*
A busy Mum day does mean i have not created, its gone 11pm and i am shifting papers around for this weeks Pencil Lines sketch, umming and arring..... do i do this?, use that paper here?, maybe try this embellie?, you get the picture...

It only leaves me to wish you all a good day, night or morning whilst I decide whether to go to bed or scrap???????????


Anna xx

and if you are wondering whats with the glitzy photo anna?? Anita took this at the retreat, that aluminum wrapping paper was a hit with us ladies, reckon i could do QVC Gems Night???

9 Response to 'Its raining men.......'

  1. Amy Said,'> 12:11 AM

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my photo on my blog. Wish you could send some of that rain to us in the southeast United States. We're under a severe drought.


  2. suebaru Said,'> 9:14 AM

    Loving the glitzy photo! Us women were made to multi-task with phones under our chins!!:)


  3. karen Said,'> 9:23 AM

    fab pic girly you look stunning luvs ya xx


  4. sollie Said,'> 9:27 AM

    Sounds like a very busy day! don't have kids yet, so that makes my day less busy, I guess.
    So, did you go to bed or did you do some scrapping??


  5. Jaffers Said,'> 9:40 AM

    Fab piccie, oh foxy lady!!!


  6. Sandie Said,'> 9:36 AM

    Oh Anna you did make me laugh, I am exactly the same, the phone, the ironing, cooking tea and usually trying to finish off a layout too!!! Love that piccy too!


  7. dawn Said,'> 2:00 PM

    Stunning piccy of you hun - you're looking all glam :) Never thought about using the foil to reflect LOL Have a great w/e :)


  8. Annette Said,'> 3:00 PM

    Gorgeous photo Anna. Thanks for the pizza box :) xx


  9. Noo Noo Said,'> 7:16 PM

    you deffo need some bling scattered around you on that photo!!! :o) katjax