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One hundred and sixty six

blogged by me domestic goddess On 6/21/2007 05:15:00 PM
entries for the Pencil Lines DT call has to be narrowed down to just ONE!!!!!

Honestly this is the hardest thing I have had to do. thank goodness i have a great team behind me to help shortlist 166 entries to a more manageable amount, but still an incredibly hard choice, and i have until tomorrow night to make my decision!!! The entries have been amazing

and jaw dropping, a huge thank you to all 166 of you that entered from all over the globe you are making this very hard for me!!!

Lilly is still of school and will not be swimming tonight due to her ear infection. I am shattered why Lilly isn't i have no idea. She has perked up for now, god bless calpol!!! what would us mums do without neurofen and calpol!!

I am really hoping to get scrapping tonight, so many things i want to do. the days are spent looking after Lilly and by 10pm she is in such a state i have been in bed with her, and my scrapping time has been non existent.

Also this viral arthritis or whatever it is has been causing me problems as well.
I am off to drool over the pencil line entries once again and try and narrow the search to ONE!!!

Picture is random as I am on Peters laptop. This is a picture Izzy did on paint titled "Monkey", isnt it good?!!!
Hope you have a great day

Anna xx

6 Response to 'One hundred and sixty six'

  1. Louise Said,'> 9:26 AM

    a very talented little miss you have there...
    good luck with the final descision :)


  2. dawn Said,'> 11:35 AM

    LOVE the monkey - these are to be cherished hun ... have a wonderful w/e


  3. Sandie Said,'> 12:53 PM

    Lovin the monkey :D Oh and definitely thank goodness for Calpol LOL


  4. Vanessa Said,'> 12:56 PM

    I wonder why you just pick out just one? I was really under the impression there were more than one place available? Actually, I understand it's a difficult choice.


  5. sollie Said,'> 3:31 PM

    I'm so excited about the DT call. Have fun choosing.


  6. Starlight Said,'> 6:48 PM

    This monkey is the coolest!
    OMG good lucky in your decision,I got in trouble once choosing seven...imagine one!!!
    Thanks for stopin bu at my blog