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and the winner is...

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/02/2010 08:35:00 PM
Congratulations Sonja. Please email me your address and I will post out at the end of the month, as I am on my hols.

Hope you are having a lovely Good Friday. We have finished shopping for bits and pieces for our hols, and the girls are all packed, and I am nearly packed!
Picked up some gorgeous clothes for me and the girls at H&M, wish I had gone there in the first place now. i forget that H&M is only a 1/2hour drive from home, so not far at all.
I am totally in love with their Garden Collection.

I picked up this tunic top 

and this floral dress 

If only I was a 5'8" size 12 and I would have bought most of the Garden Collection, but alas, my lardy size 16 was not available in many of the items I had fallen for!

This I LOVE!

Now I am praying that my dislike for fried food and burger and chips will  mean that I will live on salads whilst away in Orlando and all the walking we will be doing, means I will come back to Blighty a trim size 12!, one can dream on can't one!

Thanks for stopping by, and if anyone has restaurant recommendations in Florida, or any must know info, please leave a comment
Thanks for stopping by
Anna x

8 Response to 'and the winner is...'

  1. karen Said,'> 11:02 PM

    Remember anti clockwise in the parks!!!And run like hell when the park opens.LOL
    I am very jealous,its my favourite place.


  2. Tammy Said,'> 11:29 PM

    The Rain Forest is yummy.....It is in the Disney Village. Smokey Bones is great BBQ. I love, love, love Orlando only 1 1/2 hour away from me. What is this shop you showed the pictures of? Do they have that online? I would so love to see their clothes...Love that floral dress you picked up and the tunic is adorable. Have a blast...we are having super Florida weather. Love it warm though.


  3. pattyo Said,'> 12:52 AM

    The restaurant in Cinderella's Castle is to die for!! You need reservations, so book early. Fantastic food, photo-op with Cinderella, and little prizes at the meals with characters walking around the tables while you eat. Have a wonderful time! Oh--also the French restaurant in Epcot is fabulous!


  4. Becky Said,'> 10:13 AM

    I love the Rainforest Cafe too - we had a fantastic meal there last year. Hope you all have a wonderful time - and take loads of photos to scrap!


  5.'> 12:03 PM

    Hi Tammy
    Click on the "garden collection" link and that will take you to H&M's website :)


  6. Sylvia Said,'> 12:28 PM

    I absolutely adore the 'Soarin' ride in Epcot and wanted to ride on it again, again and again! Watch this to tempt you (although not nearly as exciting as being on the ride)

    Have a great holiday,

    Sylvia x


  7.'> 8:57 PM

    Thank You for the blog giveaway.I'm really pleased and it was a fab surprise. Have a great trip!


  8. Sophia Said,'> 12:26 PM

    Gorgeous love them all too...