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another 10 days in Florida

blogged by me domestic goddess On 4/17/2010 11:55:00 PM
Our flight has been cancelled and we will not be returning  to the UK until April 28th-29th .
Scrapping Angels Retreat next weekend has been cancelled and will be rescheduled upon my return.
Our travel insurance, as I am sure is the same as millions of others, will not cover us for a cancellation due to "An Act of God". As you can imagine, hiring a car, accomadation, food and entertaining 2 girls in Orlando is not going to be cheap!

I am hoping to go and get some pictures printed somewhere locally, and buy some glue and do some scrapping!
Anyone reccomend a good/cheap photo printers in Orlando? Do Target do printing?
Also any cheap recommendations for entertaining kids and adults alike??

Hope you are all safe and not do dusty, LOL
Anna xxx

12 Response to 'another 10 days in Florida'

  1.'> 12:13 AM

    10 more days to top up the tan and actually relax....;)


  2.'> 12:13 AM

    Actually that was Sue, not Anna commenting on her own post!


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 2:04 AM

    It has been reported that "an act of god" is an illegal "get out" clause that purely will not rest with the insurance ombudsman. You are entitled to claim, so pursue it when you get home.

    Read this:


  4. karen Said,'> 8:20 AM

    At least you are all together.I am reading horror stories of people stuck in Russia and India.We are going to have shortages of fruit/veg in shops so tuck in there.Thought you'd find this interesting.Free tickets to Sea World


  5. Becky Said,'> 10:16 AM

    So sorry to hear your news - what a pain for you (and an expensive pain at that). As Karen said, at least you are together, so try and enjoy your extended stay.


  6. Sandie Said,'> 10:50 AM

    Hope you get through the next 10 days fairly cheaply!! But like Sue said, top up that tan, and try and make the most of the sun! Speak to you soon x


  7. pattyo Said,'> 6:19 PM

    Target may print photos; however, I find you can get deals on photo printing at most of the local pharmacies.


  8. ania Said,'> 11:02 PM

    Not the worst place to be stranded at I guess!! Still bummer w/all the inconviences (sp?)! Take care!! :D


  9. Sylvia Said,'> 7:56 AM

    Enjoy the lovely weather while you can and try not to think of the cost, hopefully you will get some back from the insurance.

    Take care

    Sylvia x


  10. Allycat x Said,'> 1:32 PM

    Expensive more than likely but enjoy the extra time there! Could be worse, you could be back in England!!! LOL


  11. Tracy Said,'> 2:48 PM

    Hi Anna

    This has just been posted on DIBB - free one day entry to WDW or Water Park on Tues and Wed


  12.'> 3:45 PM

    I am so sorry to hear that you are stranded here. I can imagine that you are ready to go home. I am a native Floridian...mostly South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area) and North Florida (Jacksonville area). But we go to Orlando a few times a year. I see that you have received some free passes to some of the parks. I am sure that will help a little with the costs. But I wanted to point out that you are not that far from the beaches. Head East for Daytona and head West for St. Pete/Clearwater. With the exception of parking, beach days are free! Also, there is a great park about an hour North of Orlando in Mt. Dora (I think it's called). It has a great playground and lots of area to picnic. I can't remember the name, but we went there once with "A Day Out with Thomas" (Thomas the train...based on the books). If you google A Day out with Thomas/Florida, I am sure you can find directions and more information about the park.
    I hope you are able to go home soon.