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Sprinklers, Swimsuits and Sunshine

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/23/2010 10:01:00 PM
all add up to a weekend with plenty of fun!

I do have so much more to share, but either blogger or my computer are not playing ball, and it has taken me forever to upload these few photos!

Anyway, Pencil Lines has gone live with the gorgoeus Lory.
I didn't manage to join in this week, life here as been very emotional as Izzy embarks on her first residential with the school tomorrow. They are going to Scarborough for a week. Izzy has been through a roller coaster of emotions, taking me with her. Today, after a heartbreaking morning, we ventured out to buy last minute toiletries and an outfit for the disco. With all my attention focused on Izzy, little Lilly broke down this evening, confessing how much she will miss Izzy and she doesn't want her to go. All week Lilly has been telling Izzy how much fun she will have fun, and such.
It breaks my heart to see my girls like this, but I know Izzy will have a ball, and Lilly will be OK. Just another "first" for us all to experience. Its been a tough week, but we will all get through it, smiling.
We all leave bright an early tomorrow morning to wave Izzy off. Here's hoping there won't be too many tears amongst us.

Thanks for stopping by
Anna xx


3 Response to 'Sprinklers, Swimsuits and Sunshine'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 10:20 PM

    Kids eh?;)Hope it goes ok, I'll be thinking of you in the morning xx


  2. Becky Said,'> 8:42 AM

    Hope Izzy has a wonderful time and you don't have too many tears. Having worked in a school for many years I have seen them all go off in tears and know that within 5 minutes of the coach pulling off they are all absolutely fine and having a whale of a time, whilst Mum and siblings are still tearful, worried and missing them. I was fortunate in that my two started going away on residentials with Brownies and Cubs at the age of 7 and actually never cried! We have never looked back and it made it so much easier when Ben started uni. I have now gone on far too long here! Hope that you all have a lovely week and that the weatehr stays like this for Izzy - will she be taking photos? They are great to see! Take care.


  3. Christiane Said,'> 12:53 PM

    we also enjoyed the warm sunshine!!
    great shots!!
    looking forward to new layouts!!